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Ideas, anyone?

Now, let's say you were in the marketing or business part of FIU's athletic department and you got called into an emergency Sunday meeting (as actually might've happened) to discuss how to get enough people into FIU Stadium so that the actual attendance exceeds the nearest quinceanera party. And FIU doesn't get completely embarrassed during the nationally televised game against Marshall.

What would you say? Here's my thoughts, just off the top of my head...

Bus to the Beach: Park buses outside one of the gates. Only those coming out of the stadium after the game can board the buses, which will take the occupants to South Beach for a night of whatever wackiness they desire, then back to campus. Now that Bryant McKinnie's in town, get him involved and you could have a serious party bus, handy for entertaining visiting recruits (no Twitter allowed during or after, of course).

Busing School Children: OK, I know I'm on a mass transit kick here. But a few buses down to Florida City, over to Liberty City and to the Miami Gardens/Norland area, bringing kids and their parents to FIU Stadium wouldn't be a bad idea. Give them FIU hats and shirts, a coupon for food and drink, remind them that some of their neighbors are on the field (such as freshman linebacker from Norland High Treyvon Williams, who could be starting this week in place of injured fifth-year senior Markeith Russell).

Free Beer for Dads, Free Cosmo for Moms: Parents who bring their kids receive coupons entitling them to two free beers (for fathers) or two free Cosmopolitans or rum-and-Cokes (for moms) with the other parent getting unlimited water or Coke. It's sort of like a Date Night...or might be later after a few drinks.

Thoughts anyone?


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1) We're going to get mauled by Marshall.
2) How about Fire Pete Garcia day? Get 10k+ people into the stadium and Pete Garcia's contract is nulled and we get a new AD! Instant success.

#2 is a great idea. #3 won't work because they don't serve alcohol at the Stadium.

Someone's sarcasm detector needs new batteries.

No suggestions involving nude Dazzler routines?

Hmmmm nothingxs, not bad...

David, this fan base has been nuked by the AD. I don't know what gets fans in seats now. Btw, not rescheduling E. Carolina so it does not go against UM vs FSU was another brainless call. There were 1,000 - 1,200 people at La. Tech. They'll be 100 - 120 at E. Carolina if they don't reschedule game to a 4pm start. Those 100 - 120 people will be FIU Athletics employees. Very Sad.

From what I've read and heard, both teams have to agree to a time change. FIU can't unilaterally change the time, no matter how much sense it makes.

If you look on East Carolina's website, they're sending a crew to broadcast the game locally in the Carolinas. The Miami/FSU game time was announced well after the ECU/FIU game time. ECU would have already secured airtime and I can only presume that they were not going to accommodate a request to move the game time (particularly if they could not secure a replacement TV time slot) Since they're leaving the conference after this year, they have no reason to play nice with CUSA counterparts.

Things aren't always a conspiracy or incompetence. Sometimes life doesn't wrap things in a pretty neat little bow.

DP you're probably right. Add to that, the fact ECU knows that they'll play in front of 100 fans / employees & the eliminate the crowd factor. Not that the crowd was ever going to be a factor. Again, Sad.

Actually on #2....Get less than 1,000 people again and this AD should be FIRED on the spot. How can someone that has been at the HELM of FIU Athletics since October 2006 not have developed a loyal season ticket fan base of at least 7,500 combined with another 5,000 students after 7 years on the job and the highest paid AD in ConfUSA ??

Not sure if anyone noticed that the Suites are largely comprised of FIU related entities, there is almost NO private sector support except for 3 or 4 small companies. Club level totally empty and so were the cheap seats in west end zone.

I think ECU brings more fans that FIU for this one.

What a joke.

You think they'd consider putting the FSU/UM game on the scoreboard, if it's working?

HooterHater's ideas seem plausible.

When we went to the UCF game last year, they have that really great, well maintained tailgate area that closes 15 minutes before kickoff. So everyone will go inside. I think that's pretty much why they do that.

1. Fire Pete Garcia to draw few more alumni to the game
2. Start serving beer/alcohol at the game
3. tuition discounts for students who attend the game and stay in the game.

Since none of my ideal suggestions are feasible, my true suggestion is do nothing. It's too late now to do anything to have people come to the game, not with this product on the field at least. Offense sells tickets and defense wins championship. Wait we don't have offense.....

How about just forfeiting the last home games so the players dont have to play in front of anyone

Is there any NCAA prohibition against the sale or dispensing of alcohol to the general public at on-campus stadiums? Otherwise, your ideas sound pretty good to me, DJN. Most of the people they are aimed out couldn't care less what the disgruntled aberrants on this board post. So, are you angling for Pete's job?

