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Tuesday, before the afternoon

In skipping Monday night's practice, I missed the team playing on a homemade Slip 'n' Slide with head coach Ron Turner joining in the skidding.

Tuesday, running back Anthon Samuel remained out with a concussion. Sick wide receiver Glenn Coleman tried to practice, went into the locker room and got an IV, tried again and couldn't do it. While Turner talked to Coleman for a while after practice, a Detroit Lions scout talked to defensive line coach Andre Patterson. Patterson should put that in his schedule: "Post-practice analysis of Greg Hickman and Isame Faciane for NFL scout."

Freshman quarterback Israel Paopao hopped about on crutches and a walking boot on his right foot. I always wince whenever I see one of those, knowing both how long a foot injury can take and what an incredibly miserable hemmorhoid of a human being the injured person becomes until recovery. But this boot protected only a sprain.

Senior tight end Zach Schaubhut worked as a placekick holder for the second consecutive day. Not only has punter Chris Ayers bobbled a few snaps, but Schaubhut actually played quarterback in high school, thus putting teeth into a fake field goal or bad snap situations.

Part of the team drills worked on the offense coming out from inside their own 5 yard line. Redshirt junior quarterback Jake Medlock hit redshirt sophomore wide receiver Dominique Rhymes over freshman Brad Hyman-Muhammad for a 99-yard bomb. Later, Medlock found someone who could be his new favorite target, freshman tight end Jonnu Smith, up the middle on a seam route.

When the 2s took the field for that drill, freshman linebacker Treyvon Williams showed the instincts defensive coordinator Josh Conklin was talking about in today's Herald story (http://www.miamiherald.com/sports). Running back Lamarq Caldwell churned toward a left side hole and Williams filled it with a muffled "CRACK" (they weren't in full pads).



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