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Sun Belt Honors FIU Student-Athletes

FIU announced Tuesday that 125 athletes were honored by the Sun Belt Conference for achieving grade point averages at or above 3.0 during the 2012-13 academic year.

That number is slightly down from the 131 for 2011-12, but the 58 that got onto the Sun Belt Commissioner's List (3.5 and above) jumped from 38 to 58. Female racers led the way -- women's track & field/cross country had 11 and swimming & diving had nine. Baseball had seven.

Football had the most in the 3.0-3.49 range, 11, while swimming & diving had 10. Women's soccer and track had nine each.   


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I love this announcement coming on the heels of news about ineligible football players...

Surprising about the good GPA for football players but does provide a silver lining in otherwise dismal academic performance. Go FIU!!!


Do I detect a hint of sarcasm and suspicion on your part? Maybe you were hoping for more bad news.

Anyway, congrats to those student athletes who take care of their business on and off the field.

By my count of the FIU roster online, that's 11 out of 101 football players, or just barely more than 10%. FIU's 2013-2014 Women's Swim roster isn't available yet, but the 2012 roster had 31 athletes. 10 out of 31 is (just under) a third. You can't judge academic success by flat numbers. #FIUMath

Sarcasm yes, Suspicion yes, and hoping for bad news no. I feel badly for the athletes. The university has let them down. Or maybe I have unrealistic expectations.

Can you please list the football players, as well as any that made the Commissioner's List? Thanks.

Agree with Inaugural Panther, we unfortunately give to much press for the academically deficient athletes & no pub for those who do it right & understand / appreciate their chance of an education.

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