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The Report

Download Consultantreportposted12013

This is the famous/infamous/much-discussed consultant's report prepared several years ago. Read if you wish.

And FIU finally announced the five-year contract extension of President Mark Rosenberg.

And FIU opened as a 28-point underdog for Friday's game at FAU. The line's now up to 28 1/2. 


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That's it? Very underwhelming given the promises by the "new posters" with different names that popped out, alleging that the report made a clear recommendation to fire Garcia. It's evident that was another false and/or exaggerated accusation now. Unfortunately, the different named "new poster(s)" will now change his tune to another accusation, most likely, and sadly, we won't be able to grant any credibility to these new posters even if somewhat true.


Wasn't a glowing review of Mr. Garcia, but a helluva ways away from a recommendation of termination. Curious to see how the AD is doing in terms of reaching the 50% student fees contribution (down from 70% at time of report) in time for 2015-16 season. That should be an easy number to track, to see where we are in the process. They also mentioned lack of marketing plan- has anything changed on that front? Is there an Athletics Council that has input with Garcia? How has fundraising from the private sector increased since the time of the report, or has it actually dropped? Running the numbers can at least provide hard data as to whether the AD has improved or taken steps back, since these recommendations were made. Not asking you to do this tonight, David, but I'm curious as to your thoughts on the recommendations. Last question- was this report considered binding in any way by FIU? In other words, will the failure to implement the changes described result in any real accountability on the part of the individuals who don't follow through?

And there goes another "smoking gun" from our "new posters." Once again, if you're going to call for change at least have a thought out and cogent argument based on facts, not on lies, half-truths or emotion. Also, if you're going to call for change, use your real handle.

Finally, thank God. I'm sick of the Patrick Batemon's and Nick Walsh's of the world (They're definitely the same guy).

They're so desperate to convince everyone that they're an insider. Once they're proven wrong, poof...they're gone. Just like Keyser Soze.

Inagural Panther, those are great questions, but the lsat one is the best one. I don't know how much money FIU spent on this report, but I know those reports don't come cheap. But if there is no accoutability and implementation of the recommendations, then it was a waste of money.
After the issues with APR in the basketball team, the suspesions and other issues with the football team, we can see little to no progress implementing those recommendations on the report in the last 24 months.
I know some people might say that is on the student athletes making poor decision, etc.
But the AD and the president are the ones responsible for the marketing plan and the other recommendations to improve the finances, etc. And per the poor attendance, lack or media coverage and possible inavility to increase the funds for the program, both AD and President should address the students, the fans and the public. They are the ones accountable.

What a FRAUD, c'mon friends, don't fall for this BS.

By the way this was supposedly conducted in early 2011.

Just being presented now ?


Inaugural Panther: student fees actually account for even more of the budget, 80-83 percent. There isn't an Athletics Council. And fundraising hasn't exactly skyrocketed.
The report wasn't binding in any way. Just another "we'll pay you to take a look and tell us what you think" job.

FIUGoldandBlue: The report isn't "just being presented now." FIU"s had the report for two years. There was no obligation to present it until someone asked for it through a public records request, which is what I did. You could have done it.

Thank you. Still, the conclusions seem pretty clear that there is much to be desired at the time circa March 2011.

**leaves much to be desired...

What's "much to be desired" is that the one or two persons who keep writing in under a score of different handles with the same negative goose honk should just go away now.

1. The questions asked of participants were about Garcia, his competency and his inappropriate behavior.

2. Those questions and the interview answers were not made part of the public record for several reasons, including the need to protect the individuals from possible retaliation.

3. The reason for the interviews and the report in the first place was a long list of complaints of departmental abuse and cover-up orchestrated by Garcia. The university initiated this and the hiring of the consulting firm because of threats of civil action by several employees. One former department employee presented a meaty set of allegations of harrassment. She settled for a lump sum and signed a non-disclosure agreement. David Neal knows her name and frustrations in not being able to say something publically that could have ended Garcia's reign.

4. Participants were asked directly whether or not change in leadership was advised. The answer was a resounding yes. This was communicated verbally to Rosenberg. Staff members were surprised that Garcia was retained after this.

These are the facts. David Neal uncovered them. He was on the case. His requests for public information were met with stalls and twists by the university.

Believe what you want. And ask why a good journalist in David Neal posted this report. It paints a picture of mismanagement on its surface. It is a watered down document that FIU knew would make it into the public light. The actual testimony will not.

We will rest when Garcia is terminated. This should have happened after the Isaiah Thomas fiasco. Garcia has purposely maintained a low profile during the football season because he knows what!'s left of his reputation is under the microscope. Lastly, his wild marketing schemes failed miserably, leaving the university with questions from the conference about the inability to produce minimal attendance requirements. There are more students in the parking lot on gameday than in the stadium. This is a disgrace, especially when you give everything away for nothing.

My comments about Turner? They are in line with what David Neal has said. The word is Turner didn't realize the mess he walked into until he arrived . Two of his assistants signed up, looked around and fled. One was Turner's son. The other was big Butkus. Turner called his current assistants off of the recruiting trail earlier in the season. He statements that they have visited local high schools several times are incorrect. There were more local Marshall recruits at Saturday's game than FIU fans. I did not go on Saturday because I could nit stand the thought of being one lf the few people in the expensive club seats.

When Turner leaves as expected, Rosenberg will terminate Garcia to make a fresh start. Rosenberg is very unhappy with what has happened. Coaches move all of the time. But they don't leave in states of anger and repulse as did Cristobal, Mirabal, Ponce and the others. Garcia has burned many bridges. This leaves us with an undesirable spot until the current AD is replaced.

Don't like my comments? I guess you don't like David Neal's reporting either. The truth hurts.

Not only does the report not say what you say it says "Nick," but you're repeating the same unsubstantiated allegations.

Just ask David Neal directly. Sorry to ruin your fantasy. Perhaps it included Garcia and his brother in leather and chains with you?

Hey David,

You have been at this a while and I will leave it to you, but at least let me suggest that you have an individual posting incessant rants directed against a specific individual in a public position, most of these statements so apparently delusional that they suggest that the aggrieved party feels personally wronged by this official for.reasons impossible to ascertain. While there has been no specific suggestion that this poster might commit an act of violence toward the public official, I wonder if you might want to at least consider alerting law enforcement officials as to the fact that over a period of several months you have, as the putative host of this blog, been receiving these messages which may or may not sugget the possibility of irrational actions directed at said public official. For what it is worth.

Nice try, Devil Dog (or Pete in disguise). My comments are in line with many posts over the past year by numerous individuals. These posts are also in line with the case that David Neal has built and reported for a long time. The facts are the facts. Everyone in and around FIU Athletics knows them. We will celebrate without you when Garcia is terminated.

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