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Verdict: Guilty



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It makes this extremely sad situation slightly better. I hope they hit this *ss hole with the entire book.

More importantly I wish the Berry family my most deepest blessings.. I will never forget watching TY carry K.B's shoulder pads and jersey out of the tunnel at each game.. Some very beautiful memories..

Go Panthers!

I hope that justice has been served. It's tough to know if this guy was really defending himself.

Sad, sad.

Indeed, what a heartbreaking mess. I second Gooch's recollections. It was always a touching moment to see those pads carried out and a reminder not to take sports too seriously. I too hope the family of KB can take some small solace in the jury's findings.

That was a very tough time for FIU and the entire community. A lot of lives were effected.

Glad some justice was finally handed down. Wyche was an RA in Towers when I was living there as an undergrad. Situation should have never escalated to the point that it did. Just a sad sad situation across the board.

what people don't know is wyche had a group of people with him......

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