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We Are...Heavily Favored; Volleyball Senior Night

Marshall has scored over 60 points once, over 50 another three times, 49 in another game and 45 last week against Tulsa. The offensive line coach, Alex Mirabal, and the offensive coordinator, Bill Legg, left FIU without the warmest of feelings for the school.

Can't wait to see what the over/under will be on the 6 p.m. Fox College Sports game, FIU's last home game of the season. The opening line is Marshall by 33.


Senior Night saw FIU sweep North Texas 3-0 (25-23, 25-20, 25-22) behind 14 kills by junior Martyna Gluchowicz and 13 by sophomore Lucia Castro. FIU ends the regular season 12-16, 6-8 in Conference USA.

The volleyball team plays Middle Tennessee State Thursday in the Conference USA tournament. Middle swept FIU during the regular season and hasn't lost to the Panthers since 2010.


Former FIU defensive end Tourek Williams started for San Diego agian and made the game's first tackle against the Dolphins, a long walk from where Williams' high school alma mater, Norland.

This wasn't in the e-book about the 2012 season.

Former FIU starting linebacker Winston Fraser had an interesting run of Tweets on Nov. 7:

"I remember hitting a doobie every morning jus to eat and get right before I hit the field." 

"Regardless of how much I used to blaze...I still understood the defensive playbook better than anyone...even some of the coaches."

"I (past tense of expletive misspelled) up my senior tryna be a leader and (guano). Killing myself to try to help the next (racial slur masquerading as term of endearment)."

"I shoulda just focused on me and made my plays like when I was ballin my junior year."




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President Rosenberg, tick-toc, tick-toc. The few fans that truly cared are gone. No new fans to be seen on these Fall Saturdays, yet the root cause of what is wrong with Athletics, your AD is still stealing FIU blind by getting paid. I find it truly perplexing, mystifying & TROUBLING that you do nothing. Listen to those voices of discontent, better yet listen to the silence in the stands. Right this ship and get an AD that will get us out of this malaise and possibly build & REBUILD bridges to fans & donors.

I am at my wit's end with FIU Football. We look pathetic vs a pathetic team? We can't play them close? Wow, what a seismic fall from a bad season last year. This isn't fun anymore, something has to change. Unacceptable!

You can see how bad things were under Coach Cristobal when your supposed senior leader was up in smoke all year. And sadly that was just the tip of the iceberg. The problem was systemic.

What's truly amazing is how Turner and his keystone cops have only taken a sinking ship and made things worse. We are now taking on more water than ever before while Turner barks orders for a bigger hole.

All the while Rosenberg sits in his ivory tower and puffs on a cigar trying to think up a slogan to replace "Worlds Ahead."

Blow the whole thing up a start over from scratch. Change everything. And I mean everything. That's the only rational solution at this point.

SP, last year was a bad season & disappointing to be sure, however we competed and fought til the end. Are you talking about Winston Frazier being our team leader? If yes, you're incorrect. Our team leaders on defense were Jonathan Cyprien & Tourek Williams & they now play on Sundays. MC had some problem players however he ran such a tight ship & and kept them on a tight leach that they were controlled. This isn't about MC anyways, he's off at Bama who's fighting for another NC. Funny, Garcia thought he wasn't good enough for FIU but Saban trusted him with his O-Line, whatever. My issue is GARCIA, not MC, Turner whatever other bumbling mistake this abbrassive AD has made.

Pete Garcia is trash.

Mark Rosenberg keeps GARCIA around, while admitting to his staff and advisers deep regret for allowing the Cristobal firing to occur without stepping in...

DR. ROSENBERG you are a COWARD. What happened between you and Pedro ?????????????? Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Well, I trust my sources, and they tell me very high end PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS are now on the case @FIU.

Good Luck !!

Please keep anti-Cristobal statements off this blog unless you: 1. Played for him 2. worked for him 3. Entrusted your son to play for him 4. Played with or against him at any level of football. That young man brought our program from the cellar to the top. Don Strock as a problem. Now we have a bigger problem in a coach and staff members who are disconnected from the reality of South Florida football. Cristobal is a champion. Turner is a chump. The bigger chump is Garcia, who is slick and dirty enough to steal a high paycheck from FIU.

Great Article: FIU worst in C-USA by a mile
By Doug Smock

Then there's the sixth newbie, Florida International. The last time we saw the Panthers, they brought several thousand fans to St. Petersburg for a spirited bowl bout with the Thundering Herd. Head coach Mario Cristobal, a Miami native of Cuban descent, was reported at the time to be wooed by Pitt.

