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Golf, women's soccer up; volleyball down; football underdog

FIU leads the golf tournament that began Sunday at Sarasota's Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club. Approrpriate that, seeing as how the tournament is the 36th annual Pat Bradley Invitational, the tournament named after the World Golf Hall of Fame member and first great sports figure to attend FIU.

A 287 has FIU four strokes up on Maryland and the second best first round in the tournament's history, beaten only by FIU's 284 four years ago.

Freshman Coralia Arias led FIU with a 3-under 69 and is second overall to Missouri's Taylor Gohn's 5-under 72 and tied with Southern Mississippi's Brandi Rodriguez. Sophomores Sophie Godley (fourth, 2-under 70) and Meghan MacLaren (seventh, 1-under 71) are also in the top 10 for FIU.

The tournament continues Monday and Tuesday.


After a third straight overtime game resulted in a 2-1 loss to East Carolina (6-8-2, 3-4) Friday, FIU (6-9, 4-3) waxed Rice (5-7-2, 3-4) 5-2. Alyssa Robinson had three assists, Marie Egan had two assists, junior Ashleigh Shim had two goals. Talia McMurtrie, Kim Lopez and Nicole DiPerna also scored for FIU, which has 15 goals in their four conference wins and one in their three conference losses.

FIU still leads Conference USA's East Division by one point over Charlotte, 12 points to 11 (three points for a win, one for a tie, zero for a loss).


Sometimes, you get the broom (Friday's 3-0 win against FAU) and sometimes the broom gets you (Sunday's 3-0 loss at Tulane).


Louisiana Tech (2-5, 1-2) lost 28-13 to North Texas Saturday. But they're 5 1/2-point favorites over FIU for next Saturday's game at La Cage. No odds have been placed on the scoreboard or, for that matter, all the necessary electronic equipment in FIU Stadium being up to snuff for 60 minutes.


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Unfortunately from here on I don't believe FIU has a chance in any remaining game. Time to think in the future.

FIU will not win again this season unless David Neal suits up to play defense.

LOL ! YUP Come on David... help us out!

BGH, at least you are consistent. You may be the most pessimistic person in the world, but at least you are consistent. Again, go get psychiatric help. Please. And by the way, FIU may very well lose every game this year but that does not make you a football expert. You don't know anything about football or sports management or coaching. And, you are still nuts and a pessimist. Go away. Go root for UM. Pass on your opinions to the U's fans. They look great and have a great future ahead. You are not a true fan.

The crazy part of the entire Season in that we could have finished 3-9 or even 4-8 if we just played slightly better. I think all FIU fans (including me) would have been very happy with a 4-8 rebuilding season.

Don't know if we will see any major changes in the roster for the last few games. At this point lets hope the next two recruting classes are above average and just build on those guys..

Is C-USA going to have any connection with the New Bowl Game at Marlins Stadium?!?! Can you give a little more info on this please. Thanks..


I am just realistic. I don't live in denial of realitity as some of you guys do. Reality is 1-11 with six loses at home.

I'll have a blog post on that bowl later tonight or tomorrow. But, yes, CUSA will have at least a rotational tie-in.

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