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Coley gets Conference USA Player of the Week

After popping for a school record 47 points in Sunday's loss to Wake Forest and 21 against Fairleigh-Dickinson on 51.1 percent shooting, senior guard Jerica Coley was named Conference USA Player of the Week.

Coley's 28.5 points per game puts her No. 2 nationally. She's only 38 points from the school career record of 2,515 set by Albena Branzova from 1991-95. Branzova was a remarkable player, 6-4 with range from around the hoop to beyond the three-point line and the ability to pass dazzlingly from the post.

But Branzova also played with a surrounding cast, led by All-America point guard Andrea Nagy, that Coley's never had the luxury of having. Coley accounts for 41.2 percent of FIU's scoring this year.



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Anymore football news for us? Assistant coaches leaving?

D. Neal thanks for mentioning Coley's great night. Unfortunately your employer does not have a clue!

Happy New Year to David Neal and our fellow blog posters. It has been fun exchanging facts, not fiction, with you. Will 2014 bring a renewed focus on winning to FIU football? Will it be a year of positive change? Can Pete Garcia continue to underperform yet keep his overpaid position? And what happens across town if Al Golden jumps ship for Penn State? Will a Miami opening see a familiar name return home to lead the Hurricanes to greatness? Stay tuned, FIU fans. May you enjoy the New Year with Roary.

Nick, you are drunk if you think Miami would hire Cristobal if Golden leaves. Zero chance. He burned a few bridges bolting to Bama the way he did. Cristobal is way overrated

Lol...I prayed to the football gods for FAU to have hired Cristobal. But their AD was too smart for that.

Now if UM goes out to get MC that would be a Hallmark Christmas Miracle. Yes, he will still recruit like Golden and Shannon some 4&5 star talent. But his assistants will suck and he'll never win more then 8-9 wins.

Please please by the guidance of the Reyes Magos let Nick Walsh's prediction come to light.

Happy New Year Everyone.

UM will interview Cristobal if the job opens up. He is a better recruiter and coach than Golden. Assistant salaries? Look at FIU's crappy budget. Assistants earn peanuts because the money is tied up in Garcia's salary. Fire Garcia, hire a good AD with a salary in line with reality and allocate more to hire and retain coaches. Garcia is the problem from start to finish.

Cristobal didn't burn any bridges with UM, they gave him a place holder job for very little pay because he's a UM guy and he left for a job that pays him over half a million a year.

That said, if Golden leaves for Penn State, Miami will probably look for a bigger name than Cristobal. Their fans are fed up with losing and Cristobal is still an up-and-comer and would be seen as such.

Great point Buc Nasty. Chia, DP and others view MC's coaching FUTURE career by how he performed at FIU. MC inherited NOTHING in talent coming into FIU, was reduced in schollies and yet turned a morbid program into a conference champ & 2-time bowl attendee.

Was there reasons to critique his coaching? ABSOULETLY, I'll give just a couple: 1) use of timeouts & 2) no play call w / QB behind center on third & short.

Does this make him a bad coach? Forever? NO. MC is a work in progress as a coach. His CURRENT boss wasn't as good of a coach when he was at Toledo compared to his level of competence @ Bama. Coaching technique, aptitude, experiences with high level coaches to learn from will improve young coaches. The INTANGIBLES can't be taught. These include WORK ETHIC, FOCUS, DRIVE & DESIRE, just to name some. MC has loads of that. So the longer he learns under Nick Satan the better coach he will be. Not to difficult of a call.

Why is Mr. Garcia still employed by FIU? THAT'S the question that stumps me!

Now, for these cane apologist arguing that MC burned his bridges because he left um, PLEASE! Lets see, leave a ONCE great program that was stuck in mediocrity, with the possibility of NCAA sanctions looming OR learn under guidance of the PREMIER college coach in the NCAA coming off their 3rd title in 4 years. Can you say "NO BRAINER"!

Garcia must go. I looked at his salary after Nick the Stick wrote about it. Garcia's salary is way outta line for his crap performance. He should be paid what other ADs earn in schools that have athletic department revenue at the same level. I don't know how he still as a job. That guy is a freaking mess. He is a bum of all bums.

Nothing will move forward with this athletic dept until a new direction & positive change is installed at the AD position. Time is ticking Mr. President.

Wow, Nick's was busy New Years Day. It's hard posting under three different screen names from three different computers.

