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The Early Line & another one gone?

FIU opened a 20-point underdog for Saturday's 6 p.m. home football game against East Carolina. The line's up to 21.5 points.

Considering the Pirates have ravaged three opponents for more than 50 points, it's worth asking if the number of fans on the south side of the stadium at kickoff will exceed the over/under points line when that gets posted.

Also, sophomore starting outside linebacker Davison Colimon, who played against Alabama-Birmingham, might've left the team. Colimon didn't play Saturday and wasn't among the injured at practice last week.


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DJN, more to come. This thing is a fire drill, everybody looking for an exit. Total confidence is lost, no leadership and no direction. Will anybody do anything to stop it? Sad.

You should come and sit with section 135 degenerates Saturday to get a fans perspective of this disaster. You'll have plenty of space to setup

Can you also ask insane asylum if they have any reason for not moving this weekends mess earlier so we can try to see fsu um? Why would they try to even compete with that? Would think cusa wouldn't have an issue

An average player left a below average team. Hasta, amigo. Get a grip, Patrick/Nick/Insider/et al. If you are not the same person, you might as well be.

You guys are still going to the game? You guys are a bunch of loosers. I feel bad for DNJ, for having to cover this sorry program. DNJ, you should get a promotion for the work you do. Thanks for the hard work.

just like your spelling there big dick. "loosers". Nice.

Let's see, who else spells it "loosers?" I think BGH is using a pseudonym.

Nothing like someone who can't spell calling others LOSERS.

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