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2 QB goodbyes

"I will be here next year" isn't quite "I am not going to be the Alabama head coach," although I was present for both. And wrote later that each statement might not be entirely true.

According to FIU Student Media, starting quarterback Jake Medlock's private Instagram account says he'll transfer to FCS program Valdosta State. As far as experienced quarterbacks on the roster, that would leave sophomore E.J. Hilliard.

Also, former FIU quarterback Paul McCall will receive his PhD in Electrical Engineering today. It's believed McCall is the first FIU player to get a doctorate. McCall threw for 5,189 yards, 34 touchdowns and 19 interceptions from 2006-09.



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Not entirely unexpected. Supposedly, Luke Medlock is the much better qb in the family. Between him, Hilliard, Israel Paopao and possibly Alex McGough, there was going to be some serious competition. It looks like FIU is looking to the future.

I wish Jake all the best. A fresh start will do everyone some good.

I don't expect Luke Medlock to come to FIU now. Of course, that's just speculation on my part, but that's what makes sense. We have other QB's visiting FIU, so that kind of explains some of this.

Good luck to Jake wherever he ends up!

Also, Paul McCall is a great example for future athletes. Congrats Paul!

That boy ran away to a better program.

Don't sleep on PaoPao, that kid has an arm.

Good luck to Jake! Is Sam going with him?

Congrats Dr. McCall, you're the epitome of class AND you were a warrior as a QB! Truly enjoyed watching you play for FIU!

Jake, good luck! Always enjoyed and admired you toughness (knocking out cold the LB from MTSU, comes to mind) and dedication to your craft. You'll be an asset wherever you play. Good luck.

Lets get one thing straight the Medlocks are over hyped
Jake is a concussion case, he is a better punter than a QB at this point; Sam is a little guy fighting for a spot on the team to be a long snapper; and Luke is nowhere close to being the qb that FIU needs.
PaoPao has a great arm but it looks as if he needs to join weight watchers over the spring. McGough is half lost most of the time. As for Hilliard if the so-called genius of offensive coordinator/ head coach scripts to his strengths then maybe he has a chance to look good on the field. But I heard a little birdie tell me that he already asked for his release before the Medlock defection.

How can McGough be half lost most of the time if he's still in high school. Have you watched every one of his snaps?

When your starting QB goiing into his senior year transfers, you've got big problems. Jake is the epitome of a team guy and did everything that was asked of hiim and more. He was the one of the team's true leaders and few faces of the program going into next year and now he is transferring. What does that tell you about his confidence in Coach Turner and staff.

Wake up FIU! The garbage get stinks more everyday you keep it around.

Jean is a pathetic moron. Enough said.

Paopao would benefit from losing weight but he can sling it from the pocket. Kid has a good arm. Hate to say it but open competition next year at QB position, EJ should be clear starter but you never know.

Btw, I like what this staff is doing with recruiting(if they stick). Go FIU!!

Jean is obviously a family memeber of one of the players. And the player is most likely EJ hilliard.

Throughout the season Jean has shared his thoughts about the level of talent on this roster. How EJ should be starting, how the players will play better....etc..

When EJ signed with FIU as 2012 Dade POY, I thought wow what a steal. This will make up for passing up/loosing Cato. When he enrolled early, I thought here's a kid that gets it.

A former staff member wrote on the WTF2012 Book that EJ was more focused on his Twitter account than learning. That his personality was so poisonous the former coach had to meet with his father in a close door meeting. This was confirmed by DJN.

Lol...G.U.M.P has indeed taken off on Twitter more than EJ has as a QB at FIU.

Even Bridgewater is part of this Gump nation, co founder I guess. But bridge doesn't post as often as EJ, why? Maybe because he is busy learning and working on his NFL Game.

Jean now states EJ has asked for his release. The EJ that has been at FIU for two yrs is free to leave at any time. If he could mature, which he hasn't proven it, then I'd love to see him battle for the starting spot.

Jean takes shot at PaoPao our throwing Samoan, but Pao is part of the Gump club. So pretty funny jab at Pao.

To EJ, whatever you choose, Goodluck.

This is about 2014. And the class looks good. The OL will return and this time with experience and knowing what the schemes are along with some Huge OL recruits.

The WRs comitted are real good. Hopefully good enough to catch at least 2 of the 4 dropped TD passes to beat FAU.

Keep working coach...

Congrats to Mccall, he is by far the best QB in FIU shamefull history.

Congrats to Matlock, hopefully he gets some protection; and does good in his new school. If I were him I would still be punting because that could be his ticket to the NFL.

Ohh, by the way. Turner and Garcia are still employed.

If you honestly believe Nick Walk and his "Rosenberg is firing Garcia" and "Turner's leaving for NFL" venom, then you fell for the internet's newest troll.

There are more to come. Just keep your eye on DJNs post. Besides Medlock, there were several (at the same time) in the compliance office last Tuesday. That’s one day after everyone met individually with Turner. He’s not real fond of most connected to the last staff. We shall see.

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