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Leonard, Coleman update

I'm technically off today (I'll be out at Camp Mitch talking to soccer folks later). Our intrepid intern is out at La Cage. He followed direction well and asked FIU coach Ron Turner about the academic eligibility of junior cornerback Richard Leonard and senior wide receiver Glenn Coleman.

Turner said they don't have a final decison on either yet, but are planning on being without them Saturday and don't know beyond that. My hypothesis: if they're not eligible for Saturday, they won't be eligible for at least the first four games.

Leonard's loss hurts in FIU dealing with Maryland sophomore wide receiver Stefon Diggs. Terrapins quarterback C.J. Brown was more broadside-of-a-barn than laser as far as accuracy when he last played in 2011, but Diggs averaged 172 all-purpose yards per game catching balls from Maryland's parade of increasingly lesser quarterbacks in 2012.

Senior defensive tackle Greg Hickman told me Tuesday there was a players only meeting this week. He told me when speaking to his younger teammates about off the field business, “I try to tell them how important it is to stay in school. You’re going to need that education for the future. Don’t get in any trouble because, as you can see, people are getting kicked off left and right for everything.”


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Great to hear about Hickman being a vocal leader to these susceptible under-classmen. I know the dream is to go pro & we as Panther fans like nothing more than to root on our FIU stars in the NFL, however a very select few make it. Become a PROFESSIONAL in another field! Earn your degree while striving for the Show! Go FIU beat the Terps!

I miss Buc Nasty, did he finally graduate from high school?

@Roary Panther,

He finished his AA and finally got accepted into FIU...lol

I love Greg, but players are getting kicked out... they are writing their own bus ticket.

Intelligibility; arrests; only Matt Prince was unjustly removed for a $50 misdemeanor.

And all the departures are upperclassmen.

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