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Minutiae by Minutiae

The football home games against Marshall, East Carolina and Louisiana Tech will be 6 p.m. starts. The Marshall game will be on Fox College Sports network.

As stated in the post-practice blog from Tuesday, Saturday’s game will be on your computer via ESPN3 and on your TV via ESPN Game Plan. The watch party is at Cadillac Ranch.

Tuesday, again, Turner came off the field with something on his mind. But first we covered a few things, such as quarterback Jake Medlock's head...

“I don’t know how severe. They’re still looking at it. It is, but it doesn’t mean he’s out. He’s day-to-day. It wasn’t really severe, so we’ll see.”

...and sophomore quarterback EJ Hilliard's performance so far...

“He’s got a good grasp of what we’re doing. He manages the huddle well. He’s very instinctive, very smart football-wise. He hasn’t had a ton of opportunities. When he has, he’s done OK. I’ve got a lot of confidence in EJ if he’s the guy going in there.”

I asked what the staff does to keep the team from sinking into a marrow-deep funk. That gave
Turner his opening. After saying the staff and team needed to keep doing what they were doing, he shifted gears.

“I’m pissed at myself because I got pissed at the entire team when we have a lot of guys who care, we have a lot of guys that have a huge heart, who played their hearts out and left it on the field. A lot of guys. We’ve got a few who are undisciplined, we’ve got a few that aren’t doing what we want them to do. I get mad at myself that I got mad at the whole team when it was just a handful of
guys. So the best thing to do is we’ll get rid of those handful of guys. We’ll go with the guys we’ve got. We’ve got too many guys here who care who are busting their butts and playing their hearts out, undermanned in some cases because we’ve got too many guys who didn’t care, didn’t take care of business, who are ineligible that, possibly could’ve helped this team. I’m not sure they could help the team if they’re not disciplined enough to go to class. You don’t get ineligible because of one bad semester. They were like that when I got here. We tried to get it corrected. In some cases, they worked their butts off to try to get it corrected, but their hole was too big. In other cases, they didn’t (work hard).

“So the ones who didn’t, they won’t be here. We’ll be a better team when they’re not here. I’ve
got to do a better job of focusing on the many many guys we have that it’s important to, who are doing everything we want them to do and those are the guys we’re going to win with. And we’re going to win. It’s just a matter of when.”

As far as his apology, I asked if he was speaking of Saturday’s postgame remarks to the team or to the media minutes later.

Turner snorted, “I don’t care what I say to the media. Not the postgame remarks to the
team, because I was 100 percent on with them and 100 percent honest. But I’m mad at myself for letting a handful of guys make me make those comments to the team. The comments were exactly what I should’ve said. But I need to get rid of the guys who are making me make those comments. Because we’ve got too many guys, a lot of guys who are busting their butts. I told them today, “You watch the film. You know today who played their hearts out, that gave everything they had, who left it all on the field, that are doing everything they can do to win. And you know the guys that aren’t. Those guys who are ineligible, who didn’t do it previously, and the guys in that game that didn’t give the effort to takes to win at this level. We had a handful of them, but all it takes is one. One guy on defense who loses gap control brecause they’re lazy, not doing what they’re supposed to do, you’ve got a 20-yard run. That’s not fair to the rest of the team.”

Turner said he was up at 3 a.m. angry at himself.


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Ron Turner waited too long to start caring about these kids. He should have known within days after taking this job who his 1's were heading into this year. If he says he didn't, then he certainly knew after Spring camp. What did he and staff do to help these kids and stay on them? How could he let guys like Wright, Coleman, Leonard, and Gore drop out? He should have taken Kedrick Rhodes under his wing and made him team captain.

So now he's left primarily with a bunch of 2's and 3's that work hard, and he expects to win games? In what year? Does he really think the fan base is going to want him as coach after and 0-12 or 1-11 year? He's in a tough spot now, but instead of taking responsibility for his mistakes, he's blaming some of the kids. He should be up at 3 a.m. thinking.

Let's see, we should have made Pistol Pete Rhodes the team captain? And JG, aka, "The Kidnap Kid", "dropped out"? Holy cow.

Fire Pete Garcia

SouthPaw, those players didn't drop out. They didn't meet NCAA academic standards. If you remember, I was reporting these problems weeks after Turner was hired; that the players in trouble needed a near miracle to be eligible; and that based on their academic pasts they were unlikely to pull it off. So how is it his fault they didn't pull off that miracle? Also, don't blame Turner for Rhodes. Rhodes did what many young folks have done over the years -- have a stupid moment involving alcohol -- but, these days, those moments often seem to involve a firearm. You can argue with Turner's approach to a lot of things, but those academic situations were pretty much a fait accompli by the time he was hired.

You know what, Southpaw? You are threatening to make Trash seem very nearly subliterate, and that is going some.

I do want to see a better product on the field but Turner did come into a bad situation and it was late... Hopefully some development takes place... I guess the early signs was evident in our season's performance last fall when we underachieved... I was highly disappointed in our performance on Saturday, but hopefully we bounce back... Hey in 79 the Canes lost to FAMU... Hopefully this is our turning point as well...

I am hopeful too. I can well remember when the team in coral gables was the only show in town. I would much rather be griping than not have a team at all.

If FIU and Miami are the only shows in town, thank god I don't live there!

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