Hey DP, I would imagine it is difficult being Mr. Garcia's girlfriend, however be mindful that your beau is scummy. You're not the only one he's doing. Good luck with your shallow relationship.

DP and I have been dating for a year. He will come out soon. He dresses in a wig and high heels. We are soulmates since DP and Pete Garcia broke up after a fight on the way to the Beef O'Brady Bowl. DP rode the bus with us wearing a pink nightgown.

Wow, really, that's where you want to take this? When you can't attack on facts, you resort to name calling. Typical & predictable response from Internet Tough Guys.

The fact of the matter is, Nicky boy has yet to be correct on even ONE of his inside facts or baseless accusations. Maury being run out as chairman of the board of trustees? Wrong, he was re-elected. Garcia being fired after a meeting with Rosenberg at his home? Wrong. Consultants reports recommended Garcia be fired? Wrong, and embarrassingly so as David Neal posted the full report. Turner on Cleveland sidelines? Wrong. Turner leaving for the NFL? Wrong again.

If you could list even one accusation that Nick/Patrick has been proven correct, I will stop posting in this forum. The fact is, your either a jilted lover or an ex-employee with an axe to grind. Maybe a third option. You're close to Cristobal and have a seething hatred for Garcia for kicking your boyfriend to the curb. Long distance relationships are hard, after all. Maybe he doesn't call you much anymore and that hurts.

DP correction, I'm not defending Nick Walsh. You made an accusation that Nick Walsh and others, including me are one in the same.

Fact-less claim by you: "Cristobal burned bridges with UM...", where are your supporting documents? Where is the um link stating that after MC decided to take a MUCH, MUCH better job for MORE $$$ & prestige, that um will NEVER hire him.

I then challenged Chia, who is definitely one of the better posters on this blog. Chia, I do enjoy your info. My differing opinion w / Chia was to judge MC's FUTURE coaching abilities by how he coached here, MC's first HC gig. I do think highly of MC, he has tons of potential mainly b/c of intangibles I mentioned prior. My opinion is he get better & better every passing season. This THUG-AD cut ties too soon with MC. For that and many, many other horrible decisions we now have one of the worst college football programs in the country. Thanks Mr. Garcia.

Unfortunately, until Rosenberg grows a pair of testicles OR Garcia commits a major crime (besides robbing FIU of money the past 7 years) OR Portly Albert Maury suddenly realizes that it is toxic to be buddies with garbage like Garcia --nothing will change. FIU football has been set back at least 8 years thanks to Garcia.

Hey Rosenberg,

FIU football is NOT Worlds Ahead.

Garcia and Ron Turner are not going to "turn the impossible into the inevitable"

Rosenberg keep spewing whatever other BS slogans you like to use because none of those describe the state of your football program. Keep telling yourself that garbage Garcia is the answer at FIU. While your university is growing in a positive manner your athletic program is in a sharp decline. Don't let the paint on your basketball court distract you from the real problems that your director of entertainment and athletics has caused.

My info comes from one of the Barry Jackson Florida Sports Buzz posts sometime last February/March. He stated that there were many at Miami who were furious that Cristobal bolted so soon after Golden and others went out of their way to bring him on board, even acquiescing to some of his demands (salary, exact title, etc.) I will search for a link, but his blogs only go back to April of 2013. Maybe David Neal can find it on the back end.

Garcia might be tough for some to work with, but ask anyone who ever worked for Cristobal what that experience was like.

There's a reason why there was a revolving door with assistants, with many of them bashing him to anyone who'd listen. There's a reason why many of them were only here for one year. Not convinced? Have Cristobal explain how and why he went though 6 Director of Football Operations in a period of 5 years, including Tony Egues who not only worked for the Dolphins, but who I also believe is somehow related to Cristobal. You want to really find out why Cristobal was canned? Track down some of those guys and ask them what their experience was like dealing with Mario. Go ask Greg Laffere. Go ask James Coley. Ask current strength coach Chad Smith about the stark differences between the two regimes.

Maybe so, but Garcia and Davis put together the greatest college football team anyone has ever seen. Backups became NFL Pro Bowlers.

What's your point?

@Exasperated Panther,

I have no doubt that MC will be a better coach in his next job. Remember, he was a POSITION Coach only before Pete Garcia made him the wealthiest coach in the SunBelt.

NOt making a joke... HE WILL BE BETTER the next JOb. Always take the word better with a caveat. Doing better doesn't mean Good.

