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(Not Facebook) Status updates

I forgot to add these to Wednesday's post-football practice blog post.

Safety Demarkus Perkins and defensive tackle Greg Hickman both wore the Home Depot jerseys. Hickman was being held out as a precaution with an ankle. As for Perkins, FIU coach Ron Turner said he'll play when he tells Turner he can go.

"When he comes back, we'll see who's playing better," Turner said. "Eighteen (Jordan Davis) played really well (against UAB). Eighteen had a very good game."

Turner also said as for freshman quarterback Travis Wright, sophomore cornerback Jeremiah McKinnon and junior cornerback Richard Leonard, there was no change in where they were as far as being outside the team. With Wright, there was a question about the validity of his qualifying test. McKinnon and Leonard are serving suspensions for an unstated violation.  

I asked Turner if he anticipated a change in any of the three: "In some cases, we're waiting. In other cases, possibly."

Translation: they're waiting to hear from the NCAA about Wright and he really isn't sure about letting Leonard and McKinnon back into the fold.


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David - what does this mean? Drug? Academic?

'With Wright, there was a question about the validity of his qualifying test.'

Qualifying test, as in SAT or ACT. It was mentioned weeks ago in a previous blog.

No. You are both wrong. The players were disciplined because they were leading an overthrow of the coaching staff. Parents and elder players confronted Turner head on because of numerous issues of how coaches were treating the studenr athletes.


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