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Saturday Night Digitized & FIU's Boswell


FIU head coach Anthony Evans said the team hadn't heard anything about fifth-year senior point guard Raymond Taylor's eligibility. The last few games, they've forged ahead with freshman Jason Boswell at point guard.

Boswell, 6-6, stands a foot taller than Taylor, which can help defensively, although Taylor's quicker.  Once he gains Taylor's vision, it'll add to his play quickness, which Taylor uses to get into the paint and to the line.

"I didn't come in with any expectations," Boswell said. "I came in ready to work hard. Right now, I've got to work extra hard because I'm the starting point guard."

Evans said, "I think he had a tremendous amount of respect for Ray. Coming into this, he was trying to learn how to become a Division I point guard. Now, he has to grow up a little quicker than he wanted to. But I think he's doing a good job."

In Boswell's three games starting in place of Taylor, he's gone nine of 13 from the field, including five of six Saturday night against Georgia State; three of four from three-point range; six of six from the line, all against Bethune-Cookman; six assists, eight turnovers, a 3/4 assist to turnover ratio; and averaged 9.0 points per game. By comparison, Taylor's last three games saw him go 11 of 29 from the field; two of eight from three; nine of 14 from the line; 22 assists, six turnovers, an 11/3 assist-to-turnover ratio; and averaged 11.0 points per game.



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I hope Raymond Taylor is back soon. Basketball team is playing well, Coach Evans is doing great. I can imagine quality of team next year and beyond. Exciting times Ahead for FIU basketball!

Coach Evans is looking more and more like a great hire. I was worried we'd take a step back losing Pitino. Seems like we are holding strong.

Is Ray Taylor in or out? If out, how many losses do we finally vacate?

Speaking of in or out, any news on the possible start of the rebuilding/restoration process of FIU Athletics that WILL occur once Mr. Garcia is released of his duties?

Anyone notice that Pete Garcia's bio is out of date on the FIU Athletics web site? It still mentions Cristobal, Pitino and other former coaches as if they are working today for the university. Why not update your bio? I guess it is because the names of the former coaches are associated with good times at FIU. Those times are gone.

Blah blah blah...

I think most of us are exasperated with the "new" posters.

David -

I know you're probably busy staking out Camp Mitch to verify Nick Walsh's information, but if possible can you do a roster analysis of the guys I listed in the previous blog post as we head into the Spring and signing class of 2014. I really want to know why half the roster was either unavailable or did not play.

There were at least 15 guys with letter(s) that could not even get on the 2 deep chart ? What the hell was going on all off-season ? Shane Coleman goes from #1 option at RB to the last guy on the bench ?

Jordan Budwig, in all fairness had no business being on the field at LG. He easily gave up 20 sacks. We had other bodies that must have been better. That kid needs 2 years in a college weight room to shed pounds, get stronger and more mobile with his feet.

I just don't understand what Turner is doing. We cannot be a modified pro-style/west coast with what is coming back next year. On defense, we need to be recruiting bigger DBs and fast LBs with passing attacks in ConfUSA. The OLINE needs to be stout at guard and fast at tackle. Unless Wright and Coleman can return to the team, we don't have anyone at WR that wants to catch a pass. Kicking and punting. Hmmmm, I might be able to live with Austin Taylor, he improved as the season went on and was able to get a few kickoffs into the end zone. If Jakes returns as you confirmed for us he will, is he going to be the punter again ?

Does anyone really believe that in 2 more years Turner is going to have the horses to compete for a conference title.

As someone earlier pointed out, many of the units on this team regressed as the season rolled on. Frankly, I just don't think these kids believe and respect what ever it is TURNER is preaching. I actually don't even think he knows what's he preaching. This guy has been a journey men below average coach for his entire career.

Good luck selling tickets, sponsorships, club level and suites for next season for this current mess. This team needs a total overhaul of the coaching staff once this Sports Director Entertainment scumbag is dismissed.

Mark Rosenberg, even Hellen Keller had more awareness!!

Coach Evans was a great hire, we are lucky to have him. @DP a step back? If anything it's a step in the right direction seeing how he has a reputation for building strong teams and a proven record as a head coach…not to mention he will probably stay with us longer than "a one & done". I'm hoping that Ray Taylor's situation is resolved quickly. It is a disservice to any student athlete to have them face this nonsense during their senior year.

Agree among the multitude of screw up and errors Mr. Garcia has committed, hiring Coach Evans is NOT one of them, however the AD "Balance Sheet" is heavy on the liabilities side despite Evan's hire.

I believe in what Nick writes. He might have an axe to grind, but many of his stories have a basis in fact. That is what troubles me most. It is clear that the athletic department has issues. Yet, nothing is done to fix them. I read the report that was posted on this blog. Is it common for a school to conduct this type of research. I don't think so. It was done for a reason. ADs at other schools earn less money for programs that bring in more than FIU's. This doesn't make sense.

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