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First C-USA Player of the Week; on suspensions

FIU's first Conference USA Player of the Week of the year is a Golfer of the Week, sophomore Meghan MacLaren.

MacLaren's 6-over 222 put her fifth in last week's Golfweek Conference Challenge. This week, freshman Coralia Arias led FIU to a fourth place (out of 11) at the Old Waverly Invitational. Her 2-under 214 landed Arias sixth individually.


Without hearing more than I already have, I won't speculate about the cause of the suspensions of cornerback cousins Richard Leonard and Jeremiah McKinnon. The "texting former coaches" cause put forth in the comments section of this blog doesn't jibe with either logic -- players text and gripe about current coaches to former teammates and coaches all over the nation, it's part of our kvetchy culture -- or with what I heard happened involving Leonard or McKinnon two weeks ago.




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FIU blatantly tanking to get that #1 pick.

Tell us what you know, David. We hear that Turner and staff members have dealt with a wave of frustration and anger communicated by current players and their parents. These players and parents are contacting the former coaches asking for advice and more. There is an all-out revolt building. The coaches suspended players as a demonstration that those who talk will walk. This situation is going to come out publically in due time. Sponsors have had enough. There is a new wave of demand for change that starts with the AD.

Yet another example of how dumb these players are and the level of education given to us students and student-athletes at FIU... These guys fail to realize they extremly over-achieved in the two seasons they went to a bowl and one conf.champion... they highly over achieved... they arent that good... they never have been and never will be... Cristobal was the biggest over-achiever of them all. 0 for the season, getting blown out and shutout is the true identity and destiny of this program... They will never be good. This whole thing about contacting former coaches and players is just stupid... No one can save these bums from a winless season... They just gotta deal with it

FIU sucks. P sucks worse.

FIU WILL LOSE TOMORROW. TURNER WILL BE FIRED AFTER THIS LOSS. This is the truth. David Neal knows the truth.

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