1. Allow alcohol sales in the stadium (it's stupid to watch the people in the suites and stadium clubs drinking beer bottles meanwhile the rest of the paying attendance has to pay $7 for a Pepsi product)
2. Every current student of a Broward, Collier, Miami-Dade, and West Palm County School be allowed to go to at least one game for free. Then allow for family pack season tickets, just like the Canes had in the old Orange Bowl and sell them for $60 just for starters.
3. Start charging for the tailgate space if you have to provide porta-johns, police to handle the crowds out in the parking lots then charge for the privilege to have large tailgate areas. If student organizations get free parking then forbid their DJs from playing any music in the parking lots once the game kicks-off. (if they do not like tell them to find somewhere else to host their kegger).
4. Get rid of the DJ inside the stadium; he brings no value to the game or fan experience and why do you need someone to scream into to the microphone to say "rattle the cage".
5. Tell the marching band director to get off his ass and start recruiting marching band members and take notice that everyone nation wide in on the edge of their seats for good marching bands the likes of Ohio State, Rice, Louisville, FAMU, and Bethune-Cookman. Maybe the Director of Entertainment should hire someone from an HBCU Marching Band since most of the HBCU marching bands know what to do at halftime and during games.
6. Allow the football team to generate some more money by scheduling guarantee games (Power 5 conference teams). I know it is not popular to schedule your football team against the likes of Alabama, Oregon, Ohio State, or even locally Florida, Florida State; but bills need to get paid and buildings, facilities, and construction projects do not pay for themselves. I am a firm believer that if you schedule the big schools the talented athletes will take notice and want to prove to the world they are cut of the same cloth as those they line up against.
7. Make game day more exciting with more highlight videos. (Like one highlight video for each side of the ball.) Maybe showoff the community service projects that the different athletic programs do throughout the week and/or season. You have a video board use it, also how hard is it to provide updates of scores from around the conference, state, top 25?
8. Allow for theme games, every team in America has 3 or 4 jerseys and/or helmets make it interesting. i.e. first home game normal blue on blue, second home game black on black, homecoming blue on blue, and somewhere else white on white. Just have fun with it instead of being predictable.

Everything I just mentioned is very possible and shouldn't matter who is the athletic director / director of entertainment.

All good ideas except for three (at least the charging for parking). I don't plan on paying to watch crappy football AND to tailgate. You can kick out the Djs though. 1 will be difficult cause it's on school property. You should still allow to purchase in club level for the general public but as a stipulation it can't leave the club level

Alcohol policies are University policies and not NCAA positions. The NCAA leaves it up to each school to decide what's best for them. However, there are no alcohol sales for NCAA run championships. I believe that's where people get confused. For what it's worth, there are rumors that beer has been approved for next season.

You can't charge for the parking or kick the tailgaters out, because they are tailgating on county property, not FIU property.

DJ in stadium is a matter of taste. While the mic can get annoying, at least the in game mix of music has been better. He's been responsible for both.

They did invite all Miami/Broward school kids for free. My kid got the invite. I believe a few hundred showed up for this past game.

Fair point about Marching band. I agree, it needs to be ramped up exponentially. However, I thought I read a year or two ago that the band does not report to the athletic department. They help cover some of the costs, but the band reports to someone else on the campus side. I recall reading about it the first year the band was brought back.

I'm cool with the occasional payout game, but I do not want one every year. I'd prefer they focus on trying to get some of these teams onto our campus. I know that Texas A&M had to cancel the game this year because they'd joined a new conference, but having Johnny Football & Texas A&M on our campus would have done a lot more for building our football fan base than going up to their place again for a payout game.

If FIU has to provide the crowd control, and they have to provide the parking attendants, and they also have to provide the porta-johns then some kind of revenue needs to come in for those expenses. Also please keep in mind tailgating is a privilege not a right. And while FIU police department have to provide safety and security to Tamiami Park they have the right to ask or ban someone from the park. Tailgating while the game is still going on is some kind of an insult to the players and the institution that they play for. So if people have a problem that 15 minutes till kickoff event staff ask you to start heading to the stadium and ask your party's DJ to shut off their equipment so that people can make their way into the stadium. They can find somewhere else to throw their kegger!
If you haven't notice the biggest problem is revenue then attendance, guarantee games fix both of those problems, and when FIU mandates a home and home series there is no money gained in the process. And believe it or not most schools do not mind coming to our stadium because that way their coaching staff can recruit the south florida area and athletic departments do not have to open their wallets to FIU.

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