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Weekend leftovers

The College Football Performance Awards embraced redshirt junior safety Justin Halley for his two interceptions and freshman tight end Jonnu Smith for his two catches for 54 yards with honorable mention nods this week.

Actually, Smith got the notice for his 38-yard touchdown slalom through failed tackles and nice downfield blocks.

It's one thing when fans Tweet "Dear Medlock, transfer" and "Every deep ball thrown by Jake Medlock is underthrown, including last week. Pretty bad" (the latter from noted blog follower/message board poster ChiaPanther).

It's another thing when players retweet that, whether they're playing or not.


Goals by junior Roberto Altiero (two), junior Quentin Albrecht and freshman Marvin Hezel gave FIU a 4-1 win against Kentucky. They're 6-8, 2-4 in Conference USA, planting them sixth among C-USA's 10.

Altiero, a transfer from South Florida, and Albrecht account for 13 of FIU's 27 goals this season.


A weekend split of 1-0 games -- win at FAU and loss at Middle Tennessee -- left the women's soccer team at 7-10, 5-4 in Conference USA (leading the East Division) going into Thursday's season finale at home against Marshall.

By the way, FIU's overall record on the Conference USA website is wrong. Then again, these are the same folks who had North Texas as the Sun Belt champion in 2012 (yes) and 2011 (nope -- FIU beat Western Kentucky for the conference title) in their season preview release.


Another weekend split -- 3-1 loss to East Carolina, 3-0 rout of Louisiana Tech -- and FIU's 10-13, 4-6 in conference. They have two home matches left: Sunday against Rice, Nov. 17 against North Texas.



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Medlock has seriously regressed. He is not turning out to be the guy we thought he was.

Can't disagree more...he's been inaccurate all season

Players retweeting criticism of the QB? Let the collapse commence.

I couldn't not disagree less.

Is that Spearman kid for real? I saw some nice highlights the other day, but then he has a bunch of carries and a pretty average average, highlight tapes can be misleading with that kind of volume.

Looks good though and only a freshman!


It was not my intent to make your blog...lol. thanks.
As you know our season tickets are on section 135 so I've had the luxury of watching ALL of Medlock's deep throws in the last two weeks.

I Laughed at the article after the UAB game "Panthers air it out" because I knew how great the WRs adjusted to poor throws and how UAB CBs were out of position.
In fact, I was surprised that our WRs made those plays during the UAB game. The loss of Willis Wright destroyed the receiving core which was further decimated by losing Coleman. There were a lot of recruits visiting this weekend. And based on some of their tweets they were not discouraged by what they saw.

Pretty much I think they saw what I see. An opportunity to come in and challenge for immediate playing time.

Those Players retweeting stuff or even participating in tweeting have as much an impact on the field as I do. NONE!

And they also fail to realize that benching Jake means that Hilliard would take the field. And if Jake who has a stronger arm can't spread the field I cant imagine EJ being much better. Lets face it. Willis, Wayne Times (my fav. WR) & TY, aren't coming out of the huddle and lining up.

I also like the offensive plan Coach Turner tried. A lot of shotgun & spread to help Medlock. A lot of no huddle to change tempo and increase rhythm. But, we couldn't do much and when the throws where there to be made... they weren't. And what is sad is to see our QBs for two years in a row not be able to make the throws. Renfree made them, Aplin made them, Jacques made them, CJ Brown made them, Kolton made them.. the list goes on and on....

Just keep doing what you preach Coach Turner... The OL needs the work, the RBs and FB's need the work, build the foundation of the system. And lets go out a get a true ProStyle QB who can throw the ball down field.

I can't believe this is the same QB Guru who made Josh Freeman who he is today. I mean, did you see that guy on Monday night last week?

I'm afraid we just hired another famous last name

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