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What Taylor's Eligibility Question Could Mean

If fifth-year senior point guard Ray Taylor was found to be ineligible for this season -- he didn't play in Thursday's win over Bethune-Cookman after eligibility questions arose -- FIU might have to forfeit the five wins in which Taylor played.



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Great. I can almost feel the thundering stampeed headed towards the blog now. So, before any of the Nick Walsh's or the Blue&Gold's of the world start going berserk and blasting PG for this, Athletics does not oversee academics or compliance. It's been stated on the message boards before, and everyone seems to gloss over that important fact.

So, while it's sexy to keep piling on Garcia for any APR or Compliance issues, he has no oversight responsibilities over those departments. They do not report to him. He does not hire or fire them. To be fair, most universities have it structured that way.

Any word on exactly what the questions are? BTW, what is the issue with Russo's big? Is she gone for the year? Good piece on Mirabal, btw.

And, doesn't anyone else find it coincidental that the head of Compliance was recently terminated? I know it was a she, however I don't recall her name and she's no longer listed in their staff directory.

Read the purported reasons for Taylor's problems on the forum. Almost comical, compared to having a crooked booster on your sidelines for a decade, firing guns outside your dorm, or holding your girlfriend against her will. Still, I wonder how on earth an issue like Taylor's manages to surface exactly now? In the end, since the posted record doesn't mean much this year, even the prospect of forfeiting five games doesn't carry a long of sting, but to have to do so for such a reason would seem pretty lame. So what did Davydova do, pray tell?

Not that it means that much David, but looking at the official boxscore, it appears that Ray Taylor did not play in the win against Warren Wilson, so it would mean the possibility of forfeiting 4 games rather than 5.

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