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Moses parting?

There wasn't a postgame blog off Saturday's loss to UAB because I've been at a headstone unveiling out of town. But before I left, FIU posted on the NCAA Job Market site an opening for Director of the Student Athlete Academic Center (SAAC), though Dr. Phil Moses is still listed by the school as the occupant of that job.

The academic production of FIU's athletes outstrips their athletic production except for football and men's basketball.



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...and men's basketball and football are the only two sports that matter.

There is a lot going on at FIU lately for Mr. Neal to write about.

Who gets blamed for cheap scoreboard malfunctioning?

Did the entertainment director get his $72,000 bonus today if he is still the entertainment director?

Why were 2 FIU baseball players falsely arrested and harassed by FIU police?

Wow. Lot's going on. Coaching 101: Never, Never, Ever take points off the board. Especially when your QB was struggling from start to finish. Nothing like the Miami Article stated about Medlocks numbers? Hats off to the FIU receivers who made play after play, and saved a struggling QB. FIU should have won this game by at least 3 TDs had Medlock made an accurate pass to his WRS and TEs. Those guys made plays and saved him from another benching which would have been well deserved. The starter overthrew his TE 3 times in the end zone, WRs he overthrew several times wide open down field. The catches by WRs were pure athleticism with no help from the QB! The bye week would be a great week for a change! And by the way, someone please pass on to whomever is coaching the DBs that if you give every team you've played all season a 10 yard buffer, you will get beat the majority of the time, which was a huge factor in this team not walking away with a "W" on Saturday. That's what reviewing game film is about. Not gonna put this one on the player because the coaches are not making adjustments game after game. And by the way, I am sure there is a someone on the FIU soccer team that could come in and help this team, the fan that kicked the field goal during halftime looked for confident. Just my opinion. "Keep working hard guys" you are only a few adjustments away! Never, Never, take points off the board!!!!!!!!!

Sorry for the couple typos. And please note that I posted this suggestion of looking on the soccer team before hearing about goalie trying out for kicker this morning! lol FIUSM sports reported he hit 50 & 56 yard field goals!!!! WOW! are there any opening at team FIU that I may apply for? "Its all good fun." That's what I am talking about, think outside of the box a litlle, what do you have to loose? Put Isaime or Hickman in the backfield in the redzone and have backs run behind him? Line TE White (Beast) w/size & Griner up on same side and run backs outside behind them. Use Porter/Rhymes inside the 20 yards and let them use their size to make plays against smaller DBs. Smaller WRs are already stretching the field if the QB can make a decent pass? "Just saying"

Did they make an opening for the Director of Entertainment? How about an opening for scoreboard operator?

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