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Football assistant paper

USA Today just came out with its annual listing of college football assistant coach salaries. My numbers differ a little from the national newspaper.

Offensive line/run game coordinator coach Steve Shankweiler $136,000 (Shankweiler going for the head coaching job at Elon is no surprise. He's a state of North Carolina guy -- graduated from Davidson, coached at East Carolina three times for a total of 15 years. Especially at his age, better to be the head coach of an FCS school in a region where you feel comfortable than an assistant in an area that takes some acclimation time). 

Special teams coach Kevin Wolthausen $115,000

Assistant head coach defensive line Andre Patterson $110,000

Wide receivers coach Cam Turner $105,000

Defensive coordinator Josh Conklin $100,000

Linebackers coach Tom Williams $100,000

Running backs Andrew Hayes-Stoker $99,000

Secondary Jason Brooks $92,000

Tight ends/offensive tackles Kort Shankweiler $92,000

Just for comparison sake, here's the base salaries of the 2012 FIU staff

Offensive coordinator/quarterbacks Tim Cramsey $150,00

Defensive coordinator/linebackers Todd Orlando $137,100

Assistant head coach offensive line Alex Mirabal $100,000

Secondary coach Jeff Popovich $100,000

Wide receivers coach Frank Ponce $100,000

Running backs coach Apollo Wright $86,149

Linebackers coach Juan Navarro $82,000

Defensive line coach Cedric Calhoun $82,000

Tight ends coach Dennis Smith $80,600





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Seriously can we get a refund?

Compared to the rest of C-USA where are we in total Salery?
FIU 2012 TOTAL: $917,849 (not counting Head Coach)

FIU 2013 TOTAL: $813,000 (not including Head Coach)

Also note that we had one more Assistant Coach during the Cristobal era. Two other things I noticed was:
1)Who is the Offensive Cord?
2) Why in the world are we paying a "Special Teams" coach more money than any other Assistant Coach? I thought a "Special Teams" coach was a position that the majority of teams don't have in their staff. Our special teams was a disaster all year and I just find it crazy to pay 115K for someone that does not have a Punter that is not the QB and a kicker that can't make anything past 35 yards. The truth hurts sometimes..

As a very proud Goldend Panther I hope this staff can put things together and improve on the nightmare 2013 season. I completley understand that they did NOT get a fair chance at recruiting last year, and 85% of the team was not picked up by their staff. Now the real test starts and I hope to see a record closer to five wins next year.

"Win the Day"..

Go Panthers!

Gooch, the total for assistants add up to $849,000, for a difference of $68.849 less for 2013 than for 2012. There's "one less coach" because Ron Turner is the head coach and offensive coordinator, therefore the savings in coaching staff.

Also, the top 2 paid assistants under Mario made more than the top 2 under Turner. The next 3 are basically the same, with Turner's #3 making $5,000 more than MC's #3 ($105,000 to $100,000). The other difference is in the lower paid assistants, where Turner's lower 3 make an average of almost 16% more than Mario's lower 3 paid assistants.

Interesting stuff.

A special teams coach that doesn't have a kicker....lol.

How do you get players in less than two months when you inherit a roster? You don't.

You learn what the talent level is in the spring and recruit as needed. No emphasis was made at WR last year, why? Cause according to the roster there were 14+ scholarship WRs and two possible all conference players with NFL dreams.
Need OL, bringing in OL...we'll get a better evaluation of this staff on February 2014 on what appears on paper an upper CUSA recruiting class.

Gotta give it RT the chance to succeed or fail. We gave a position coach 6 yrs to learn. Same coach that had 7 potential NFL camp invitees (Cyprien,Hauptman,Junior,Bryant,Tourek, Faciane as a Jr, Greg as a jr, Kendrick as a jr). Had stud WRs in Wayne and Willis, serviceable WR in GC and won two games in the worst conference in football.

Don't pretend 2012 didn't happen. I will always remember 2012 & 2013. But RT needs two full recruiting cycles.

Just one Nicas opinion

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