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A few from FIU's fall sports, including one that's been specifically asked about often.

Senior defensive tackle Greg Hickman's tackles for loss per game: 1.8, 17th in the nation.

Senior punt returner Sam Miller's per return average: 16.7, 10th in the nation

Men's soccer goals per game: 2.4, eighth in the nation

Passing defense: 196.0 yards per game, 41st in the nation (out of 123).

Rush defense: 242.3 yards per game, 110th in the nation.

Total defense: 438.3 yards per game, 96th in the nation.

Scoring defense: 38.3 yards per game, 114th in the nation.

Passing offense: 126.0 yards per game, 116th in the nation.

Rushing offense: 65.0 yards per game, 119th in the nation.

Total offense: 191.0 yards per game, 122nd in the nation.

Scoring offense: 7.7 points per game, 122nd in the nation.

Retention bonus due Executive Director of Entertainment and Sports Pete Garcia on Oct. 15: $72,504.

How much FIU would owe Garcia if they terminated his contract without cause before Oct. 15: $362,527.




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Let fire him today!

I agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABSOLUTELY LOVE Herb Alpert and Route 101. Great album. Back to the subject at hand. Garcia cost FIU more than that in one day last season while the team plane sat on the tarmac for over four hours, a self-inflicted situation that Garcia brought on to himself. I don't know what "without cause" means, but I'm sure that taking the athletic program where he has taken it over the last few years would probably constitute "just cause".

What are the numbers for FIU Fotrball? I keep seeing ads on FB, telling me to "buy you tickets" for this sport.

George Wynn...

www.firepetegarcia.com we have a FB page also. If you don't know now you know.

That retention bonus is unbelievable...How can Rosenberg justify this?

Sorry to break the train of thought here but a racist post has popped up on the "Jackie Robinson" entry that I believe should be taken down.

President Rosenberg,

Congratulations on your new 5-year contract to remain FIU's president. I cannot congratulate you on the state of your athletics program which is in ruins, specifically the FIU football program. You allowed an incompetent athletic & entertainment director to destroy the momentum the football team had built in back to back bowl seasons all because of his ego.

Your athletic director destroyed FIU football with his terrible mishandling of a coaching search that took over a month to land a man that could have been hired the day after Mario Cristobal was fired. Add to that the way he loses possible donations with his prickly personality and you have a football program that is in the gutter.

After 7 years of his bumbling actions as FIU's AD, how does Pete Garcia still have a job?

Mr. Rosenberg I have taken to posting this on Mr. Neal's blog because the automatic canned response from your e-mail is a farce.

Now that you have your new contract I would hope you take action and fire Pete Garcia. He has made a disgrace of FIU football and the program will not rise again until he is gone. Mr. Rosenberg do not let Albert Maury and Garcia tell you what to do anymore.

Mr. Rosenberg take control of your university because right now FIU football is NOT "Worlds Ahead" like the rest of FIU.

Dr. Rosenberg:

Here it is in a nutshell:

1: Bring back Mario Cristobal as the new AD. He should be the face of this athletic program.

2. Promote former player James Knapp as Asst. AD to handle academic issues with these athletes and fundraising. It isn't OK just to kick players off the team. Unfortunately, that is the easy way out. You have to be able to work with these kids and make sure you get them on the straight and narrow.

3. If you don't want to fire him, demote Garcia like you did former AD Rick Mello and you can just keep him in charge of the Food and Wine Festival and other insignificant tasks and make him report to Cristobal.

4. Hire someone whose only task to make sure that 100% of football and basketball games are broadcast on real radio, along with select baseball games. Continuing to ignore radio is another one in a long line of mistakes and poor decisions by Garcia.

These moves will help get asses in the seats and put the athletic program on the right path once again.

Leave Mario out of FIU, he was part of the problem and he is not the solution.

I am really glad he is gone, he is a terrible head coach.

DJN I don't always agree with you but today you started a great discussion. My hats off to you!
FIRE HIS @#%$*^&!!!

It is a shame to see how the FIU football program has been brought down to an all time low. What makes it even more difficult to understand is how the one person responsible is still there. Coach Cristobal should have never been fired, it should have been the AD instead. Dr Rosenberg, there have been many great people in your athletic dept. who have been fired or have left on their own because of Mr. Garcia. Maybe it's time to think of what will be beneficial for the football program and the university as a whole. The program should never have been allowed to be run as one tyrant's personal empire.

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