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Ideas, anyone?

Now, let's say you were in the marketing or business part of FIU's athletic department and you got called into an emergency Sunday meeting (as actually might've happened) to discuss how to get enough people into FIU Stadium so that the actual attendance exceeds the nearest quinceanera party. And FIU doesn't get completely embarrassed during the nationally televised game against Marshall.

What would you say? Here's my thoughts, just off the top of my head...

Bus to the Beach: Park buses outside one of the gates. Only those coming out of the stadium after the game can board the buses, which will take the occupants to South Beach for a night of whatever wackiness they desire, then back to campus. Now that Bryant McKinnie's in town, get him involved and you could have a serious party bus, handy for entertaining visiting recruits (no Twitter allowed during or after, of course).

Busing School Children: OK, I know I'm on a mass transit kick here. But a few buses down to Florida City, over to Liberty City and to the Miami Gardens/Norland area, bringing kids and their parents to FIU Stadium wouldn't be a bad idea. Give them FIU hats and shirts, a coupon for food and drink, remind them that some of their neighbors are on the field (such as freshman linebacker from Norland High Treyvon Williams, who could be starting this week in place of injured fifth-year senior Markeith Russell).

Free Beer for Dads, Free Cosmo for Moms: Parents who bring their kids receive coupons entitling them to two free beers (for fathers) or two free Cosmopolitans or rum-and-Cokes (for moms) with the other parent getting unlimited water or Coke. It's sort of like a Date Night...or might be later after a few drinks.

Thoughts anyone?


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