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Of Medlock & A Marshall Plan

Once again, redshirt junior Jake Medlock, who got yanked as the starting quarterback at UTEP, proved to be more consistent as a punter. The College Football Performance Awards gave Medlock a national Honorable Mention after averaging 46.7 yards per boot on his seven punts and cranking off second longest punt in school history, a 70-yarder.

So Medlock will be punting, at least, Saturday against Marshall. Oh, by the way, the club seats for that game, which cost faculty and alumni $66.67 per ticket per game and other season ticket holders $83.33 per ticket per game, will be four for $20 for alumni. That's $20 for four tickets or $5 per ticket. The package includes hot dogs, chips and sodas or beer as they try to get more than a few fans in for the Fox College Sports television cameras.

That's the smell of desperation sweat.



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I am sure that was mandated by either the President or some other person b/c this AD would not contemplate lowering prices just to get "asses in seats".

Want to fill up that stadium Mr. AD? Promise to resign if we fill up The Cage! Watch the party begin.

Never in my life would I think that we would be better off with firing a coach after just one year but if there is any truth to the fact that the coaches are more interested in finding new jobs instead of making their current one better, then they deserve to be shown the door. I have tried to defend this coaching staff but after hearing the rumors from multiple sources, that this group of coaches lack work ethic and are simply being out recruited by just about anyone else in and out of the state. It makes me wonder why defend them?
Here is a list of problems that I and pretty much everyone has taken notice.
Coach Turner is supposed to be an offensive guru of a coach but FIU's Scoring Offense is ranked 122
Coach Turner hired his son to be the WR/QB Coach, and hired the son of the Offense Line Coach to be the TE Coach (but originally hired his other son for the job) with so many dropped passes it make you wonder if they are in over their heads considering that the FIU's Completion Percentage is .538 and is ranked 106; Pass Efficiency is 107.83 and is ranked 107
Nepotism can always bite you in the ass!
And back to the Offensive Line what a torrid job that position coach is doing just about anyone probably could have been doing a better job than that guy! Pass Sacks Allowed 37 and is ranked 119
So let me get this straight this staff doesn't work hard, doesn't prepare hard, doesn't coach hard, and doesn't recruit hard then why do they deserve to keep their jobs?

Ron Turner quit on this team during the Louisville game. His players cannot possibly have any respect for him. Take out the garbage, FIU.

Yes, yes and yes.
Yes. Some on this staff are looking else where for a job next year.
Yes. They are being out recruited for schools out of state.
1. Marshall, as expected, coach w/previous staff.
2. Tulane, that staff has spent a lot of time in the area and a coach (Curtis Johnson) who has turned that program around. Just to name a few.
Yes. Turner has lost the confidence of this team.
Now we're told that tickets are $5 bucks w/chips and a drink! Cheep, for a Saturday horror show. Say Pete, you can bring some of your blow up dolls too!

GO GREEN SATURDAY OR GO HOME: All FIU fans are asked to wear green in support of former coaches Alex Mirabal and Bill Legg. Let's show the TV cameras that we are supporters of good people who helped this program. I will be in full green in my usual seats. This will be a sign of loyalty and a message to the university trustees that they have lost all control of the program. GO GREEN. WE are not going to do anything to support Garcia and Turner. NOTHING. WE ARE NOT FIU ANYMORE.

Nick you are crazy for the lack of a better word. I understand your frustration, but to ask "TRUE" FIU fans to wear another school colors or wish that these kids get blown out just because the opponents are being coached by a former coach.

Exactly where is your loyalty. Either you are with these kids are you're not?

Demand a change at whatever leadership level that is necessary, but don't turn your back on the program itself. That just plain stupid. We all feel your pain!

These players need our support even more now and ever!

Maybe those who are not FIU can catch the next bus out of town so as to maintain an inkling of integrity. Not FIU? Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

than ever!... My bad...

GO GREEN. David will probably wear a green undershirt to the game. This program deserves what we dish out in support of Marshall on Saturday. For all 100 of us there, many wearing green, we will laugh a little and then cry. The positive is that this will be the final game we see Turner and his poor staff in this stadium. Hooray!

Urban Meyer assistance to FAU in searching for a new head coach. His comment: "I lived in Florida and that pocket, that's a very, very unique recruiting place. So that's mostly what we talked about is, first of all, the profile of a coach and someone with that, to just go dive into south Florida recruiting, (THAT'S NOT A PLACE YOU WANT TO DIVE INTO UNLESS YOU'VE BEEN THERE BEFORE.”)Sorry for the caps lock, but needed to emphasize that part of the quote.

This coming from one of the leaders in Div 1 football adds to the list of mistakes for hiring this staff.

I've made it quite clear my disdain for the AD, plus I too like Coach Mirabal a ton (I now root for the Herd, except vs FIU), however wear green? Not going to happen, if I even go to the game. No one is above the university. My gripe & protest is with AD. Until he's gone, I believe many diehards will stay away.

GO GREEN OR DON't go at all. Show your anger at this fraud.

Insider, if recruiting is as bleak as you make it, why does Rivals rank our class 1st overall in Conference USA?

If we have no one scouting local talents, how did we end up with 12 of the 22 representing South Florida?

I'm sick up people twisting arguments to help support a preexisting agenda.

PETE GARCIA WILL BE FIRED AT HALF TIME ON SATURDAY. Rosenberg has leaked this to the media knowing that the stadium will sell out as former FIU fans come in numbers to celebrate the end of a bad run. Also expected is a line of young Miami women who were lied to by Garcia and Maury before they boarded Maury's jet to Las Vegas.

DP those are verbal commits! Far from actually signing letters of intent. From what I am finding out several of them have other Div 1 schools interested also. You never really know until national signing day. And you won't truly know how your recuiting class is rated until the following season. There is spring ball, summer camp to deal with. The transition from high school football to Div 1 football is like night and day. Not to mention academics. I would bet 1/2 that list will fall to academics.

Any particular reason why Miami Herald would have a Maryland banner on an FIU blog page? "Must be the Money" What the HELL! Is it that Bridgewater is Miami product? This is too funny.

DP FIU is currently ranked #65 on Rivals. 22 commits all 2 Star ratings except 1. I can tell you that I know 3 players on the list will not be attending FIU. like I said most of the kids on our list either have only one offer and that being from FIU or the better ones on the list have multiple offers on the table. Time will tell!

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