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What the bettors are saying about next Saturday...

Southern Mississippi lost 60-7 Saturday night at Boise State. The last Golden Eagles victory came on Christmas Eve, 2011. Their last regular season win came Nov. 26, 2011.

And they opened 14 1/2-point favorites over FIU in next Saturday's game at Hattiesburg. Hardcore bettors reacted to that by jumping on Southern Miss enough that the line now sits at 16.

The two teams in FIU's first Conference USA game come in a combined 0-8 this season, on losing streaks of five (FIU) and 16 (Southern Miss) as programs and having been outscored 132-7 in their last two games.


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Pillow fight of the decade!

Hey, if we can get back to the line of scrimmage it will be a victory, right Coach Turner?

Have they started the game clock yet?

David: While everything starts at the top with Turner, it would be interesting for you to write about the assistants. After all, assistants on the staff of a college team are supposed to be the best recruiters and teachers. What is the real experience of the staff members? What ties do these assistants have to high school coaches in Miami-Dade? South Florida? Florida? The running joke among the Miami-Dade high schools is that FIU's new assistants asked for a map of the county so they could figure out where the schools are located. Ask Turner about this. Funny? Not really. Comical? Yes. This program has serious credibility issues in the football circles and will attract kids who have very few options. It is a far cry from when Miraball, Ponce and the others were frequenting high school coaches offices. Again, who the heck are these assistants? I see Turner's son on the staff. What ties does he have to local programs? And there's another father-son combo. Nepotism at its best with clear signs that blood and friendship mean more than football success and recruiting excellence at FIU. When FIU loses Saturday, write about the coaches under Turner who are failing with their responsibilities. Call the coaches at Booker T, Carol City, Northwestern and other schools and you will hear that FIU isn't there anymore.

Epitome of pathetic! No one, not one FIU fan, even the most pessimistic fan could of ever imagined a fall-off of this magnitude. Saddening, humiliating & embarrassing.

Brought to you in living color by one over paid director of sports and entertainment. Any other ADs have such ridiculous titles? If you want to see real competition involving FIU, go to the South Beach Food & Wine Festival. There is a bigger crowd than all events at FIU stadium. The food and drinks are better. The cooking competition is exciting.

At least we did not lose this past weekend.

Jesus H man. This is unbelievable. You have to either laugh at it or face complete dispair..

I am starting to hate everything about F.I.U, the name, their wimpy mascot, their idiot coaches, their pathetic AD, their yellow mustache sweating president. How, how, sorry is this. After we go 0-4, I wonder how many people are going to go their game. F.I.U needs to drop down to Div 1AA. #Closethefootballprogram.

Any predictions for the losing score this weekend?

Those remaining true Panther fans, let's put all the negative behind us and rally around these guys. "It is what it is." This is a game that we can win. If these guys prepare well, play for each other and coach get a little creative, we got this one! GO PANTHERS.

Big dingaling...could there be a more appropriate name for this guy. Well done.

Whew! This too shall pass.

Florida International vs Southern Miss.
"somebodies 0 has got to go!"

...maybe. (snickering...)

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