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A few more things to consider...

1. By the time Ron Turner came in, not only had the former coaching staff been off the job for a month, but team leaders Johnathan Cyprien and Tourek Williams were preparing for the NFL Draft. (Also, Cyprien graduated in December 2012). Both took time to straighten out younger teammates.

2. Anybody who thinks Mario Cristobal or his staff cared only for themselves simply doesn't know them. I'm a pretty sleepless guy. I can remember ending a text message conversation with Cristobal or a staff member in the wee hours before I went to bed and picking up the conversation in the predawn while being the Morning Mussolini to my daughter. They worked themselves to a visible weariness. Sometimes, I wondered when they went home or at least got away from FIU football. 

As I said in the Comments section of the last post, I didn't agree with their approach on everything. But I never doubted their feelings for their players.

3. Let's look at some more numbers.

2010 operating budget for football: $6,394,057.

2010 total football salaries: $1,546,116

2010 non-salary operating budget: $4,847,941


2011 operating budget for football: $6,257,380 

2011 total football salaries: $1,689,621

2011 non-salary operating budget: $4,567,753


2012 operating budget for football: $6,333,309

2012 total football salaries: $1,825,131

2012 non-salary operating budget: $4,508,178


2013 operating budget for football: $6,604,215

2013 total football salaries: $1,862,600

2013 non-salary operating budget: 4,741,615





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Can you please break the numbers down a little bit? Do they tell a story?

They say FIU increased the pot of money for coaching salaries every year since 2010.

About $140k in increases every year...

Thanks, David. Now post Garcia's salary. List the salaries of ADs at schools in the conference and then nationwide. Show how Garcia's inflated salary to match his inflated view of his contributions are out of line with reality. There are ADs at major D1 schools who earn half of what Garcia earns, and they work hard to build successful programs. Garcia is stealing a paycheck while maintaining a revolving door of coaches and other employees.

^^^ this has been done by DJN already.

As well as at http://www.fiugoldenpanthers.com

Apparently someone has has been too busy confirming Rumors than to read DJNs blog.

Yes PG was the highest paid AD in the FunBelt and is in the top 5 in CUSA and earns more than FSU's AD. DJN won't post it because a) he already has and b) it's a USAToday search

Yes PG should be fired...but your sources don't have the testicular fortitude to pull the trigger.

Move on.

When the AD spends weekend nights partying with a chairman whose sugar daddy in law's money lines FIU's pockets, this is what you get. When FAT ass Maury goes, Garcia goes, too, if not sooner.

Nick, some of the comments have been entertaining but you need to give it a break for a bit to earn any credibility. I want Tio Pete gone also but come on now. We know about the ladies of the night and so on. The hard on you have to get rid of him is the same hard on that blue and gold had for Cristobal. Who knows, he stopped posting and now we have you. Are you him?

Rumors, exxagerations, half truths, outright lies, more rumors, more lies, more rumors and half truths. More exxagerations. Like a good Nazi German, repeat the lies, and repeat them, and repeat them again....and again..... until they "become truths". Attack the people involved, even the ones that just have another point of view (not necessarily against your point of view, but not as obsessive and irrational) spread hate, hate, hate.

In some people's minds, unfortunately, they believe acting like that is good because it helps their "cause", when if fact, it lessens their credibility and whatever valid point they may have. Ridiculous. Lack of class.

David Neal should do a poll on his blog: How many people believe FIU's Pete Garcia should be retained? How many believe he should be terminated and replaced to give the school a fresh start? David? Can you post this with a polling mechanism on the blog?

Nick/Patrick still crazy as ever.

How many different names do you think Nick Walsh/Patrick Bateman post under? Yes, they're both the same person. They're the only "two" posters who have beef with Maury, and both constantly reference his weight.

But, at least they're public. Nick/Patrick hides behindan anonymous screen name, lobbing wild innuendos and accusations, regardless of how untrue any of it is. Typical internet tough guy. Kind of guy who if he were ever confronted, would piss his pants while apologizing profusely. The kind of guy who is so unhappy in his own life and go-nowhere career, that it makes him finally feel like a big shot spread bile and hate everywhere. Good job, junior. Now, be a good boy and fetch me some hot fries with my fast food order.


That's a good suggestion, how about out DJN?

I know which way I'm voting. Removing the rumors and personal lifestyle sources of PG since there is no morality clause in his contract...

The attendance numbers & APR & unmerited high end salary are enough for my termination vote.

chiapanther, APR & the academic component does not report to PG. It reports to one of the Deans on campus. So, how can this be an indictment on Garcia if he doesn't oversee it? I'm all for holding people accountable, but in this instance the buck stops with the Dean and the SAAC.

Chia panther said "The attendance numbers & APR & unmerited high end salary are enough for my termination vote."

Dp, so the crappy attendance and unmerited high salary are fine with you then? You didn't bother to acknowledge that

Pete Garcia's contract posted by The Miami Herald thru another of those public requests reads as such:
Section VI Item (d):
"Garcia recognizes that the primary mission of University is to serve as an institution of higher learning and he shall fully cooperate with academic counselors or similar persons designated by University to assist student athletes and the faculty and administrators of University in connection with the academic pursuits of student athletes and shall use his best efforts to encourage and promote those efforts. In that respect, Garcia recognizes that the goal of University is that every student athlete obtains a baccalaureate degree, and he agrees to support fully the attainment of this goal. "

So, while I've stated many times, that college student athletes are MEN and should be responsible for their academic goals and accountable for their failures. It is the athletic departments responsibility to provide the assistance. His decision to suspend the support staff knowing very well that multiple athletes were marginal students (at best) is in direct conflict with the goals of Florida International University. Regardless of whether or not those same athletes would have been successful with the additional help.

Sorry DP, while I will not use the rumors and lies to pass opinion on Pete Garcia. My eyes see the attendance, the outrageous salary, the multiple set backs caused by his hiring/firing decisions, the dreadful APR numbers and it is enough for me to be comfortable for the termination of his contract.

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