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Medlock concussed, Hilliard might start vs. Louisville


Quarterback Jake Medlock ran with his former SST Smash-Up Derby style Saturday against Bethune-Cookman...until a fourth quarter goal line collision left him with no helmet and, apparently, a little less head. FIU coach Ron Turner said Medlock was day-to-day with a concussion of indeterminate degree. He wouldn't rule Medlock out for Saturday, but sophomore E.J. Hilliard worked with the first team and Turner declared his confidence in Hilliard.

If Medlock's out for Saturday, it does make one problem easier for Turner. You could read via social media publicly and hear through private grapevines that some players wanted Hilliard to get a shot at starting after the offense resembled a rusted Yugo the first three games. Clearly, the coaches preferred Medlock. Nothing splits a team like a quarterback disagreement, especially a college team. There's more noise from those around the players than in an NFL quarterback controversy.

For his part, Hilliard says he thinks his play so far this season has been "not what I wanted to be" and "average." He says he's matured over the last year, but still has some growing up to do.

In other quarterback news, Travis Wright, freshman out of Louisville Trinity, wasn't at practice as he got some off the field stuff cleared up. Turner said he expected Wright to be available Saturday. If HIlliard starts, Wright's the backup. Behind Wright? Akil Dan-Fodio, who did quarterback work Tuesday instead of tight end, which is where he's played the last season plus (he did play quarterback in the spring).

Safety Demarkus Perkins will be back Saturday. Sophomore outside linebacker Davison Colimon's still questionable.

Turner said he was mad at himself after Saturday's game for letting the few players, three to five percent in his estimation, dogging it or being selfish on or off the field get him upset with the whole team. So, he said, he'll excise those kids and deal with the ones staying in step. I'll have the full direct quotes later on this post.

Saturday's game will be on ESPN3.


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The only difference between Medlock and Hilliard is, Hilliard is more mobile... But not much better than Medlock beyond that. This team, sadly, is still going no where and fast

At least it looks like Hilliard has put on a little weight and muscle since last year. Yes? Is the freshman QB from California still on the team?

it funny how FIU fan base quickly abandons ship when things aren't going well. This is a very very young team that only time can develop them into a winning program. I see them being more competitive after this year of learning a new system and taking some hard knocks from opposing teams. What I have seen is a lot freshmen and sophomores for the first time being introduce to college football at a fast pace. This will only help them in the long run when they enter into there junior and senior year. It takes time to develop young players and establish a sustainable winning program. But I know everyone wants it to happen right now which is not realistic. Eventually your little brother grows up and you can know longer push in around. LOL

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