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Henry Bussey commits (maybe)



Dennis Marroquin, Florida Fire 7-on-7 head coach, Tweeted tonight that Fire member and Hialeah High running back Henry Bussey has committed to FIU. That Bussey himself didn't tweet it causes the caveat at the end of the headline.

The 5-8, 170-pound running back is rated at three stars by 247sports.com's composite rating of several services, two stars by Rivals.com and is unrated by ESPN, Scout.com and 247sports.com itself.


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There must be some kid living north of Talledega who weighs more than 150 pounds dripping wet who would like to come down to South Florida and run over the 165 lb. corners and safeties posing as defensive players in Conference USA. If I were the coach of a team that seems to want to run the I, I would certainly be looking for one. On the other hand, maybe Master Bussey is the next TY. We can always hope.

I think we can start judging the recruting classes now. There is no way with only two months of work time last year that the coaching staff was going to pull off a talented 2013 class.

Lets see if the Coaching staff recruits South Florida, Other parts of Florida or goes Out of State.. Time will tell!

Go Panthers!

Not going to happen Gooch7. They are not going to work very hard out of state like the last staff. It's going to be hard for them recruting in state.

Oh, hey everybody at the Herald, FIU has a game this coming Saturday. Just don't want it to sneak up on you what with the wall to wall coverage you've provided this week.

Hey, FIUPantherFan, considering the crowds at FIU games the last two years, maybe you should also tell some of your alumni and students about that game. Because when few come and few choose to read about it (see the blog numbers during the heaviest FIU coverage and era of optimism), it's easy to make the FIU reporter the guy you yank onto another sport when another person is on vacation/furlough/etc.

DJN, what's the over/under for the crowd this week?

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