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Notice for football and female footballers

Hours before the women's soccer team headed for the Conference USA tournament at Rice, Conference USA announced junior forward Ashleigh Shim had been selected Second Team All-CUSA and senior midfielder Kim Lopez had made Third Team.

Shim's team-high eight goals tied the next three top goal scorers combined. Lopez picked up two goals and two assists while leading the team in shots on goal with 33.

Wednesday, FIU faces North Texas, which brings the conference's Offensive Player of the Year and Freshman of the Year, Rachel Holden, and Defensive Player of the Year, Kelsey Hodges.


The College Football Performance Awards seems to find FIU. This week, the CFPA gave national honorable mention notice to freshman kicker Austin Taylor, who tied the school length record with his 52-yard field goal; now-punter Jake Medlock for averaging 45.0 yards on his four punts; and freshman tight end Jonnu Smith for catching 10 passes for 97 yards.



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Haha, 'kvetch'.

Where is the Like button?

Thank god.. good news

Congrats to the young women of FIU soccer.

DJ Neal - curious to hear your take on the Incognito-Martin thing. I'm surprised the opinions are so one-sided, I tend to agree more with the Dolphins players.

Truth seems to be in the middle ground to me, what Incognito did in context doesn't seem to be unusual or egregious, whereas Martins' actions certainly were.


Look, I just read your reply in the other thread. I told you that in 2011 we didn't beat one with winning record. On the other hand, you say that we did beat Louisville that went to win the Big East.

We can lie to ourselves and say that we did beat the Big East champion but reality is different. The Louisville that we beat was a shell of the team that later beat West Virginia. Will Stein, a walk-on, was their improvised QB and they came to that game after barely beating Murray State. After that game 3 that year, Teddy Bridgewater took over as a QB and Louisville has been pretty good.

The rest of the 7 wins that we had that year were against really bad teams. I was happy that we were better than the really bad teams but we couldn't compete with any team that was any good or even mediocre.

This is reality my friend, I love FIU but I don't lie to myself.

DJN, it is really amazing when you read that above sentence carefully. Maybe its because i'm in some type of inebriated state ;) but isn't every single line in the above paragraph just exactly a pure negative view. It's incredible. Everyone

I meant every sentence in the dissertation above

que bola fiu: I liked the part where he says FIU couldn't compete with any team that was good or even mediocre. That year, they led in every game and truly got their butts kicked once, by Arkansas State. They lost to Western Kentucky 10-9 on a game-ending field goal at Western. Western won 8 games that year. LouLa won the New Orleans Bowl. FIU lost by 5 without its best player (T.Y. played 5 plays) and playing three quarters with a redshirt freshman QB in his first college game. FIU lost to Duke by 4 after leading by 10 in the fourth. They lost a tough bowl game to Marshall. They led at some point in every game of the season. But, he says they weren't competitive in any of their losses. What a human barbiturate.

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