Two years later, FIU's football program is a giant, flaming dumpster pushed onto the railroad tracks in front of an ill-fated train. Cristobal, who clearly desired to stay in south Florida, coaches Nick Saban's offensive linemen at Alabama. His offensive line coach, Alex Mirabal, is doing a bang-up job at Marshall.

And the Panthers are awful. Somehow, they blocked a field goal to beat Southern Miss 24-23 in the famous "Pillow Fight" Oct. 5 in Hattiesburg, but they are coming off a 33-10 loss Saturday at Texas-El Paso in "Pillow Fight: The Sequel."

The heretofore horrendous Miners outgained the Panthers 407-200, rushed for 327 yards and held FIU to 11 first downs. The Miners only bothered to throw seven times, gaining 64 of their 80 yards on one backbreaking TD.

In September, FIU lost 72-0 to Louisville, but that wasn't the worst indignity. A week earlier, the Panthers were flogged 34-13 by Bethune-Cookman. Cranked out nine first downs, gave up 311 rushing yards in that gem.

Over the weekend, one of my Twitter followers prodded me to take a gander at FIU's stat summary, and it was frightening. Updated after the UTEP game, some of the highlights:
• For the season, FIU is being outgained by a mile. This is not a figure of speech: The margin is 4,167 to 2,237, a difference 1,930 yards - 1.10 miles.
• The Panthers are being outgained 2,016 to 780 on the ground - a ratio of 2.58-to-1.
• The Panthers have managed to sack opponents 12 times, but their quarterbacks have hit the deck 37.
• They are being outscored 375-101. Even worse-looking: Foes have scored 47 touchdowns to FIU's 12, a ratio of nearly 4-to-1.

On December 20, 2011, Cristobal's FIU team was favored to beat Marshall at Tropicana Field. When the ball goes off the tee at FIU Stadium at 6 p.m. Saturday, the home team has exactly the same chance to defeat the Herd as does Barry University, St. Thomas University and Miami Dade College.

Take extra credit if you know the latter three schools do not sponsor football.

Athletic director Pete Garcia had the good sense to hire Cristobal after the 2006 season, and the brilliantly stupid idea to fire him after a 3-9 season in 2012. Garcia said "We've gone backwards," but he seemed to forget what the bottom of the barrel really looks like - FIU was coming off an 0-12 season and that embarrassing fight against Miami (Fla.) when he took the AD job.

Garcia and new coach Ron Turner, who has as much in common with south Florida as I do, have gotten reacquainted to that bottom of the barrel. The Panthers will have to look to basketball and Rakeem Buckles to lift their spirits.

Wait a sec ... the Panthers are ineligible for postseason play, running into academic index shortcomings. A legacy of another great Garcia personnel decision, the hiring of Isiah Thomas.
What a circus. And this school got into C-USA before Florida Atlantic?

Saturday's game won't do much for Marshall's strength of schedule, but what the heck. It's better to beat weak opposition than be weak opposition, I say.
Besides, this is a good warmup for MU's upcoming Conference USA semifinal game against East Carolina on Nov. 29. And a good chance for the Herd's Miami kids to perform in their home city.

Maybe someday the Panthers will be competitive again.

Credit: Reach Doug Smock at 304-348-5130, dougsm...@wvgazette.com

Now this is an AD that thinks outside the box: Lesson learned!

FAU: According to ABC-6 news in Columbus (OH) sports director Clay Hall, FAU AD Pat Chun has solicited the help of Urban Meyer in FAU's search for a new head coach.

Do you think FIU could possibly do the same?

Yes but in our case, the current AD would be soliciting help from MediCare fraud felons. He is toxic and nobody from an FBS or FCS program would be associated with him.

Which is why he exhumed a corpse to be the current head coach for football.

You may have a point there! lol

That article was SPOT ON!! This from a writer in ANOTHER CITY! Please fax, text or email this article to President Rosenberg's office.

Exasperated Panther,

Trust me, RosenCHICKENberg and his YES PEOPLE read this blog regularly. But with the classic slight of hand perfected by any deceptionist - Garcia is now re-directing his time, resources and RosenCHICKENberg's attention to that circus over at Lime Court Century Bank Village theatre. Couple of bball wins over some D3 schools and now that abortion of a football program is long forgotten.

Incredible how easily the masses can be entertained, fooled and convinced to continue funding this AD's wet dreams.

Pete is poison. It is simple. Remove the cancer, hire a real AD and then a coach with strong ties to South Florida.

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