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Monday Night Football

Nice to see some of you blog readers at Monday's second practice, the 7 p.m. shirts and shorts runaround.

For those of you not there, special teams and some situational team drill stuff comprised the night work. Senior cornerback Sam Miller got redshirt junior quarerback Jake Medlock for six the other way when Medlock stared down the receiver on an out.

Practice ended with a 37-yard field goal off the right hash mark by redshirt freshman Sergio Sroka, a Belen graduate. Hit it and no end of practice sprints for his teammates. Miss it and everybody does a Jesse Owens impression. Sroka nailed a 47-yarder at the end of two-minute drills earlier. Here, though, with Belen players in the stands and shouting, chanting FIU teammates surrounding him, Sroka went wide right. 

Tuesday morning, FIU will practice on the natural grass on the opposide side of the main football stadium parking lot. It'll likely be at least 20 degrees cooler than the artificial turf to which left tackle Aaron Nielson slumped at a break in red zone drills. Nielson got helped into the shade where his body got cooled down.


Assistant coach Mandy Schuerman is returning to the Tampa area to coach high school softball.


Oh, yeah, they're headed for Spain tomorrow...


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