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Welcome to the Working Week

A few tidbits to take you into Monday, the start of the first week of classes and parking cussin' and fussin'.

Early bettors are all over Maryland for Saturday's football season opener like thigh tats on Rhonda Ratchet. FIU opened as a 15-point underdog. Now, the line's up to 20. The over/under dropped from 54 to 49.5. Daggone, are people hitting the pawn shops to get down on this game? That's a large line movement from opening to kickoff, much less opening to five days before kickoff.

FIU's "radio" call of games once again can be accessed only through fiusports.com. Pete Pelegrin will do the play-by-play. Officially, the color analyst is "to be determined." This close to the season opener? Sounds like Pelegrin will be doing one of those 1940s Major League Baseball (or this decade's Florida Panthers) multi-tasking radio jobs where you do play-by-play, color, commercials, interviews and battle with dry mouth. Allowing that fans don't follow sports via radio the way they used to without being in the car, hunting for lawn gnomes and nobody's tossing more than Chiclets money, if that, at FIU to do the games, this doesn't look good. Radio coverage of football and basketball is a basic in Division I. This is about the image of the school. With getting the name of the school out there being the football team's main raison d'etre, not being on a radio station with a broadcast team kind of undercuts the purpose.

Not playing in the women soccer's season opening loss to Arizona Friday night were preseason all-conference player Chelsea Leiva and last year's second-leading scorer Scarlett Montoya. Injuries to those two would kneecap the season. Maybe not a red card, but definitely a yellow card for a team that has a chance to continue it's run of 10-win seasons.  


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Couldn't agree more. How FIU isn't being broadcast on any SoFlo radio station is embarrassing. Oh well, I will be the University of Maryland campus bright and early tailgating for the opening game! Mimosas and pong are on tap.

Looks like we may get a pretty good away game turnout considering the amount of alums we have living in the DC area. Hoping to see as many FIUers as possible. I think we may be able to pull of an upset, definitely being overlooked by U of M and they really are not that good. (Better than us on paper but we were a 9-10 win team on paper last year and look where that got us)

So pumped for football in general and obviously FIU season getting started!

Agree with you DJN; and with DC 2010. The radio thing is an embarrassment. No one even talked about it this year. Just totally agree with your comments as far as getting our name out there. Not a good reflection on PG or the athletic department.

I'm not sure I agree.

Even when the games were on the radio, I would listen on my phone through an app. So there's no difference if I can still listen to it on the FIU Mobile app. Everyone has Internet on their phones. What's the big deal?

Radio is dead. I applaud FIU for not cutting a money losing deal with a radio station and just doing their own thing. Reach your customers directly. If they want to get the content, they will find you wherever you are.

I don't applaud a damn thing. I'm on the move often on away weekends and depend on the radio often to catch the games. This makes me sad en los pantalones.

I think DJN put it pretty clearly. Obviously, if you're looking for it, it's there. But broadcast radio may reach some people who may not be looking for it, thus creating a new fan here and there. Same thing with FIU sports information in general. If you're looking for it, it's out there. But blogs and message boards aren't bringing any new people in. When the established programs start ditching their radio broadcasts then maybe I'll be convinced.

@nothingxs do you have a smartphone? Or a computer? You can be sure your demographic is insignificant if you don't. Not worth catering to.

Roary- What's with the piss poor attitude? Not everybody lives in geek heaven. Some folks still like the radio over their smartphone when out and about, or even at home. In my opinion, we'd do better to support one another than trash our fellow fans.

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