The point I make is that it wasn't going to be at FIU with the staff he had surrounded himself with. BUT, what pissed me off more, was hearing a rumor that upon his firing he urged players to transfer out of spite.

Again just a rumor that I choose to believe. LIke I choose to believe that the Author of the WTF 2012 is 90% right. And I choose to believe that it was time for him to go. And I choose to belief that one year removed from FIU he will still not be ready for another HC job.

BUT, he has the best teacher in the world in Nick Satan. And from what I hear the two personalities are similar.

Chia, rumors are rumors and you believe what you choose. Let me tell you one fact. Those problem players that caused issues to Coach Turner, specially the academic problems were set in motion by decisions set forth by this caustic and truly spite-full AD who sent ALL coaches home after MC's firing. That student structural breakdown, ONE week before finals was the key event that set forth many, many of the issues Coach Turner had to be burden with. This fiasco with player can't be blamed on Coach Turner or Cristobal (he kept this problematic players controlled), this problem stemmed for yet another bad personnel decision by Mr. Garcia.

DP, your source for "burnt bridges w / um" is BARRY JACKSON!?!? Additionally, you're getting this from that little hear-say column where nothing on this section is confirmed but based on "I've heard" type journalism? You might as well quote the National Enquire or Star tabloids. Please!

Wow, I am amazed that Patrick Bateman did not get his post deleted by DNJ, usually when I post about FIU I state that blame needs to go to Rosenberg; usually DNJ erases the post.

So i am glad that Patrick Bateman has called out Rosenberg, FIU has no clue about athletics. It's amazing to see UCF at a BCS bowl, a team in which just a few years ago we beat. One would have thought that FIU had a promising future, but look at what has happened; the programs have gone in completely different directions. AD, Coaches, players; they all have to do with it; but UCF has actual fans. FIU wishes it had the support that UCF gets from its students, FIU again has no clue, and will not as long as Rosenberg is in charge.

Rosenberg is Exhibit A in proving The Peter Principle.


You are mistaken if you think that my dislike of the previous staff and my support of the current staff are in any way in support of our AD...

This is a response I made to DP that he chose not to reply too on12/16/2013:

Pete Garcia's contract posted by The Miami Herald thru another of those public requests reads as such:
Section VI Item (d):
"Garcia recognizes that the primary mission of University is to serve as an institution of higher learning and he shall fully cooperate with academic counselors or similar persons designated by University to assist student athletes and the faculty and administrators of University in connection with the academic pursuits of student athletes and shall use his best efforts to encourage and promote those efforts. In that respect, Garcia recognizes that the goal of University is that every student athlete obtains a baccalaureate degree, and he agrees to support fully the attainment of this goal. "

So, while I've stated many times, that college student athletes are MEN and should be responsible for their academic goals and accountable for their failures. It is the athletic departments responsibility to provide the assistance. His decision to suspend the support staff knowing very well that multiple athletes were marginal students (at best) is in direct conflict with the goals of Florida International University. Regardless of whether or not those same athletes would have been successful with the additional help.

Sorry DP, while I will not use the rumors and lies to pass opinion on Pete Garcia. My eyes see the attendance, the outrageous salary, the multiple set backs caused by his hiring/firing decisions, the dreadful APR numbers and it is enough for me to be comfortable for the termination of his contract.

Read more here: http://miamiherald.typepad.com/fiusports/2013/12/1-by-the-time-ron-turner-came-in-not-only-had-the-former-coaching-staff-been-off-the-job-for-a-month-but-team-leaders-john.html#storylink=cpy

Well stated Chia.

DP: I challenge you to a farting contest. You will win because you breathe in all of Garcia's hot air. By the way, Cristobal's assistants and directors of operations left for the same reason: to earna decent living that FIU could not provide in salary or bonus money. Yiur boyfriend RJ is right on. Garcia's salary is inflated and takes money away from coaches. The only way to get a raise at FIU was to leave FIU. It is simple. FIU Athletics is poorly managed. So here you go....Pfffftttt. Enjoy my gas released into your mouth. Tastes good...much sweeter than what Pete toots into you.

^^^^ Eproctophilia (fart fetish) is a sexual fetish, most commonly in straight men in which they receive arousal from their partner's flatulence.

Per Urban Dictionary.

Flatulence? Really Nick? Is that the best you can do? Again, when you're not supported by facts you go for sophomoric humor to distract from the fact that you're full of crap.

