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Buckles C-USA Player of the Week; Thursday Night LIV at FIU (well, not really...)

Fifth-year senior Rakeem Buckles put up double doubles in his first three college basketball games since suffering his second season-ending knee injury two years ago, while at Louisville. The 20-point efforts in the second and third games boosted his average to 17.7 points per game while being consistent in pulling down rebounds -- 12, 13 and 11.

All that let Buckles share the Conference USA Player of the Week awards with Marshall's Elijah Pittman.

Thursday night, the men's team officially opens the cabanas adjacent to the painted beach on Lime Court at U.S. Century Bank Arena with a game against Florida College. The athletic department's going all out for a decent crowd for the home opener, down to calling it "LIV it Up at the FIU Basketball Beach Bash."

Club LIV's not actually involved, although the site of the real LIV (as opposed to the offshoot at Sun Life Stadium), The Fountainbleu Hotel, sponsors the suites and cabanas. There will be, however, a postgame student party with free food, a photo station playing on the basketball and bench themes, a mechanical surfboard (that would be amusing if some of the users tailgated before the game) and giveaways.

Knowing better than to rely on students, especially on a weeknight, it's also FIU Faculty, Staff and Retiree Appreciation Night. Each person who fits the above can buy up to four tickets for $1 each.







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Good for Rakeem! He's been a great addition to the team. Too bad it will only be for one season, though. Still, good stuff. Congrats Rakeem!

Is this the same Club LIV that overserved the minor UM student who killed the grandmother who managed a McDonalds? Have they paid out a settlement on that lawsuit yet? If they haven't, will they have the spare funds, once they get soaked by a jury? If they have already paid, what's the statute of limitations on a university accepting sponsor money from a club that negligently serves college students who engage in vehicular homicide? Any news on the more recent death of the UM student returning home after partying at LIV? As long as the alcohol related deaths only involve UM students, is Club LIV still welcome at FIU, or will they be a welcome sponsor even after an FIU student dies, as long as their checks clear?

Wow... Talk about reaching. Sometimes I think FIU fans will complain about anytbing.

It looks like IP needs a drink to take the edge off.

I swear, some people just want to complain for complain's sake. If FIU hosted blind kids for a charity event, someone would inevitably complain that they were hosting the wrong blind kids.

fired pete garcia remove s with rosenberg and end relations with liv (it causes deaths)

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