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A few thoughts on FAU 21, FIU 6

"Yes, I will be here next year. I will be here next year," redshirt junior quarterback Jake Medlock said when I asked him directly about 2014.

I'd heard from three different places that Medlock was leaning toward transferring. I asked him if ever considered transferring.

"No. I can't leave these guys. I came in here with David (Delsoin), Donald (Senat), Jordan (White), Greg (Hickman) and all of them. They're my boys. They always have been since Day 1 and always will be until the day I die."

Medlock left FAU Stadium the same way he left it last year -- resembling a health insurance advertisement. The finger he broke on his throwing hand hasn't healed. The shoulder injury he suffered last year at FAU still isn't right. And he's got messed up ribs after spending too much of the evening under FAU's pass rush.

Medlock also could've been leaving as the winning quarterback again without receivers dropping touchdown passes like they were last year's team GPA. Those plays -- T.J. Lowder had two, Rockey Vann had one, Dominque Rhymes dropped an underthrown (but still on the numbers) end around bomb -- demonstrate the difference between speed guys/athletes and speed receivers/athletic receivers. Lowder might want to spend the offseason cuddling up with the Juggs machine. While praising his effort two weeks ago, before Lowder dribbled a slant with room to run against Marshall, Turner did say Lowder had some drops at UTEP. 

FIU actually did an OK job on FAU quarterback Jaquez Johnson's running. Johnson broke out for a 17-yarder, but based on FIU's previous failures at containing run-first quarterbacks, 64 yards on 17 carries isn't bad.

FAU worked the play action game, however, and that's been a problem for FIU all season. Here's where not having Richard Leonard and Sam Miller, who was injured for what would've been his final game, on the corners hurt the Panthers. Without those two, you had Randy Harvey, who got targeted as the season went along; Brad Hyman-Muhammad, a freshman walk-on; and Jeremiah McKinnon, whose status fluctuated throughout the season because of off-field problems. Besides, on the field, McKinnon's often on the scene yet essentially a bystander. He doesn't take away the ball or the man. Maybe with a full season playing and practicing, he'll develop into the kind of playmaking cornerback you sense sits somewhere inside him.

Kicker Austin Taylor got his first true too-deep-to-return touchbacks of the season. 

By the way, Turner didn't sound like a man planning on going anywhere other than recruiting and doing some season wrapup stuff. I do think he was surprised at the way things work -- or don't -- at FIU. I also think he wants to see what he can do with a full offseason, a staff that he isn't cobbling together in a rush (which, frankly, seems to be The FIU Way considering the timing on athletic department decisions) and a full season of recruiting. Also, as I wrote earlier, I don't see his NFL options extending much beyond his family and if he leaves here, he's got to pony up a year's salary. That'll come out of his pocket. Just because NFL franchises print money doesn't mean tbey're into dishing out $500,000 just to free up a quarterbacks coach.




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I'm looking forward to seeing what this staff can do with full year of recruiting. Lowder needs to envision toilet paper every time he attempts to catch a football. TJ 'Mano de piedras' Lowder.

I agree with FIUJM. This year was RT's grace period b/c the situation Mr. Garcia hired this coach merits one full year of his (Turner) recruiting, off season conditioning, player development, etc. HOWEVER, the word "Grace" & this AD should never appear in the same sentence again. Mr. Garcia needs to RESIGN or be RESIGNED. I can not fathom another season or year under the leadership of this AD. Don't think the programs survives if he stays.

David: Rosenberg met with Garcia today. Ask Rosenberg about this meeting and the university's planned changes in the AD spot.

Here he is, ladies and gentlemen, the worst insider of all time...Nick Walsh. As you can read above, Turner is not going anywhere. So, you're wrong on that front (once again). In fact, outside of yesterday's score, you haven't been right about one single thing. The only other posters agreeing with you are the ones you have created on other computers.

David, could you please make the call to Rosenberg and report back here? I have my own sources, and no such meeting has or is scheduled to take place. When you're proven wrong as usual, will you finally go away Nick?

Exasperated Panther, Turner needs at least two more years. This team has zero depth. He needs at least two more years to get a couple of full classes in, plus allow the guys he brought in in years one and two to develop and mature.

I am intrigued about this so called meeting as well. The prez just signed off on a new five year extension, so he's pretty safe even if he were to fire PG.

David, PLEASE look into this, FIU family wants to know.

Well, if they did meet; I bet you Rosenberg had sweat above his lips; and most likely told Garcia that he was doing a great job...."Pete, your doing a great job. Here is a 3 year extension. Lets go get them."

Did they really meet? Heads should be rolling!!

Of course they met...of course Turner is waiting for the end of the NFL season before he picks up the pace of calls to teams...of course DP is Pete's buddy or Pete in disguise. David Neal will continue to seek and write the truth. The Fire Pete Garcia crowd was in attendance last night. It is a national embarrassment.

You are an embarrassment Nick. You are a fraud and a troll.

I am not really concerned with the AD leaving or staying because that situation will take care of itself. However, I am concerned when you people think keeping this coaching staff for one, two or three more years is going to somehow put this program back on track.

