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Gameday IV: at Louisville

It's a rainy night in Louisville. A rainy night in Indy. Feels like it's raining all over the world...

And that would be a good thing for FIU. A clean track with perfect conditions favors the better team. That's Louisville, I think we all would agree. Upsets often start in the muck.

But, let's be real. The only way FIU, the biggest underdog since Hardee's took up the fight with McDonald's after Burger Chef fell, causes the college football world to have The Big One and join Elizabeth en masse is to win a shootout on the scoreboard. Forget the run -- 65 yards per game and they couldn't get a good push on Bethune-Cookman. They're not pounding Louisville unless the stout Cardinals front seven plays on rollerblades. Today, FIU should confine the running game to the draw play, the scramble and the rollout keeper.

FIU needs sophmore quarterback E.J. Hilliard to cone out slinging like Old Testament David crossed with Sonny Sixkiller. They need a big catch-and-fly from DeAndre Jasper and maybe a bomb or two to T.J. Lowder. A big special teams play would help greatly. Last year's game -- surprisingly close in the wet -- turned Louisville's way when Sam Miller fumbled a punt after a three-and-out, the Cardinals recovered and 14-14 got to 28-14 quickly. 

Defensively, they're more likely to get a fumbled reception than an interception off Bridgewater, although they got two last year. Whatever, when the ball's not secured, the Panthers need to go for it. Louisville wants to get their run game going. The Cardinals also don't want to let FIU hang around. Expect Teddy Bridgewater to come out firing to build a lead, then the Cardinals work the run to exhaust the clock and get the ground game tuned.

This isn't hard, folks. No need to spend too much time or detail on it. Louisville's a mature football team with a very good offense, a strong defensive line and possibly the best quarterback in college football. The Cardinals own a clear advantage in all but a couple of matchups. And they're at home.

Bigger upsets have happened. Just don't expect me to predict this to be one of them.

Louisville 47, FIU 10.

But that's just one black man's opinion. I could be wrong.


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I think it would count for something if we beat the spread. Stay dry.

Boy, I wonder what on earth you might have in mind asking Coach Turner after this game. Do you suppose he's planning on stepping down? Truly pretty stunning.


Be sure to ask Coach Turner what kind of message asking for a rolling clock sends to the players? (I mean, thats screaming 'uncle' no?)

Hay Turner! Run with the clock.....out!!

Did Norv Turner's brother blatantly lie about requesting a running clock?

If not he should file an appeal Monday with the NCAA to have that game abdicated because FIU was cheated. Both coaches have to agree to have a running clock.

If so he should be fired.

"Did FIU Coach Beg for Mercy?" Now there's the kind of headline you want for your program!

Expect Turner to leave on his own after the season. He isn't a college head coach. He lost control of the program from the start and without the relationships with high school coaches and student-athletes, recruiing will suffer. In addition, expect Rosenberg and the board of trustees to rethink their decision to retain Garcia after the consultants recommended his termination for numerous reasons. David: This program is a disgrace, and it starts at the top.

FIU will go defeated this season 0-12

"Running clock details. Refs called clock operators at halftime. It was an "unofficial" arrangement."

FIU should absolutely contest this loss with the NCAA, couldn't be clearer that FIU had to agree to keep the clock running.

FR-46, article 2a. Any time during the game, the playing time of any remaining period or periods and the intermission between halves may be shortened by mutual agreement of the opposing head coaches and the referee.

I knew when the schedule came out we would start the season 1-3, FIU's only win being Bethune Cookman, with that said I really find it almost unimaginable that FIU could go winless in this dreaded season. Don't get me wrong there was no way FIU was winning against Louisville, however giving up 72 points is a DISGRACE and having that running clock in an FBS football game in C-USA vs a American athletic conference is EMBARASSING.

FAU beat USF, so I find it hard to believe that FIU will win a game this season. This program has been set back about 10 years, and I know C-USA is NOT happy. BTW, firepetegarcia.com has hit the web.

I have generally been above all "the sky is falling" debate on this blog, but, DJN, I believe that indeed the sky has fallen. This goes far beyond all the petty squabbles between us blogistas, and while it is "only" football, this is the sort of thing that truly seems to border on disgrace to an institution. I don't think you would be out of line in seeking comment from the very top.

I agree with you Diagodog. This whole season really has the feel of having been written off before it started. Like changes will be coming next year. Let's hope someone over there knows what they're doing. If, behind the scenes, it looks like it does on the surface...uh-oh.

The question is would FIU be able to beat Savannah St.? Too me it's not the 72 points but the to get 30 yards of total offense is just plain embarrassing. I understand it's Louisville but not even able to move the ball against 2nd, 3rd string or maybe even walk-ons. Absolute joke.

Can we fast forward the clock on the entire season and just end it? Or do we have to live through this pain in slow motion.

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