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Gameday XII: 12th round, last round

Woke up out of a turkey-stuffing-and-mimosa coma with still mounds of a fat story to write and -- SON OF A GLITCH, I NEED TO DO ONE LAST PREGAME BLOG!

Let's make this quick because I've got other work to do: FAU quarterback Jaquez Johnson leads the Owls in rushing. Johnson doesn't exactly have the speed of an Oklahoma wishbone quarterback but as Marshall's plodding backup quarterback proved last week on that 45-yard touchdown run that took about 44 minutes, that doesn't matter.

FAU's strength is defense. FIU's weakness is offense.

FAU 34, FIU 9.

But that's one black man's opinion. I could be wrong.




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The announcer said he could just make out the chant coming from the FIU fan section at the end of the second quarter. "Fire Pete. Fire Pete. Fire Pete. Fire Pete." He said this is aimed at the university's troubled director of sports and (adult) entertainment, who has been the subject of articles and blog posts for nearly a year. "Garcia, who was responsible for the controversial handling of former coaches Isaiah Thomas and Mario Cristobal, has lost the fan base, causing conference officials to question FIU's attendance reporte."

Hey, Nick. You got the score right. Missed it by one point. You asked them receivers to drop them balls? My Grammy could have caught them. Those boys quit on Medlock. They really stink out there.

Quit on Medlock? Quit on the coach my man not the QB

#FirePeteGarcia #JamesKnappforAD

David: Ask Rosenberg about a meeting tomorrow with Garcia. It is happening. The trustees will make a fresh start with a search for a new full-time AD.

Nick, you are the world's worst insider. When no such meeting occurs, and Garcia is still here, will you just go away?

Medlock is coming back for another season at QB.. That means another losing season, right?

DNJ, your wrong. Your not a black man, your an African American man.

TURNER AND GARCIA just accepted bid to play in first annual Toilet Bowl set for Dec. 24

Students and families will receive five free tickets, four hot dogs, three beers or Cokes, two bags for placement over heads and one roll of Charmin

Garcia and Rosenberg will meet today to discuss Garcia's future. David Neal will look for first reports of meeting outcome today or Monday through official university statement. Possible leak of information is expected from Rosenberg's housekeeper

To all the experts that want to fire Pete Garcia, have you given much thought on who you would like to replace him? Can anyone please elaborate on who they would like to see take his spot. Has anyone heard anything about another athletic director that is interested in an AD spot at FIU? And if you would like to see Ron go please throw some names out there for a head coach replacement and why you think the previous coach would've brought a better outcome to this season? As an FIU fan I just want to hear some thoughtful analysis on what changes should be made and specifically, why they think those changes will make the program better. Who do you guys think would be a great replacement for Pete and Ron, and why do you believe these people would want to come to FIU?

The trustees have discussed bringing back Sotolongo as AD. He is familiar with the program, has a clean reputation and good contacts. There is talk of promoting Berg on an interim basis while a search committee works with an outside firm. Key to the position is an understanding of the Miami market. What did Garcia in were the many slips in his professional conduct that enraged Rosenberg and trustees. Anyone recall seeing high-heeled hookers on the sidelines? Garcia would parade a different woman in front of his staff on a regular basis. So the university wants contacts and a clean record. Integrity. School pride. Not someone whose checkered past finally caught up with him.

The new AD will have the ability to determine Turner's fate. This is how Rosenberg and the trustees will handle the situation unless Turner departs on his own. He started putting out feelers to NFL clubs early in the season just as David Neal said he heard.

Manny Diaz or another young, up and comer with strong ties to South Florida is what FIU needs. A pro system put in place by a washed up guy with no contacts here never made sense. Jake Medlock is transferring. This is because of his frustration with the coaching staff, offensive system and beating he took.

All of you morons want to say that poor Ron inherited a lousy team. You obviously have never been around a major college team. Great coaches know how to keep some of the toughest kids in line. The Cristobal coaching staff did this because they were disciplinarians. Kids went to class. They didn't get in trouble. Turner didn't have a clue when he returned to the college level. A young, hungry, connected head coach and assistants will invest the time and energy to turn this program around. It starts with recruiting. Expect to hear Diaz's name and others when Turner leaves at the end of the NFL season.

I do not have an AD name. Not into knowing the AD's or Assoc AD's at other universities. The AD at FIU needs to have the ability to COMMUNICATE and not DICTATE from their position. A person who understands marketing, public relations, without focusing on just PR stunts to garner attention for a brief second. A HUGE outreach to students, starting with the Greeks. There is a great SI article on how the former FGCU hoops coach, now at USC went about creating a "buzz" on campus about USC basketball. USC basketball plays 2nd fiddle to UCLA in that town (sound familiar here with ALL sports?). Well this position requires that type of elbow grease at that level. Meet with every Greek organization then meet with the leadership of the Greeks to get help get students INTO the stadium and out of the parking lot. Meet with other large student groups, then move on to Deans, Faculty Senate AND THAT'S JUST ON THE FIRST DAY; JUST WITHIN FIU!!

Then re-engage with these MANY lost fans, pissed off donors and those who just got fed-up with the current situation. Extend an olive branch to alumni and the Alumni Association. If this person is NOT from Miami, it is IMPERATIVE that they hit the streets with those donors, alumni, FIU Administrators, donors, etc. who are connected in the S. Florida community and meet EVERYBODY and extend your hand! This is a simplistic, general overview on what has become an even more difficult current position.

I want James Knapp for Athletic Director. Former player, amazing people person and will do a heck of a job as AD. Fire Pete and hire him now!!! Fire Pete, Berg and the rest of those jerks that work in the athletic administration building. As for coach the answer is easy.....Tim "Iceman" Harris

Ultimate FIU fan, "Reaching out to the Greeks"???; are you kidding me; there are no greeks on campus. They kicked out the only real greeks who had that house on campus. They dont let the greeks do anything, FIU is the only college program that sends out cops to tailgates and asks for ID's, that is why students, and young alumni have stopped going to the games. FIU is scared to take off the training wheels, it has an identity crisis; it wants to be a big time school; but has horrible student life. That is why Rosenberg deserves some of the blame, because its not just about and AD and coach, its about a gameplan on how to fill the seats. All Rosenberg cares about is the number of students FIU has.

P.S. the greek advisor at FIU, SGA People, also deserve blame, and should be replaced.

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