I am not sure what games you have been watching this year, but obviously they haven't been FIU under the direction of Ron Turner. Can any of you point out any area on this team that have improved at all from game one? Well I will give you the punting, WOW.

What you guys fail to understand is this: Coaches in the Pros don't do much coaching of the players, they are more facilitators. This current staff is facilitating players not coaching, and what I mean by coaching is actual teaching these kids how to play their positions.

coach Turner is responsible for the QBs & the offensive play calling, have either QB improved in any area of the game? NO So tell me how do you like the predictable play calling and it has changed from day one, it is still terrible.

Son "Cam" Turner is responsible for the WRs, have any of them improved from game one? NO well I take that back the one WR that has shown consistency, hasn't dropped a pass all season, and they fail to utilize effectively is the kid #15.

Offensive Line has not improved

Too be honest as good as Hickman and Ficiane are they have had long periods in the game when you haven't heard their name, so how much has the defensive side of the ball improved? Not much

CBs and DBs have constantly been beaten, and coaching staff won't even address that fact these guys have no clue where the ball is when the opponent is being led downfield for deep balls.

The only bright spot on defense has been at Safety with Haley.

Now, would someone as this question? If you are trying to win football games, why would you only play your best defensive players on 3rd downs? i.e. (Hickman and Ficiane) I guess you folks that want more years for this staff didn't catch that on Friday? Why wouldn't you play your best safety until the 4th quarter, and when you finally decide he should be apart of the reindeer games, he gets and interception? Does that sound like leadership that is trying to put his players in the best position to win.

I won't even get into the debacle of calling a timeout and allowing the officials time to over turn and first down. That was pure "Little League."

In my opinion this coaching staff is a failure. They are not good at evaluating talent, which I do believe that this team has enough talent to compete at the top of CUSA, they are just lacking a coaching staff that actually teaches. We don't need facilitators!

Nick, when you don't have facts or correct info, you resort to name calling. Pitiful.

Well, it's the end of the day. According to you and your "sources", your meeting should have already gone down where you claim Rosenberg was firing Garcia. Well, all quiet out of Camp Mitch and the Herald. Looks like you're wrong again.

How much more crap will you have to post before people finally realize that you're a sourceless wonder?

DJN, i have a feeling that multiple screen names are being used. Its entertaining though. Cool talking again to you while you took our picture by the banner.

We'll said FIUBLUE1. At least one person has been watching the same games as me this season.

JulesFIU07, if FIU goes 4-8 and is competitive then yes give RT another year but any semblance to this year's performance, BYE! However IMMEDIATE action is FIRE Mr. Garcia.

Nick, I am no one's buddy. I have not offered excuses for anyone's performance, nor have I lobbied for anyone to remain in place. I've simply stated that you have been wrong 100% of the time with your "inside sources" information.

In short, I'm not a fan of YOU and your multiple screen names. You get people riled up with incorrect info and your sole purpose is to throw crap to the wall, hoping something sticks.

Now regarding Turner, what I've seen is limited depth with players recruited to run the spread, being asked to run a Power I. The pieces don't fit. Like trying to fix a Ford Mustang using Dodge Challenger parts.

I'm looking for progress next year, with better depth, better lines, better receivers and a more stable corp of backs

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David Neal still hasn't posted info about the Rosenberg-Garcia meeting because he's waiting for the outcome. Maybe tomorrow, David? The meeting took place around noon yesterday at Rosenberg's house on campus. Garcia was seen leaving the premises quickly. Perhaps the two reached agreement on a separation that FIU will announce tomorrow? DP and others on this board would like to look away from the truth and continue to live in their fantasy world.

Nick, I hope you are right, but I heard that Garcia was looking very happy at the basketball game yesterday. Either he got a new deal (again) or Rosenberg added 2 years salary to the separation agreement.

Truth is Nick has been wrong so many times, with false accusations and exaggerations that he's lost credibility. Maybe once he'll be able to have one correct, but it's clear and evident his only purpose here it to inflict damage on PG, Rosenberg and FIU as a whole, as he only cares for PG leaving, no matter the collateral damage he causes with his childish and fallacious comments. Pretty sad.

Go Panthers!

So David, is Nick Walsh your mouthpiece? He makes it seem like the two of you have spoken directly and that you've briefed him on the results.

More likely, I suspect you're trying to make it seem your more connected then you really are. Not your fault, though. It's hard to be connected when your 40 years old and still living at home in your childhood bedroom. Writing these posts from ipad mom bought you, while sitting in your racecar bed.

DP: He who supports Garcia is as guilty as Garcia himself for the many acts of profanity, indiscretions and unethical behavior. As you can see the true FIU fans have spoken with their actions and words, staying away from that stadium no matter the ridiculous promotions Garcia can dream of. My race car is a Porsche Panamera parked in the VIP lot at almost all home games. Unless you have ponied up the money every season, you have no business writing on this blog.


Failure to support your baseless information does not equal support of PG. We just wish your observations were rooted in reality. That's all.

