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Louisville favored by a Jackie Robinson & other things

Or a Paul Warfield.

Before we get to that, some other news from the FIU sports weekend. Volleyball's above .500 after going 2-1 in the FIU Invitational. Kimberly Smith and Ksenia Sukhareva made the all-tournament team. Men's soccer lost 2-1 at FAU Saturday night and women's soccer suffered twin 4-0 losses at Dayton and Illinois.

The first line came out on next Saturday afternoon's FIU-Louisville game: Louisville by 41. It quickly went up to Louisville by 42 in some places. The Wynn still has it at 41.5.

FIU's a bigger underdog to Louisville than Colorado State is at No. 1 Alabama (38 average, 39.5 at The Wynn). FIU's as big an underdog as New Mexico State now is to No. 13 UCLA after New Mexico State opened at +38. As of right now, they're the biggest FBS underdogs this week.



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FIU has a shot to be historically bad. They most likely will not win a game this season.

What is FIU's current losing streak, and what is the longest losing streak FIU has had in its history? We might hit it.

Damn. Wish I could get to the Wynn.

miacane86, you can't figure out how to place a bet? step into the 1990's. There's this thing called the internet that you obviously have access to. If you can't figure out how to place a wager, I question the education you revceived, young man

I don't think posts like the above by "Walmart" should be permitted.

Glad to see that post removed. I am sorry that it ever saw the light of day, DJN.

You are revolting, walmart.

You must be out of your mind, TheUisTheU. That post was racist, directed at DJN. Clearly you are Walmart posting under another name. You're not worth another keystroke of my time, that's for sure.

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