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Medlock doubtful

Wednesday's practice saw the appearance of quarterback Jake Medlock. It didn't see the actual practicing of quarterback Jake Medlock, a concussion victim Saturday.

"I haven't heard anything official yet," FIU coach Ron Turner said. "Obviously, he didn't go again today. I would say it's probably not looking good. They have not ruled him out yet. So, we'll wait and see tomorrow."

Wednesday also saw the appearance of Travis Wright, freshman out of Louisville Trinity, the backup to sophomore E.J. Hilliard if Medlock can't play. That is, if whatever problems Wright has get cleared by the NCAA.

"For the time being," Wright's cleared, Turner said.

If he's somehow ineligible, The Akil Dan-Fodio Experience will back up Hilliard. Dan-Fodio came to FIU as a quarterback, moved to tight end and hasn't taken a snap in a game as anything but a tight end.

Turner also said he didn't know when he'd decide between redshirt freshman Sergio Sroka and freshman Austin Taylor for handling the kicking duties Saturday. He might go as late as pregame warmups. Even if Medlock plays, however, redshirt freshman Chris Ayers will do the punting.

Louisville's announced a sellout.


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Not expecting FIU to win lol but lets see if Hilliard can impress. For some reason I like that man's confidence, A little help from the O-Line/ backs and we will make some progress heading to CUSA play !

If Hilliard gets his shot, let's hope he makes the most of it. Is that Israel Paopao still on the roster, DJN? I seem to remember you reporting he had the strongest arm of the bunch, or some such, during August practice. I'm just curious to know if he has stuck it out.

Paopao is still injured. They said ankle, but he's been on crutches with the boot so long, I'm thinking it's a foot injury.

Great arm. No mobility, which, with this leaky protection could be...ouch.


Do you know if we got a transfer from Michigan State. I do not know the kids name but he use to play for Coral Park and was recruited by a bunch of big time schools. Played WR (even though the kid has enough weight to play TE).. On the track the kid was a monster..


I think you're talking about the guy who was supposed to be heading for FAMU. He isn't at FIU, as far as anybody I talked to knows.

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