Those 6 all left for better paying jobs? Wow, you have just proved yourself to be clueless. 2 D Ops guys left to no job. You hear that? They're rather be unemployed then work for Mario. One guy quit mid season because he couldn't stand Cristobal. His replacement quit at the end of the season. One left to work at a high school. Egues left to be a cop. He'd worked for Shula, Wandstedt, Gailey, Saban and others. He'd been in pro football for 20+ years. He didn't last one season with Mario, after tell people he was looking forward to getting back into football.

I'd venture that Chia is on point, with the book being about 90% correct.

Chia, never saw that original post a while back or I would have responded. People seem to think that Garcia, or any University official for that matter, operates in a silo. Knowing that they would be obligated for a $500K severance fee to Cristobal, I'm fairly certain Garcia made the decision and was signed off by the board of trustees and the president. It's a state school. The rules are posted somewhere. I'm sure decisions of a certain financial threshold need to be made unilaterally. So, that would point to the fact that the remaining decisions regarding staff and personnel were also made in consultation with the president. Therefore, if they agreed to the decision, then the clause posted would not be an issue.

Do you punish professors if their students don't show up to class? No, you fail the students and hold them accountable. The student-athletes in question may have been marginal students, but their grown ass men. If you need father figures to handhold you on the way to class, then good luck to you son. There's the door. Part of a leadership role is to prepare these young men and women for life in the real world. Some may become professional athletes. The other 99% of them won't. Do you think you're gonna be handheld your first day on the job? Is your boss going to give you a wake-up call on your first day? Is he gonna drive to your house and bring you to the office? Is he gonna show up at your house when you skip work? Cristobal wasn't providing guidance to troubled kids. He's was breeding a bunch of babies, who needed to be spoon fed. And he was no martyr. He was doing so, hoping that they could provide him enough wins on the field to springboard to the next job. When he got canned, they couldn't function without daddy and they failed. Good riddance.

DP, funny you say that about MC. Because he learned under the tutelage of Johnson as a player & Schiano has his initial coach gig. Both w / um ties like you. Obviously coming from your background of AT LEAST a middle class existence, you would have no clue about the backgrounds of many of these players. If you think Jimmy Johnson just let his talented um 80's team just be "grown ass men" in the classroom w/o special attention then you truly don't have a clue. Without his "special attention" to those inner-city players, they can't survive college rigor. Without THOSE players, bye-bye um 80's NC. So you may need to get off your high horse and see the reality of Div I-A football & recruiting talented but academically challenged players in order to win.


You might have well not even attempted to respond.
".....People seem to think that Garcia, or any University official for that matter, operates in a silo. Knowing that they would be obligated for a $500K severance fee to Cristobal, I'm fairly certain Garcia made the decision and was signed off by the board of trustees and the president. It's a state school. The rules are posted somewhere. I'm sure decisions of a certain financial threshold need to be made unilaterally. So, that would point to the fact that the remaining decisions regarding staff and personnel were also made in consultation with the president. Therefore, if they agreed to the decision, then the clause posted would not be an issue. "

This is not a response... basically what you are saying is that PG can say, "hey, he (Mark) let me do it". This is not about Cristobal (the biggest guy in the room). This is about disenfranchising marginal student athletes, guys that they knew were barely hanging on. You let the next coach handle it, like he has with multiple releases, benching, dismissals, suspension, transfers...etc. SO hopefully, some maybe academically eligible to transfer out and you only loose 1 APR point and not both.

Per his contract Pete Garcia responds only to the president of the University. The Primary mission of the University is to serve as an institution of higher learning as stated on the contract and in the schools mission. I could careless if all 85 football players are majoring in Parks and Recreation or Hospitality Management (not that there's anything wrong with that). As a student athlete on Scholarship you enter into a one year "contract" with the school that they will aid you towards a completed degree and that you in turn will continue your athletic sport. Part of that is to assist you and not abandon you. If the Direction was to suspend the Support staff as has been reported, then FIU, PG & MR are sending a message that they don't care about athletics or those participating in athletics.

Therefore the problem also lies with Rosenberg who allowed this to happen.

Basically, I dont' care if the Board of Trustees said... shut it down... It was wrong!

and like state before:
My eyes see the attendance, the outrageous salary, the multiple set backs caused by his hiring/firing decisions, the dreadful APR numbers and it is enough for me to be comfortable for the termination of his contract.

Waiting for a response from the hurricane employee

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