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Gameday X: Duel in the Sun (Bowl)

Combined score of last week's losses by FIU and UTEP: 99-7.

Combined score of UTEP's last two Conference USA games: 86-14.

Combined losing streak: 11

This is a weakness-on-weakness confrontation.

FIU can't stop the pass, but UTEP throw's the ball like it's a boulder.

UTEP can't stop the run, but FIU runs the ball in bumps of progress better measured by blades of grass than yards.

Each's pass protection reminds you of the store security guard who moves with alacrity only toward the bathroom. I'm not sure if that'll be a problem today because neither rushes the passer well. 

UTEP's the worst team at kickoff and kickoff coverage in Conference USA. FIU's next-to-last in returning kickoffs.

We could go on all day. I won't. It's been a long week and I have other things to do this morning before heading for Homestead-Miami Speedway. UTEP doesn't commit as many turnovers and is at home in the Sun Bowl. They've also been annihilated three consecutive weeks, redshirt freshman quarterback Mack Leftwich will be in his second start and FIU assistants Andre Patterson and Tom Williams give FIU an advantage on personnel knowledge.

If FIU starts quickly, that can birth the biggest snowball you'll ever see in a border town. FIU rarely starts quickly this season, however.

FIU 13, UTEP 10. But that's one black man's opinion. I could be wrong.





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FIU will lose today. The coaches have lost the respect of the players. Word in the locker room is that nobody will stick his neck out to get pummeled by opponents and risk serious injury. Several players are pursuing transfers. You do a great job of covering FIU football. You are respected by the players and local high school coaches. It is a shame that you can't write more of what is true because of the need for on-the-record attribution. This program is a house of cards waiting to fall. Garcia has hidden. He knows that you are on his case. He knows you have read reports of his own problems, including the case involving a former AD employee who settled with the university with Madique. This program is a disgrace. May Sports Illustrated write an expose on how one money-hungry school came close to building a championship football team, only to have greed, ego and tainted money get in the way.

UTEP 24, FIU 7

This is one honest, well-connected, in-the-know man's opinion.

HOPE FIU wins! I PRAY that Garcia resigns or that FIU President builds some GUMPTION and fires Garcia!

How are you well connected Nick Walsh?

Nick, I concur. You are 100% correct. There is no respect and several are looking to transfer. A staff in disarray with a head coach that has no clue. You could figure it was down hill when they spotted the ball at the 42 yd. line on the opening kick off. D just got wore out from the O that was consistent 3 and out. Don't point anything at this team it is totally on Turner. Will somebody do something to stop this?

Can somebody tell me way Pete Garcia is still the Athletic Director? I know that if you fire him you have to pay X amount of dollars but they might as well bite the bullet. Heck, I feel like Mr. Neal has more love for FIU than he does. And its not just Pete Garcia only, the majority of the athletic administration is the reason for this too. FIU has so much potential and they are running it straight into the ground! My heart goes out to not just the football players but every athlete at FIU. #FirePeteGarcia

Another Sunday morning, and another day of excuses for FIU football. It is uglier each week. I

"Come on Mav, show me some of that pilot stuff." In other words "Come on coach, show us some of that PRO style coaching?" Unfortunately, I believe the school was sold a bunch of fools gold. Clearly this was a hand shake, do one for a friend hire. No one on the hiring committee did their due diligence when entering into this coaching/staff decision. 40% at best while at Illinois, near the bottom of offense stats of all his Pro coordinating positions. One year and done on all QB coaching positions, the writing was all on the wall here.

Was the opening kickoff last night "Scripted" Wow! Wind at your back, elevation in the Sun Bowl, and you pooch kick? Giving your opponent great field position to start at mid field? Good One coach!

"How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop?" How many loses does it take for this staff to realize that there game planning is "Pop Warner at best."

Here's the script for past 9 loses: Send TE in motion and run to his side every time with little or no gain. Run RB straight up the middle for l or 2 yards. Now that we are 3 and forever, I think we will try to pass our way out. If that doesn't work, send in the soccer style kickers so that we can put all the pressure on the defense. Let's totally ignore the fact that we are getting burned in the secondary every game and we will ignore the fact that our DBs haven't turned to find the ball the past 4 games, which will cost us a ton of penalty yards or better yet a TD. Our opponents are going game plan to exploit our weakness, but we will just stick to the "script" regardless. We will send young Spearman in and so that our opponents can confirm what they saw on film that everytime he enters the game, it will be a run play?

That's the "Script" for 2013 Panther football folks. Still trying to come up with a title for this "drama." lol.

Sad state of affairs, when the opposing commentators are questioning your game plan and are as baffled as our young players are.

DJN, please ask coach Turner, "with a small c" if the quote from FIU basketball Coach Evans could be used in our current football teams situation. "I've always ben a man to man coach," Evans said "but it seems like they play well in the zone. It seems like I'm going to have to shift it a little until we can become a better man-to-man team. I don't like to play a lot of zone, but if we're good at it, then we're going to continue to play it."

How much sense does that make? Clearly a Coach that makes adjustments and think outside the box. His philosophy gains player confidence and puts wins on the board.

I pray that these kids remain focused and positive too finish like I know they can. "Prayer First, Prepare, Perform! Thanks for the coverage and have a blessed day!

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