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Here's some clarification on the scoreboard issue from the FIU athletic department:

The retrofit for the four-year-old scoreboard will cost $132,000. While an uncommunicative transmitter caused Saturday's snafu, the UCF problems (showing "87-0" and "4-0" as the score, black line down the middle of the scoreboard) came from a short in the scoreboard that showed an incorrect score whenever there was a change of possession.



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A little rule I follow around my house. whenever I spend more than 6 figures on an appliance, I always get the extended warranty, a service contract, or both. In this case, I would have asked, "hey, this thing is going to be hanging in the Florida sun, will the finish hold up to it?

Then again, the guys making these decisions probably didn't think they'd be around in 4 years.

So the Director of Entertainment wants to spend money on a piece of crap scoreboard for "retrofitting"? Why not improve the facility with a scoreboards and play clocks, better bathrooms, concessions, maybe even a better press box so that the top deck of the stadium doesn't have to look like tent city. (Every time I go to a game it seems like there are more tents and less people; hope there is no correlation.) All kidding aside it is a ridiculous site and I'm sure that the visiting teams laugh every time they come to FIU Stadium, where the coaches have to climb into a tent to call the game from the booth. I bet they all click they heels together and say "there is no place like home" when they come to the nightmare of a facility.
Here is a question:
If you have a turd and you retrofit the turd do you still have a turd?

jean the bathrooms are great. They are definitely not the problem.

I don't understand why they would use a wireless transmitter for something as important to football as timekeeping and score. It's not that big of a stadium, run a cable.

I also don't understand how a wireless transmitter caused the scoreboard and play clocks to look like someone forgot to pay the electric bill.

It's all smoke that the entertainment director is blowing at Mr. Neal. The truth is it's an outdated cheap scoreboard that the entertainment director selected to help his expenditures stay below his revenues because he is certainly not bringing in any revenue into the athletic department.

The asymmetry of the stadium having one large scoreboard and one small crappy one always irked me. Heck, when we opened the stadium against USF the west side scoreboard wasnt even up.. just its brace.

Why is it that we have the highest paid AD in the conference?

How in the hell is Pete still employed?

Rosenberg fire Garcia already so FIU's athletics program can move forward. Garcia is detriment to FIU. You know this Rosenberg. End the misery of FIU fans and alumni.

fire pete garcia

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