Hahahaha, that guy Nick acts like there are a bunch of FIU fans that give a crap about this. I can picture him by himself at games.

I can tell you this, weather the rumors are true or not; FIU and Rosenberg need to make a decision quick. If they are going to fire Pete, and Turner; do it ASAP. The sooner it is done, the quicker we can get on a search for a replacement. Again, I hope massive changes are made, top to bottom. Not only does Pete need to go, but the whole staff that was brought from UM. We need to get someone in here who is going to hire people who believe in FIU, and have fresh ideas. It not just about coaches, it also about staff, such as the marketing department, such as the people who sell tickets. Change the uniforms, update the logo, work on upgrading the stadium; small actions go a long way.

Rosenberg needs to address campus life, SGA, SOC, and the people who are in charge of the greeks also needs to be replaced. Please Rosenberg, take charge and act quick, or you loose the last fans that this program has.

More new names. I'd just look at what names were here last season that haven't shown up this season, then see if their writing styles are similar. That would give us a pretty good idea of who the new names are.

The absolutely baseless allegations, the faux insider information, and the mudslinging is just ridiculous. DJN should really out some of these guys' IP addresses and connect them to their old handles.

His judgement cometh and that right soon.

Forgive Nick, Lord. He knoweth not what he does.

Rosenberg is speaking with trustees individually today about Garcia's performance. We should list the names of each trustee and determine where they stand. Who will support Garcia no matter his performance and ethics issues? Who is sure to say it is time to dump him? Rosenberg won't pull the trigger until he has a majority show of board support.

By the way DP, you should ask the incompetent AD staff to remove Garcia's outdated bio from the FIU web site. Pete seems to bask in the glory of former coaches Pitino and Cristobal as if they are still underpaid employees of FIU. Where is the mention of the current football or basketball coaches? Nowhere. This says it all. It won't matter as soon as Garcia's bio and troubled tenure are eliminated.

Hey, DP, you up for the AD job?

Nick, here was a quote of yours on November 30th "Garcia and Rosenberg will meet today to discuss Garcia's future. David Neal will look for first reports of meeting outcome today or Monday through official university statement. Possible leak of information is expected from Rosenberg's housekeeper"

You claimed to know that the firing was going down. Now, it's a wait and see. When that doesn't materialize, you will morph it into something else.

If you were a ballplayer, you'd be hitting well below the Mendoza line, yet still be delusional enough that you're a Hall of Famer.

Do me one favor. Please list ANYTHING that you've predicted which has come to pass. ANYTHING.

Garcia and Rosenberg met Saturday. Rosenberg decided to call on the trustees individually for their opinions. He did not call a formal meeting nor alter the current schedule of board meetings. To do so would trigger public disclosure requirements. Rosenberg wants to keep things on the lowdown until he makes the move. You will be eating your words with some rice and beans very soon.

You're like a Hurricane forecaster calling for 13 Hurricanes in a season. Then, when he realizes that it's not going to happen, publicly readjusts the figure to suit the circumstances.

You have nothing, Nick. You're a fraud.

LOL. This is absurd and ridiculous.

More one-off multiple screen names. Nick has been busy today. Trying to create a paper army is hard work.

Fanatic, what's even worse is DJN not taking control of the situation and forcing these clowns to use one name and/or their original handles.

Some relevant reading instead of the cat fight between Nick and Jules.

H/C Turner - 2010 - WR coach with colts (One and Done)
2011 - QB Coach with Colts (One and Done) 2012 - QB with Bucs "Where's Josh Freeman" (One and Done)

Cam Turner - WR/QB Coach - Last 3 yrs as asst to the H/C @ Vikings in other words (Coffee Boy) No other coaching experience

Stoker - Running Backs - previous experience asst WR coach & football operations w/Bears (I would say that teaching running backs and your experience is with WR might be a problem)

Tight Ends - Shankweiler - Previous experience running backs coach/recruiting coordinator @ Central Michigan (Well he did has some time as at TE in college)

Offensive Line - Shankweiler SR. - USF previous 3 seasons "You know what happened to USF program that led to the firing of the coaching staff and head coach" Good program went to the bottom of their conference.

Defensive Line - Patterson - UTEP previous season, a ton of (One and Done) while coaching in NFL. No longevity.

Defensive Secondary - Brooks - Ravens the last 4 seasons, special asst to offensive coordinator, scout team defense, film breakdown. "Not saying much" Now we know why our secondary was torched all season. He must have been fired from film breakdown position, considering that we made no adjustments all season?

Linebackers - Williams - 2012 season with UTEP as secondary coach. 2009-2011 H/C of Yale.

Well folks there it is in black and white, now ask yourself if you want another 1/2/3 years of this resume guiding a young team of players. Most of these guys are still on simulac themselves according to their resumes and actual time spent teaching in various positions. Like I said we don't need "Facilitators" what we need are actual coaches that have proven track records and experience.

Could the rumored in-fighting on the staff be stemmed from lack of experience coaching particular positions.

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