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A few things for you readers

1. I do check IP addresses and e-mail accounts. One poster who recently claimed "This is my first post" under a name "Roberto" had the same e-mail and IP address as a previous post "Bob." I deleted the "Roberto" post. I don't like to block people, but I will do it. Pick a screen name and stick with it or get your posts deleted.

2. There's only so many posts you can make referring to a particular athlete without admitting that athlete is your son or daughter. I'll put up with it once, twice, maybe three times, but after that, you're getting called out as XY's or XX's parent, just so everybody knows where you're coming from.

3. This blog finished 13th among Herald blogs in November with 16,660 page views. Next highest was the Florida Panthers blog, 20,602. Top college sports blog: Eye on The U, 253,406. Top blog: Dolphins in Depth, 833,199.

That's about where it normally finishes as far as page views. Except for January, 2013. Signing Day excitement? Nah. Strip club Tweeting.

4. As for the football players a reader requested status updates on: After eligibility questions early in the season, DeAndre Jasper played several games. Yousif Khoury was injured half the season, then played at least the final game. Dieugot Joseph and Deonte Wilson both played in the last game. Imarjaye Albury was sitting out under NCAA transfer rules. Of the rest, some I knew were in academic trouble, some I strongly suspect were discipline issues and a couple just weren't well-liked by the staff.




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What ever happened to Paul Crawford? He was no even on Senior Day

Sorry for the error, he was not even present at Senior Day

I think you have wrapped things up very well, DJN. My vote for the "I will kick your butt and talk to you while I'm doing it" award would go to Jake Medlock. I hope to God he does come back next year because there was not a soul on that team who even came close to exhibiting the same passion for the game and the team. Not to mention the fact that he has recruited his entire family to FIU. I suspect his mom bakes cookies for everyone and his dad will come down and paint the frigging scoreboard if the AD can't find someone to do it. I think the pedigree of Ron Turner is precisely aligned to what a school with FIU's stature and budget suggests and we are lucky to have him. The last time we tried hiring some local high school legend to coach a major sport at FIU was a complete and total disaster. And anyone who does not know who I am talking about should not be posting on this board. We are a second tier sports school right now and are likely to be for a decade or more, and any deviation from that will be temporary and due to the fluke development of players such as T.Y. Hilton or Carlos Arroyo. Logic simply dictates that reality. But I don't think it is a bad thing. I would much rather root for my underdog than be an insufferable front running fan of the other university in town, and no matter how many hits they get on their blog you have done an admirable job, DJN. Let's pick up football again sometime around National Signing Day.

Paul Crawford suffered a season-ending injury. He'll be a fifth-year senior next season.

I'm in total agreement diagodog, but we do need to replace the AD. Thank you DJN for a job well done and for keeping our university in the news.

Rusty, truer words have not been written. Also agreed with DIADODOG, however root cause of OUR ills is the AD. Everything with Athletics is negotiable except Mr. Garcia staying in his current position & receiving a check from FIU. He has caused a line to be drawn by many fans that they won't cross, thus keeping them away.

Garcia should have been terminated back when FIU conducted its investigation, leaned on the outside firm to do the work and determined that the department was broken. Maury stepped in and vetoed Rosenberg's decision. Members of Garcia's staff couldn't believe it. Now we see how far the entire athletics program has fallen since then. Clean up this mess and move on.

My good man...Would you be able to find out if Willis wright. Or Leonard eligible next season?

Thank you David for the updates. Do you know if anyone of the players I mentioned are NOT returning next season?

Just wondering if you had a response for the blogger claiming that Nick Walsh and you are conspiring together on information ??

Nick, reread the report. The advisory report never once recommended Garcia's termination. To say that Rosenberg took the report, wanted to fire Pete and was talked out of it, is purely outlandish. You are a hack and a fraud, who has never once been correct with your accusations. I know you're Cristobal's buddy, and your feelings are hurt that he's no longer here to console you, but turn the page and move on. Put on your Alabama gear and go root for your best friend...

DJN, can you find out more about why Jake was thinking about transferring? Was it simply that he had enough of seeing Hilliard start ahead of him? Seemed to me that Jake playing with an injured hand almost the entire FAU game was an attempt by Turner to save/appease him. Also, are there any other players that you are aware of that are thinking of transferring?

I have a hard time believing that these kids are bought into Turners' garbage. I would think that if you interviewed many of them you'd find that they are frustrated young men.

Well it seemed to me that playing Medlock against FAU was an attempt to win the game. He missed one open pass but if those poor kids impersonating receivers had caught the pinpoint passes he did drop in there, the outcome might well have been different. And even if Turner was trying to "appease" anyone, which I doubt, let us hope to God it worked. Medlock is a leader and a hitter and if we had had an o line and one quality wideout it would have been a vastly different season. DJN, I am curious to know if the Wright kid ever got it straight with the NCAA.

pao pao for 2014...

