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Blowout Friday (not a sale)

Everybody got some. The football team hopes it doesn't continue Saturday.

Men's basketball started first. Or, rather, started slowly first. Two first half statistics say it all: four of 13, 28.6 percent, from the free throw line and 11 turnovers. Unless you're playing the Southwest High JV, the second half's just to make everything official. FIU was playing Eastern Kentucky and the men from EK didn't play. FIU got down 45-24 and eventually lost 83-61 despite double doubles from Rakeem Buckles (13 points, 12 rebounds) and Tymell Murphy (14 and 10).

A half-hour into the men's basketball game, up at Middle Tennesee State, where the football team plays Saturday, the volleyball team charged into Middle. Or, maybe, more Charge of the Light Brigade. FIU got swept 3-0 (25-21, 25-20, 25-21) to the team that was the Sun Belt's best or second best with Western Kentucky over the last few years. Redshirt junior Jessica Egan had 22 assists for FIU.

As the men's game slogged through the second half and Middle drove spikes into the volleyball team, the women's basketball season opener against Florida Gulf Coast tipped off. I got the idea afterwards that FIU coach Cindy Russo was ticked off. Marita Davydova, expected to be perhaps the second most important player on the team behind senior guard Jerica Coley, was in FIU warmup pants and a polo shirt the whole game. Russo just called it a "coach's decision" and didn't say definitively whether or not Davydova would be back in the lineup for the next game.

Sophomore point guard Taylor Shade darted around Gulf Coast and created her own shot long enough to keep FIU in it while Coley stayed cold enough to keep Quarter Pounder meat frozen in the first half. Shade finished with a team-high 18 points, but Russo said her 36 minutes were about 10 minutes too long. Eventually, Gulf Coast pulled away with a 15-0 run to end the first half and continued in the second half as FIU seemed to fade. I don't know if fatigue makes cowards of us all, but, in the second half, the Panthers looked just fatigued enough to foul. Some truly bad defense was played.

Those filing out of The Branch could've stopped by FIU Soccer Stadium ("stadium"...heh heh) where Charlotte was spanking FIU 3-0.



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Good to see FIU athletics is in such good shape. Great job, Peter Garcia, keep it up.

DNJ, in contrast to the sarcasm above, you are doing a good job. I didn't like you at first, I'll admit, but you've grown on me. Nice summary of the recent FIU/MTSU games. No doubt about the T.Y. robbery to get MTSU to go bowling a few years ago. I also remember a touchdown pass that was called back in that game when it looked to me like both feet were in bounds. I don't think it was even reviewed either. And there's no doubt the officials wanted no part of reviewing the Wright stretch to get the ball over the goal line on the last play of the game in 2012. The Sun Belt officials stunk, I'm glad we've moved on from that hot mess of a conference.

If Pete Garcia gets his way, we'll be back in FCS in no time anyway.


....and you tell me that I am negative, right? Come on...

Sorry, DJN, not DNJ.

There's lots of reasons to be negative on FIU right now, so let's stop arguing about that. Can we "blow out" Garcia and hit the re-set button now please?

We've got to throw some water on this four-alarm dumpster fire pretty soon.


You do a good job covering FIU...now...

It is obvious,you have resent against FIU or it may be another cause (most probable). However, there is a way to cover FIU sports without the sarcasm and indirect insults to FIU and the Alumni. Regardless, I will keep reading and following you (for now). But if this continues, I will stop. Honestly it causes discomnfort when reading SOME of your posts. With that said, I hope you listen to your foilower's opinions and views.


I have a feeling several ip's might be the same here djn. I guess the different voices are each learning to type also

People who don't know how to use capitalization usually have something wrong with them and should never be listened to.

Sorry SouthPaw... I didn't know we were being graded on these posts or that this was a thesis statement....softpaw

You're always being graded, FIU. I know it's hard when people expect more from you.

fire pete garcia retire rosenberg

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