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The Cost of Ending Business


On the single, Stevie suddenly shouts to The Jackson Five and they do the "Doo-do-wop" part.

Judging from the noise, Stevie could be many FIU followers proxy when discussing the athletic director and the football coach. Who, I've heard, have had a few go-rounds recently over some of FIU's department shortcomings that a few extra bucks could've avoided.

Speaking of bucks, the football coach isn't likely to be going anywhere soon unless his financial house is in unusually good order or FIU wants to swallow a big matzoh moneyball. That's if I'm reading Ron Turner's contract correctly (I'm not bothering the nearest Harvard Law 31-year attorney with this. She's got her own job).

If Turner resigns any time soon, he'll owe FIU $500,000, a year's base salary. If FIU fires Turner without cause any time before January 3, 2016 -- and I don't see anywhere in the contract that a really bad first-year record counts as being cause -- the school will owe Turner two years base salary or $1 million. Plus, FIU will have to pay another football coach.

That's a lot of jack to tie up in that position for a department whose revenue is $25.4 million, most of it coming from student fees, and has trouble drawing any kind of actual attendance to football games (I have put in a public records request for the actual ticket sales figures from the 2012 football season, last year's basketball season and thus far in 2013 football).

Especially when, by my math, the school still owes former football coach Mario Cristobal $431,386. That might be off the books, however, if the severance contract clause didn't follow Cristobal beyond his next coaching stop. That was the University of Miami for a winter minute before Cristobal landed at Alabama.

To fire Garcia costs one year base salary, $362,527 at this point. Also, FIU has to pay his replacement.

I heard that FIU President Mark Rosenberg sang praises of Garcia to a group of boosters on the Louisville trip. I've also heard there might be a Board of Trustees meeting with Rosenberg Monday over all this business, although none is posted and I'm not sure this qualifies as enough of an emergency situation to act under those rules (although I'm also sure any Board and President worth their website photos know how to skirt Sunshine Laws). If there is a meeting, I'm sure the cost of doing business -- or ending it -- will be discussed. 


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when in doubt.... FIRE PETE!!!!!!!!!!!

So 72-0 would have to be considered rock bottom no? Let's go over some things we know. I do want to state that I have never been a proponent for firing the AD, but it's getting to the point where something has to be done.

1. PG fired Cristobal because he assumed that his buddy buddy Butch Davis would take the helm.
2. When that didn't he had no plan B so he had to settle on a guy who honestly can't even be considered a stop-gap.
3. The basketball team is under a postseason ban because of embarrassingly low APR scores, with the football team also having many key players out for the same academic issues as well as just being stupid off the field.
Those are my 3 main issues of the last couple of years. Wasn't as angry with the Cristobal firing, but only if we had gotten Davis, which obvioiusly didn't happen. The thing with the two main sports though, Football and Men's Basketball, is a couple of good recruiting classes and things get turned around in a heartbeat. But the harsh reality is there isn't any depth, talent, or belief in the sports program across the board, and it may be time to clean house. Not much else to say, just frustrated with the whole situation.

honestly, i know it will cost fiu a ton of money to do this but deal with it and just blow up the entire athletic administration and fire the football coach. they've done a horrific job with the hiring and firing of coaches. everyone in the athletic administration minus one or two people could care less about the student body or the university itself.

Seems like there is no plausible scenario under which RT is fired. I just wish he would exhibit a glimmer of creativity. Anyone see what happened with the previously pathetic Browns on Sunday? Fake punt, TD drive stays alive. Fake FG attempt, TD pass from holder. Last minute scoring drive, eschew chip shot FG to tie, TD pass to TE instead. Win over Vikings in fjord. Any of my intrepid fellow blogistas know who the Browns Offensive Coordinator is? Anyone need a hint?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that earlier in the week, the Beaten Downs had outraged football experts everywhere by trading their best running back Kedrick Rhodes to Far Western Alabama for a future draft pick and given that their starter, Jake Medlock, was out with an injured thumb, jumped over their second string quarterback, E.J. Hilliard, in favor of a third stringer. They were given no chance whatsoever of winning another game during this year's NFL season and fans of the Brown Mud were burning their tickets, etc. No chance you want to give your bro a call, is there, Ron? Oh, I got some of the details wrong? Sorry.

As a loyal FIU Football season ticket holder since its inception, the product being put out is beyond deplorable. Last year our modestly priced $100 per ticket for the season sitting on the 50 yard line were raised by 4000% to $500. As an educator I had to move my seats to the 20 yard line and still paid $175 per seat, still a 75% increase over 50 yard line seats. Now this year the Director of Athletics & Sports Entertainment has not even walked by the FIU sideline to thank the fans or hear our voices. I am proudly announcing that I would gratefully would accept the job of Athletic Director for 1/3 of Pete's pay, and I guarantee that the sports entertainment would be better on the field without having to have it as part of my job title.

One disgruntled fan that is fed up,
FIU 1996 Alumni married to FIU Alunni 2000

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