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Apparently, this needs some clarification:

When I wrote in an earlier post that college quarterback controversies can get too many peripheral people involved such as parents, relatives and friends, I didn't mean to indicate that either the parents of Jake Medlock or that of E.J. Hilliard had been critical of the other quarterback. Other players' parents have voiced an impassioned opinion, but not either quarterback's.


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It's very clear to me that Turner wants to play Hilliard to please those players that have tweeted that want Hilliard.

This shows that Turner has no character.

It's hard to work out QB controversies in college, in the NFL it's usually crystal clear, everyone's rooting for the better long term prospect, the rookie or the journeyman who's never gotten a shot.

In college you tend to favor the older players because they've got the experience and you don't want to rob a guy of his shot after he's been waiting a couple years.

Tough call, in FIU's case you'd have to think Norv Turner's brother is looking towards the future much more than what can be accomplished this season.

I doubt very much that Ron Turner gives so much as a rat's ass about players tweets.

I think the final decision was made easy (due to Medlock's injury). But I still think Jake is the better QB if I had to choose between EJ and Medlock.

I don't think Jake is having a good season (closer to poor season) but he is also not getting ANY help from the O-Line, and NOTHING from the WR/TE..

I hope EJ uses this opportunity as a blessing and keeps our panthers in the game (at least for the first half). Regardless of the QB I hope we can see better play from the O-Line and WR..

Go Panthers..


One player I hope NEVER to see in an FIU uniform EVER AGAIN is #11. I don't remember the players name (personally I don't care). In last weeks game Miller ran back a kick/punt back for over 40 yards and thanks to this players lack of common sense and ability to play the game the right way we were flagged for "PERSONAL FOUL".
Coach Turner began screaming at him for what he just caused the team (which is what good coaches should do) and was pointing at him while screaming. Then this player not only slapped the HEAD COACHES hand away from his face but ignored him by walking away and seating his lousy ass on the bench. How in the world are you going to disrespect your Head Coach like that in front of your home fans?

The kid SUCKS as a player and on top of that he is going to show DISRESPECT?!?! You gotta be kidding me!

Get #11 out off the team, NOW!

B&G... really? Did you see the play last week? Medlock was concussed. It's not as if Turner hit the kid over the head with a tire iron. Concussions are serious business as football is attempting to no longer turn players' brains into mush. Quarterbacks with brain injuries, who haven't practiced all week, don't start college football games. It's as simple as that. To accuse the coach of lacking character only exposes your own deficiency in that regard.

That's right, there is no controversy here. Hopefully Hilliard will play well and if there really are teammates who have been dogging it in his absence, they will put down their phones and play some football. Trouble is, this may be the most explosive team we have played to date and they are probably out to score some poll points. Joe Goodman predicts a rout of mythic proportions. I'd say covering the spread would constitute a Rocky-esque performance of which we could all be proud. Do your best, lay a lick here and there, lads.

FYI. Medlock (patents) and Turner = real tight

So what, Insider? I am happy to see an entire family willing to commit to FIU and all true fans should be as well. Maybe there is a cute sister who will come down and be a cheerleader, too. Meantime, if Hilliard is a better QB, he is going to get his chance to show it. And let's see some of these sob sisters who supposedly have been griping about who is under center go out and be superlative in service of their hero. Believe you me, I will be the first one cheering if there is an uptick in team performance.

And here is another thing, you horse's south end: Jake Medlock is one of the few players on this team--along with Perkins, Hickman and Wakefield--who have shown the courage and the will to go out there and put a hit on someone on a regular basis. I suspect the only reason he hasn't called out a couple of his pissant twittering teammates is that he is, unlike them, a team player. Like Gooch, I wish that these guys who lack the spine to be part of a team would take their entitled acts off to the University of Far Western Alabama. Now there is a school that clearly cherishes their type.

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