Oye DJN, when are we going to see those handsome guys that wore the "FIREPG" shirts at the FAU game in the front page of the Herald and FIU site..inquiring minds want to know?

1. As of right now, I don't know who is transferring. There are several whose departure would be encouraged by Turner.

2. Travis Wright was never cleared by the NCAA to my knowledge.

3. Nobody's eligibility status is set for next season.

4. I don't know Nick Walsh. Or, rather, I don't know who he/she is. I don't recognize the e-mail addy. Perhaps he's been one of the folks who has conversed with me about the football/athletic program.

There are many more who would encourage Turner's departure.

I'm already excited about next year. Turner will have more to work with and this team should improve in the Win column. Go Panthers!

Photos taken last Friday I plan to include with a story to run Friday or Saturday on non-Big Three college football in Florida.

Guilty, I am one of the ones who uses different user names, but it is because I have "Dissociative identity disorder". I was prescribed medicine, but this past FIU season has made my condition worse.

I do NOT agree with diadodog, ok; i dont think we can be Alabama, or USC; but i know for darn sure we could be at the level of UCF or USF. We have the potential as a University to compete, except for the fact that FIU's student life is horrible. Our alumni are also horrible, most do not give any donations to FIU, or the football program. That is why some blame needs to go to Rosenberg, not just the AD. Get support from the alumni, support from the students, and you will see the budget for coaches improve.

I do not understand why no news has come out regarding Turner or Garcia, like i said in my previous post; if your going to make a change, do it quick. Kill the cancer, dont let it linger around. I can understand that you may be looking for replacements, but at least send the message out that change is coming.

I wonder which username blue&gold heart is using. He just fell off the earth

I love this blog. It is more entertaining than the entire FIU football season. What a line-up we have: Starting at tight end is DP, all 5'6" of pure Latin blubber; next to him at tackle is Diagodog, 5' even, 115 pounds of never seen the field skin and bones. The guard must be Jules, who is a 6'7" transvestite; at Center is Roary... QB: I don't know. All of you sorry asses need to get a life. You ain't no David Neal with your garbage. And you never played a down of college or pro football. So move on, go back to your Fantasy Football leagues, stick with TY on you fantasy teams and prepare to bow down to the next FIU AD when Pete is fired.

DP: i am a season ticket holder who met Cristobal once at a luncheon. I met Garcia several times and noticed how we looked away when answering questions about the FIU facilities. He claimed that the school didn't have money for things and that the Panther Club leadership was incompetent. So he pointed the finger at people who worked for him. This classless display is what made me realize he was unfit for the job. When I started asking other season ticket holders about their thoughts, I heard similar things. Executives with a local bank who feel duped by Garcia are the ones who provided info about his past, the issue with the female AD employee, etc. I trust that these individuals have access to the facts. Their motives are solely to express repulsion of the snake oil sales tactics that they witnessed, only now to have their investments worth nothing because of losing sports programs. I would love to meet David Neal and discuss how we can help him to gain access to more dirt. This program has a chance when a clean break from a dirty past is made. Support Garcia and you support a department that is not functional. I would take five hardworking Cristobals for every one lazy Turner, too. Seeing the empty stadium, especially with all of those wacky promotions, is an absolute disgrace. Time alone will not see change. Rosenberg needs to stick to his guns and terminate Garcia with the blessing of a majority of the trustees.

This Season, has been a nightmare for the FIU family. We have to change the direction of the FIU's Football Program, the Athletic Department,needs to be changed so we can dislodge ourselves from this homemade. FIU, has so much potential, however, it's underutilized or not utilized at all.

The student, staff, and the community should be coming to the games, and if they’re not, we need to ask why? Also, FIU needs to stop trying to be UM. We will never be in their league, that's reality, but my question is why, are we trying to? The school needs to be true to itself and the fans and money will come.

However, I have sent emails to the FIU's Athletic Department and have not gotten a reply canned or otherwise, about some of my concerns. I have contacted the department about other matters and again, no reply. Again, we need to get rid of Pete Garcia, however, who would want this position once, we remove Pete and his minions?

I guess Nick forgot how empty the stadium was on November 24, 2012 when a 3-win FIU football team, coming off a victory celebration for the ages after defeating the two win FAU Owls, played the mighty ULM Warhawks.

No wait there was nothing for Nick to forget. By this time last year he wasn't using those season tickets either.

I dare say that the attendance for our last two home games exceeded the last two home games of 2012. Also, No, I would not trade any coach for the Mario that coached here. Specially Not after one year.

