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A few more things to consider...

1. By the time Ron Turner came in, not only had the former coaching staff been off the job for a month, but team leaders Johnathan Cyprien and Tourek Williams were preparing for the NFL Draft. (Also, Cyprien graduated in December 2012). Both took time to straighten out younger teammates.

2. Anybody who thinks Mario Cristobal or his staff cared only for themselves simply doesn't know them. I'm a pretty sleepless guy. I can remember ending a text message conversation with Cristobal or a staff member in the wee hours before I went to bed and picking up the conversation in the predawn while being the Morning Mussolini to my daughter. They worked themselves to a visible weariness. Sometimes, I wondered when they went home or at least got away from FIU football. 

As I said in the Comments section of the last post, I didn't agree with their approach on everything. But I never doubted their feelings for their players.

3. Let's look at some more numbers.

2010 operating budget for football: $6,394,057.

2010 total football salaries: $1,546,116

2010 non-salary operating budget: $4,847,941


2011 operating budget for football: $6,257,380 

2011 total football salaries: $1,689,621

2011 non-salary operating budget: $4,567,753


2012 operating budget for football: $6,333,309

2012 total football salaries: $1,825,131

2012 non-salary operating budget: $4,508,178


2013 operating budget for football: $6,604,215

2013 total football salaries: $1,862,600

2013 non-salary operating budget: 4,741,615





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