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Who isn't here

Before I go out for my tailgate walk, here's who got left behind (near as we can figure) when FIU left Camp Mitch for College Park (by the way, I love this campus. New colonial-retro brick buildings. Feels like College).

There's the injured guys such as junior defensive end Gionvani Francois, senior defensive end Paul Crawford, freshman quarterback Israel Paopao, fifth-year senior wide receiver Rockey Vann, redshirt junior Yousif Khoury, and redshirt freshman defensive tackle Marques Cheeks. Now, as for others...

In numerical order: junior cornerback Richard Leonard, sophomore wide receiver DeAndre Jasper, senior wide receiver Glenn Coleman, sophomore linebacker Patrick Jean, redshirt freshman Adrian Jenkins (he's on the roster, but don't bet on seeing him this season), freshman kicker Cody Hodgens, redshirt junior wide receiver James Louis, redshirt freshman linebacker Josh Glanton, freshman cornerback Xavier Hines, freshman kicker Karson Dietrich, freshman safety Vontarius West, freshman running back Silas Spearman III.

Fifth-year senior Darrious Cook, redshirt freshman fullback Jorge Lorenzo, freshman fullback Jordan Gibbs, redshirt junior defensive end Jericco Lee, fifth-year senior safety Antwoine Bell, sophomore defensive tackle Darrian Dyson, redshirt freshman linebacker Leroy Owens, redshirt senior tight end Junior Delpe, freshman linebacker Jeremy Derrick, junior linebacker Matt Larrubia, freshman linebacker Jordan Guest.

Freshman center Danny Nunez, redshirt freshman guard Ian Koch, redshirt freshman offensive tackle Julian Rodriguez, freshman guard James Cruise, redshirt freshman tight end Ricky Fernandez, sophomore wide receiver Raymond Jackson, freshman tight end, Jonathan Pavlov, redshirt freshman defensive tackle Imarjaye Albury, junior defensive end Wonderful Monds II.

Some of these guys are academic casualties. Some are just too far down the depth chart to make the travel roster.




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So does this mean we are going "Iron Man" style? Those are alot of good athletes that are not going to be on the field. regardless, GO FIU!!!

This is completely unacceptable. What is the FIU Administration doing to help these kids? Yes, I blame the kids for being lazy children with no accountability or work ethic, but the Administration has to take some blame as well. Are we spending what other schools are spending on academic support? DNJ, that would be a worthwhile investigation. What does the average C-USA school spend on academic support for its football athletes vs FIU? What does ACC schools spend? SEC?

This nonsense has to stop. FIU needs to grow up. Pete Garcia, what are you doing?

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