The mentality that says FIU can never compete with UM, Alabama, or USC is exactly the mindset that holds us back, while dominating the attitude of the athletics staff. UM is a little bitty private school of less than 10,000 that sits in a little uppity community tucked away in the suburbs of Miami-Dade. FIU is on its way to 60,000 students, with extremely low admissions standards, while funded by tax dollars, instead of private donations. UM wishes they had the resources of FIU. But, even lacking what FIU has (let's not forget about our on campus stadium that the U would covet for themselves), they manage to trounce us in recruiting and hiring. FIU staff and fans need to set their sights as high as their size dictates, and stop living with the mentality of an abused step brother. Just pathetic to strive for mediocrity. UCF as a goal program? If that's the case, we should play powder puff. Once the small minded and weak willed ones get out of the way, FIU can rise to the stature that a state university in Miami ought to be at.

Inaugural Panther, check again your FICTION of FIU having "extremely low admission standards". The US New & World Report classifies universities as Most Competitive, More Competitive, Competitive, Less Competitive & Least Competitive. FIU is listed as MORE COMPETITIVE. Don't let the facts stand in your way.

Oh RJ must be another one of those guys hiding behind a new name. Are you angry that someone is telling you to use your real name? Are you angry that someone is asking you to be a man?

DJN, track IP's already and connect the new names to the old names that have disappeared from this blog. Stop allowing these cowards to hide behind fake names.

Some of us have complained about the department before, be it on here, on the forum, or directly to the school. At least some of us had the fortitude to do so using our real names and/or the handles we are known by.

"I do not understand why no news has come out regarding Turner or Garcia, like i said in my previous post; if your going to make a change, do it quick. Kill the cancer, dont let it linger around. I can understand that you may be looking for replacements, but at least send the message out that change is coming." - John Switch

John, maybe there is no news coming out because Garcia and Turner are not being fired? This is the problem when people believe a guy like Nick Walsh. He makes you feel like you have insight, and you feel disappointed when his prognostications don't come to light. You feel like the decision makers are incompetent, when the reality is, they're making their decisions with access to much more information that Joe Fan has access to. In every situation, there are behind the scenes reasons as to why things happened.

For example, people were furious with Garcia when he didn't hire Butch. Why? He never once said he was targeting Butch. It was posters on a message board assuming that Butch was the guy. Then, there was a universal let down that Garcia was a failure because Butch told him "No". How so?

Delusional fans oftentimes build up their own expectations of what they'd like to see, then anoint someone as a failure for not doing things the way they would have done them.

For example, Garcia was a failure for the various Compliance and APR issues. Fans were furious, lighting their torches and sharpening their pitch forks, until David Neal revealed that Garcia does not oversee those two departments. They're overseen by university officials. With hard facts presented, people calmed down. The situation didn't change...APR & Compliance was still a mess, yet it was no longer as much an issue because the blame couldn't be thrown Pete's way. There's something wrong with that.

People are so blinded right now with disappointment and hatred, that there's no way for anyone to do their job. Had the Athletic Department not run any crazy promotions, and the crowd sucked for the last two games, people would have come on here clamoring that the marketing department is incompetent and unimaginative and not willing to do the little things to get people there. In this case, the marketing department did everything they felt possible to appeal to students for them to come out en mass, and they are blasted by these same fans for running "all of those wacky promotions". It's a no win situation trying to appeal to the average FIU fan. Solutions are never black and white, they're filled with tons of gray. Budgets, staffing needs vs actual available staffing, Title IX, state/NCAA/Conference USA rules, etc. all impact daily decisions. How can we begin to fathom what it takes to run an athletic department.

Can things be better? Yes. Should change be made in many areas? Absolutely. But it's not as simple as firing a Turner or a Garcia if all the underlying issues remain. To think that a message boarder has a firm grasp of all those possible issues is delusional.

I have not given up. I will support this university regardless. For me, it's a release from the daily grind. All I want is for us to have a realistic chance to win every game/match/sport. Give me that, and I will be happy.

This comment is towards Mr. David J. Neal. First and foremost, my name is Roberto S. Nespereira. My friends call me Bob. I rarely, if ever, post a comment on this blog. If I did under the name Bob (which is the name my friends call me) it must of been a long time ago. Most definitely, not this season. I used my entire given name because someone on the blog accused someone else of not giving either their real name or hiding behind a fake one. I am not afraid to show everyone who I am and my comments. My comments where about the sad state of affairs of our Football Program. I did not insult anyone or attack either our School President or AD as others do. You can check with the FIU Athletic Ticket Sales department and they will verify that I, Roberto S. Nespereira is a Holder of 2 season tickets for the past 8 seasons. When I posted a few days ago, it was to vent some frustration about the past season. I am not one of those that posts under numerous screen names. I read the blog on a weekly basis, just to keep myself informed about FIU Sports. I am a proud Panther and will always remain a proud Panter.

Roberto, your blog post as "Bob" was November 14, 2012. You want to post from now on as Roberto, please do so.

Jules, I can track IPs with one click. Not everyone who disagrees with you or insults you is having Sybil moments.

But some of the name-calling and foolishness I see is making me rethink what I'll tolerate in the comments section. Closing these comments, let's move forward...

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