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FIU-UCF football series extended two years

FIU athletic director Pete Garcia will announce today that the football series with Central Florida, which began in 2011, will run through 2016 after a two-year extension has been agreed upon.

The series will continue to alternate sites with the 2014 game at UCF on Sept. 6 and the 2016 game on Sept. 17. No date has been set for the FIU-hosted 2015 game.



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This is good news for the program. Good to keep that budding in-state rivalry going. About the only positive thing I've heard come out of our campus in months.

Thanks Mr. Author ! Great to hear good news !

Good for FIU. UCF is still definitely a few rungs above, but it could develop into something good if FIU can eventually manage to take a few steps forward.

"UCF is still definitely a few rungs above" Say what? UCF is decades away and light years ahead of FIU! Thanks for the lulz!

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