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No Wright, Gore, Jenkins for now; good job, Senat

Among the absences on the first day of football training camp was center Donald Senat, who was marching in the summer graduation ceremony. Congratulations to Senat.

Unfortunately for FIU, others have not taken care of all their necessary business. Senior wide receiver Willis Wright, expected to be a starter after FIU finally got him the ball the second half of last season (and he hung on to it) and arguably the offense's most talented player; redshirt sophomore Jakhari Gore, the running back transfer from LSU; and redshirt freshman Adrian Jenkins, the wide receiver-turned-safety-this-spring will not join the team for fall camp until at least the first day of classes.

That's Aug. 26, meaning they'll be too far behind physically and mentally, especially with a new offense, to play in the first few games.

Redshirt freshman safety Jordan Davis rode the bike with a walking boot on his left foot. Offensive tackle Yousif Khory missed practice with an injury. All others on the roster were present.



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Wow....Some big loses.

-as per RBs, Lemark, Alfonso, Shane, Silas, will have to step up. Gore like the RB from West Virginia was a nice dream to have...hopefully we see them.

But, theres still the NCAA decission on Anthon Samuel. If the RBs cant fill the void of Rhodes in 2014, we know Anthon will in 2014.

-As per the WRs...long stading rumors are confirmed. W
W will be a huge loss. Coleman atleast made grade. So the only recever to catch a TD and separate from the DBs is out for atleast three weeks...Who is ready to be a 1?

Congrats Donald Senat!!!

Chia, we still have Rhymes, Jasper, Lowder and Louis on the roster as well.

That is Yousif Khoury, not Yousik Khory

Hopefully, get a chance to see a portion of the practice tomorrow with my own eyes..

Great to read that Richard Leonard looks refocused and ready this year, with TWO INTs in Day 1. Last year definitely wasn't a great year for him. Despite the two Kick Off returns for TD's and the pass defenses, I remember too many low times too.

So if he can develop like the stud he looked like in 2011 (freshman), work on the miscues from 2012, and learn from Former NFL assistant for Baltimore Ravens (new FIU DB coach), this could be a great year for him.

Bad thing is our starting QB threw both INT's.

DJN, how quick did the LB's look? There is some serious speed in that position. With FORMER track star Colimon (gold in 110 meter high jump and part of 400-meter relay in HS) at LB, and Jean, Glanton, Owens, Rosado, etc..

As always... GO PANTHERS.

Don't worry Samules will carry the load.

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