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Medlock back at practice; Randolph injured

Quarterback Jake Medlock was back practicing with the first team Tuesday. When I talked to him for the story that'll run in tomorrow's print Herald and later today online, he said it was his second concussion overall and first since high school.

Freshman running back Alfonso Randolph was on crutches with a sprained knee. Sophomore wide receiver DeAndre Jasper worked some at running back.

Not at practice were cornerbacks and cousins Richard Leonard and Jeremiah McKinnon. Though Leonard's ineligible for the season, he still practices with the team. FIU coach Ron Turner said both were suspended for violating team rules and didn't give a timetable on their reinstatement.

Medlock and senior defensive tackle Greg Hickman both said the team leaders encouraged a looser, more fun, trash-talking approach to practice over the last two weeks. Medlock thought it paid off with one of the best practices of the year today.

The line on Saturday's game moved up to Southern Miss by 17.


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These kids heads are not in the right place they are going to regret it later on in life.

What violations did these clowns commit exactly? It would be good to know... would just show their stupidity. As for being looser, mor fun and inviting trash talk... Wont make a difference... They will stink it up on the field and go winless... Their mission every week should be not to get shutout, blowouts are going to happen for them, they just need to make sure they dont get shutout.

The corners were suspended because of insubordination. Apparently, Turner learned that they had been exchanging texts with former coaches. This was because the players were unhappy about the poor coaching and lack of leadership.

Coach just sat two of the best players on the bench! Way to throw in the towel this season!! Run that clock from now on because it gonna be big and ugly!! FIU's offense is last in every category...couldn't score a point on Booker T.'s high school team...

My two cents..

Regardless of the Coach I think we were walking into a two win season (at best). Fans have to understand that changing systems, playbooks, team philosophies, etc takes time. Here is my breakdown of judging any coaching staff that is walking into a NON Top 50 program..

First Year: Free Pass on any changes you want to make. Including changing the Homeside of the stadium (which makes no sense to me)..

2nd Year: You need to have at least 25% more success rate than in your first year. At this point that might not be so hard next year.

3rd Year: Better be .500 or better. If you can't reach the .500 mark by year 3 than fans have the right to ask for your head..

Fans in Miami expect a Superbowl every single year, they expect UM to beat Alabama for the National Title by at least 3 touchdowns and expect at least 5 more Titles from the Heat. Relax! Lets try to rebuild what we had just 2 years ago when we were winning Bowl games and beating teams like UCF, and Louisville.

Go Panthers..

RJ_MJ17 I understand your frustration, but you are way off on this one. I haven't been excited about the coaching strategy thus far, but discipline is a must in team sports. If the reason for them being suspended is true, it was well deserved. Talking to former coaches about current coaches as a player is a cancer in any locker room. Neither one have showed any Leadership ability and for them to complain about the lack of leadership on the team is ridiculous. Leonard didn't do his part in the classroom, no one to blame but himself, McKinnon's performance hasn't been lights out all season? whether its coaching or simply a bad attitude. If he's that upset with the coaching, take a little pride and play for your teammates and not the system. Leaders lead and followers follow, right now these guys are just following each other, "blood is thicker than water." This team has a good chance to come back this weekend with a "W" if they decide to play for each other and leave it all on the field where it counts and not on social media texting your former coaches. Three Ps: Prayer First - Prepare - Peform!

Second that emotion.

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