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They're doing some serious stacking out at Camp Mitch concerning this Saturday's game against East Carolina.

Not just the psychological stacking, whereby you "stack" stressful situation atop stressful situation until the ones on the bottom cause you ulcers or to yell at MickeyD's workers who put cheese when you clearly said sin queso. In adidution to that, the athletic deparment or marketing department or whatever department got called into the emergency meeting stacked promotion atop promotion to get a more-than-laughable crowd in the house Saturday against East Carolina.

And, if they don't, to paraphrase Richard Pryor's Mudbone character, there will be less laughing than at a funeral on Sunday, Christmas Day.

FBS schools must "average 15,000 in acutal or paid attendance for home football games over a rolling two-year period" according to last year's NCAA manual. FIU averaged 13,634 in 2012, according to the NCAA.

This year, the average official attendance is 14,966. The team is 1-6. The remaining home games are against East Carolina and Marshall, two nightmare guests: neither brings caravans of fans like an Ohio State or Dale Earnhardt Jr., they're non-entities to the casual fan while the cognescenti knows they're threats to blast FIU halfway to Naples.

Through Sept. 9, FIU claimed it had sold 10,045 season tickets. If true (ahem), they still need another 5,000 pay for tickets or show up. They certainly can't afford a rerun of Saturday when maybe, maybe  2,000 attended. The Four Letter People can be relied upon to overlook many things if you make them stacks of money. But FIU doesn't bring home the NCAA's bacon. So, the NCAA's a little quicker to fry FIU in the pan.


That's why FIU has stacked Military Appreciation Day (military personnel with ID or in uniform can get in free or with four other people) with FIU Faculty, Staff & Retiree Appreciation Night ($7 for a reserved seat, hot dog, bag of chips, 16-ounce drink) and FIU Football Free-4-All for students (each student automatically entered into a raffle for these prizes four scholarships, four textbook vouchers, four Panther Dining vouchers, four $100 gift cards to Cadillac Ranch, techonology vouchers for a 50-inch TV, an iPad, iPod Shuffle, iTunes gift card). Also, each student gets a free hot dog, drink, all that and a bag of chips.

Seem like a lot? Imagine what attendance probation or the ensuing drop from FBS would cost FIU in conference money. Or, matchup money from the big schools looking for an FBS team to beat up. Or, athletic department credibility.


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One of these must be true:
1) Pete is the son of a witch who has cast a powerful voodoo spell on Rosenberg.
2) Pete has photos of Rosenberg that would make even Pete's "dates" blush.
3) Rosenberg is just the latest example of the Peter Principle at work and is just too incompetent to fire the man who is bringing ruin upon FIU athletics.
None of these options bode well for FIU fans.

FIU is becoming a Mickey Mouse club. If you don't invest in it, why would anyone show up?

Big changes are needed at the top if you want to get fans back. You can keep your hot dogs and chips.

No money in the Herald's budget for a copy editor, DJN? As a student who plans on being in attendance, I like my odds of winning one of those prizes.

HooterHater, it's a blog. It doesn't go through the copyediting gatekeepers. And when it gets posted very late or, more accurately, in the wee hours, sometimes my sleepy eyes don't catch imperfections.

Actually, it's a decent idea. Play the odds. If you think no one will show up, then you've got a great chance at winning something. At least they're not skimping on the prizes, with the usual t-shirts, hats, "prize packs", etc.

HooterHater, if you do win one of the prizes, be sure to post back. I'll be rooting for ya.

Sorry, DJN. It's a bad habit for this English major. I figured that the typos were a result of a late night or a rush to publish but I had to bust chops anyway.

Good stories on the men's and women's basketball teams this AM, DJN. Thanks!

Maybe I missed it, but no love for alumni? ...I'm sure those retirees and military personnel will be falling all over each other to get in this game! :)

maybe FIU should go out ask McDonalds (one of their primary sponsors) to help.
Buy a value meal and get a free ticket to the game!
Test drive a car at Braman Honda and get free ticket!

So, the resident "entertainment director" has turned it into a game show. In order to win, one must sit through one game in order to win at the other. Brilliant!

Knowing our sleazy AD, he will have his lemmings pretend to win prizes that don't exist. That would be brilliant but somewhat expected

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