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Hilliard to start vs. East Carolina

FIU football coach Ron Turner said after Tuesday's practice that sophopmore EJ Hilliard will replace redshirt junior Jake Medlock at quarterback Saturday against East Carolina.

Turner wanted to make clear that the 1-6 record falls on the team, not just on Medlock, and he just hopes this will give the team a spark.

Hilliard gets no easy assignments. East Carolina (5-2, 3-1 in conference) was the preseason Conference USA favorite. The Pirates only losses were 15-10 against Virginia Tech and 36-33 to Tulane in overtime. Hilliard also started against Louisville this season and got hancuffed by an offensive game plan so run-based -- after FIU failed to run effectively against even Bethune-Cookman -- that the television announcers made fun of it.

Last season, Medlock injuries sent Hilliard into the second half against Louisville; made his first start on the road against Louisiana-Lafayette (bowl team); second start five days later against Arkansas State (bowl team); came in for the final play against Western Kentucky (bowl team) and started the season finale against Louisiana-Monroe (bowl team).  

Also, Turner made clear that sophomore outside linebacker Davison Colimon has not quit the team, but has been dealing with some family issues. Fifth-year senior Derrick Jones Jr. will start in his place again this week. Markeith Russell should be fine also for Saturday's game.


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Lateral move.

Turner wanted to make clear that the 1-6 record falls on the team, not just on Medlock? What about the coaches? Run the clock on Ron Turner. FIU, you've got a full fledged dumpster fire on your hands.

Serious question here. If and that's a BIG "if..." Dr, Rosenberg has the "stones" to FIRE that douche-bag AD at the end of the football season. Does the new AD keep Grandpa Turner ? or do you eat the buyout and get your own guy with a real coaching search ??

That probably depends on the new guy's ability to bring back the big-$$ donors that PG insulted or ran off.

Medlock is far better than Hilliard. It's sad that Medlock has to pay the price for the incompetence of other.

Turner is destroying the good things that this team still has.

I'd like to know where all of you guys who want to fire Turner and Garcia short of their respective contract expirations think the money is going to come from to pay them off AND hire any kind of worthy replacements. Oh, I'm sorry, didn't mean to bring logic into the discussion, bravehearts. BTW, good luck to Mr. Hilliard--he is going to need it. What is astonishing to me is that, right or wrong, Coach T. seems...GASP...to have had a thought and made a change based upon that thought. See, anything CAN happen.

Hey guys riddle me this

Mario Cristobal directs fiu to win the sun belt conference and bowl game and was on the short list for a hand full of big name jobs, same recruiting calendar he was more busy interviewing for the next job that the top recruits in south florida and on their recruiting board took notice, and decided to go elsewhere.

Mario Cristobal takes fiu to its second consecutive bowl game although he loses the game he is once again on the short list for a hand full of big name jobs, one player even told me that his position player already boxed up his office before the bowl game because the entire staff figured that they were going to be at a new school after the bowl game. Once again the top recruits took notice and wanted nothing to do with a guy that was looking for the next best thing.

Mario Cristobal and the fiu panthers win 3 games and that and his antics leads to his firing, the head coach position stayed vacant from early December till the third week of January.

Ron Turner on the third week of January gets hired after many big names turned down the job, tries to put together what resembled a recruiting class but what can anyone expect when you are only given 18 days before signing day to contact recruits and convince then to came to a school. He walked into a program that had two years of piss poor recruiting 30 guys graduating, 12 knuckle heads that couldn't behave or even go to class like to were supposed to, and then another 8 or 9 to injury.

You can't make chicken salad out of chicken crap!
Give the man some time to prove he is taking things in the right direction.

This isn't the time or place for logic, jean.

Its not that hard of a riddle to solve, all you need to do is watch the game, the sideline, the warm ups and one practice and you will see the coaches are terrible... Sit behind their bench and listen to what's being said (its easy to do because no is there) and you will hear how many times a play hasn't been called and timeouts are taken, or how many time the coaches send the wrong guys on the field, or how you have a punter that can kick a 50 yard punt with 4.5 hang time but they have Medlock do roll out punts for 35... Or how they did zone running with their starting qb in the 4th quarter when they were loosing by 35... Riddle solved the coaches suck... A good recruiting class won't help...

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