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Basketball up, football down...and out?

The men's basketball team took out Texas Southern 70-68 at the U.S. Centuray Bank and Cabana Coliseum Saturday night to go to 4-2. Stetson's in Monday at 6 p.m. Hearing this third hand, but if an athletic department employee brings seven guests, they get complimentary tickets and a day off. No word on whether they'll get to spend a game in a cabana.

Meanwhile, up on the Tex-Mex border, the football team was getting rolled 33-10 by UTEP, which had lost its previous three games 143-21. Perhaps the less said about this, the better.

So, if Ron Turner was to escape to the NFL, where would he go? He's a West Coast offense guy, but one who likes to work behind the kind of power running game no longer in vogue around the NFL. If you don't have a dynamic offense -- and none of Turner's NFL offenses could be called that -- you better have a defense that truly sits on teams (Seattle, Carolina). Also, the quarterbacks he coached in his last two NFL stops (Indianapolis in 2011 and Tampa Bay in 2012) didn't evolve so well.

Would Norv, offensive coordinator in Cleveland, help a brotha out?


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It doesn't matter where Turner goes, he just needs to go. Time to take out the garbage, FIU. It stinks real bad down on Tamiani Trail.

Ron is a good NFL assistant. He has helped to teach young players how to excel in the league. Manning was one of them. He and his current FIU assistants are in the wrong place and have been from the start. They don't fit. FIU football's return path to a great program begins with recruiting. The FIU coaches need to have strong ties to South Florida high school coaches to start. This is obvious. The problem in building a future is that the coaches don't have the relationships, and they haven't been proactive in developing them. Garcia hired Turner out of desperation. He thought the way to eliminate the noise about a young Cristobal was to drown it out with more noise about an older, experienced Turner. Go back to the hiring announcement. It was loaded with testimonial quotes from NFL players. Well, we don't have an NFL franchise to run. The Dolphins offices are up the highway. We have a program in trouble that needs a leader and assistants to embrace current and future players and their families. If you can't recruit and retain top talent, you will not win. Cristobal and his young coaches worked long and hard. They sold a dream to players and parents, keeping top recruits here at FiU. The team's performance improved, and they won. Yes, doubters, the team had many ups and downs, but it was unfinished business. Pick on Cristobal all you want. But he looked parents in the eyes and spoke with passion as a former warrior for the U. He promised to make the players better young men. And he did all of this with others laughing at FIU, its small-time facilities and egomaniacal AD along the way. So FIU fans and alum like me, how do we look now as Marshall heads our way with the mighty Mirabal looking to run and pass the ball down our throats? I hope Marshall puts up more than 50 points in its blow-out on Saturday. I will be there in my usual seat with a bunch of angry ticket holders around me. Is it time to wear an FIU bag on my head? Maybe we should create pete Garcia masks and distribute them because he is the face that represents the mess we have to watch.

The best thing is that this season is almost over. Change at FIU is in the works. Everyone knows this, including David Neal. Ron will do well in finding an NFL spot. He is an insider. At FIU he doesn't fit, he knows this and realizes that all is lost in his attenpt to win at the college level.

Mario, Alex, Frank and other former coaches out there: God bless you. We miss you. It was your tireless work that turned a nothing program into a conference champion. You gave us a reason to believe, and for that we are grateful.

President Rosenberg and Pete Garcia: I am one of the few fans left who will tell you that we will not return next season unless you fix this mess that you created. You should be embarrassed and take responsibility. Step down, Garcia. You have a bright future as an AD at a Miami middle school. That's about it.

To all my haters, Yes I know this team is bad. I'm not leaving till I get my golden parachute when I'm fired! SUCK ON EGGS, HATERS!

Pete: We miss you and your rent-a-dates in their high heels on the sideline. At least fans had something to look and laugh about from our seats. Now we laugh at the debacle you created on the field.

I have been a season ticket holder since game#1 against St. Peters in 2002 and have never posted a blog - in fact this is my first blog I've ever posted, period. It's time I finally say something about our football program. Mario Cristobal was an excellent recruiter but an average to poor game day coach. However, he should have gotten one more year to straighten his mess up. Ron Turner, as another blogger said, is our Cam Cameron. Get rid of him ASAP. Our program is essentially were it was in 2002.

When is the blame going to go to Rosenberg??? This guy has no clue either, and never gets any blame. We all know Pete is mostly at fault for this, but what about the guy who hired him? What about the lack of leadership from the University's President. He has no comment on all of this, he hides behind his desk bending down, while Pete Garcia is behind him. FIU gets what it deserves.

"Come on Mav, show me some of that pilot stuff." In other words "Come on coach, show us some of that PRO style coaching?"

Unfortunately, I believe the school was sold a bunch of fools gold. Clearly this was a hand shake, do one for a friend hire. No one on the hiring committee did their due diligence when entering into this coaching/staff decision. 40% at best while at Illinois, near the bottom of offense stats of all his Pro coordinating positions. One year and done on all QB coaching positions, the writing was all on the wall here.

Was the opening kickoff last night "Scripted" Wow! Wind at your back, elevation in the Sun Bowl, and you pooch kick? Giving your opponent great field position to start at mid field? Good One coach!

"How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?" How many loses does it take for this staff to realize that there game planning is "Pop Warner at best."

Here's the script for past 9 loses: Send TE in motion and run to his side every time with little or no gain. Run RB straight up the middle for l or 2 yards. Now that we are 3 and forever, I think we will try to pass our way out. If that doesn't work, send in the soccer style kickers so that we can put all the pressure on the defense. Let's totally ignore the fact that we are getting burned in the secondary every game and we will ignore the fact that our DBs haven't turned to find the ball the past 4 games, which will cost us a ton of penalty yards or better yet a TD. Our opponents are going to game plan to exploit our weakness, but we will just stick to the "script" regardless. We can send young Spearman in so that our opponents can confirm what they saw on film that everytime he enters the game, it will be a run play?

That's the "Script" for 2013 Panther fans. Still trying to come up with a title for this "drama." lol.

Sad state of affairs, when the opposing commentators are questioning your game plan and are as baffled as our young players are.

DJN, please ask coach Turner, "with a small c" if the quote from FIU basketball Coach Evans could be used in our current football teams situation. "I've always ben a man to man coach," Evans said "but it seems like they play well in the zone. It seems like I'm going to have to shift it a little until we can become a better man-to-man team. I don't like to play a lot of zone, but if we're good at it, then we're going to continue to play it."

How much sense does that make? Clearly a Coach that makes adjustments and think outside the box. His philosophy gains player confidence and puts wins on the board.

I pray that these kids remain focused and positive too finish like I know they can. "Prayer First, Prepare, Perform! Thanks for the coverage and have a blessed day!

Marshall's coaches and players are salivating. They know their trip to Miami will be a fun one and beneficial to Marshall's recruiting efforts. Some very good local high school players and their coaches will be at the game -- courtesy of Marshall!

I, unfortunately will be there with a "sack Ron Turner/Pete Garcia" bag on over my head. I plan on e-mailing the university that I will not renew my season tickets, for the first time ever, if a new coach and AD are not hired. Rakeem Cato, ex-FIU recruit is thinking how fortunate he is not to have come here and that he chose Marshall. As a high school football coach, I KNOW that FIU is being out recruited in our own backyard by 2nd tier programs in West Virginia! Get rid of Ron Turner and Pete Garcia.

Nick, what do you mean by "FIU football's return path to a great program begins with recruiting". A return path implies that it ever existed in the first place. Care to point out those "glory days"?

Good point miacane86. If anyone knows about the correct (or incorrect in this case) identification of the "return path to a great program" it's UM fans.

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