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Exiled in Davie

I was all set to write about today's football practice and do a women's soccer season preview -- most consistent FIU team of the last six years, picked to win its division in Conference USA, opening at home Friday night vs. Arizona -- but I got shifted up to Davie to cover the Dolphins for the day. So, obviously, no post-practice blog, but keep checking back because there's football roster news I'm trying to confirm. No futbol femme, however.

You can settle down from Saturday errands -- or roll out of bed if you've been partying with the PIKEs -- and watch FIU at Maryland football season opener at week from Saturday on Fox Sports Florida (653-655 on Direct TV, check your cable directory otherwise).




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Were you always a tease? Or is this something you developed as an adult? Football roster news will ensure that your readers come back. Well played, sir.

I'll play fair. I don't think I'll have anything new tonight. Check back tomorrow morning.


Well played indeed DJN.

Really looking forward to first roster release...

Wanna see which new guys have made enough of an impression to outseed returnees..
Particular at LB and OL.

Plus, what the final RB depth chart looks like...

So many questions... and you pull a sorry... maybe mañana..W-T-F and I'm not talking the story of 2012...!!!

ok.. fine I'll wait.

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