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Grades & eligibility; Stewart honored

Wednesday was a furlough day for me. No pay, no play. Grades posted at FIU. For student-athletes and athlete-students, that meant "play or no play."

OK, let's be real. Nobody's worrying about the volleyball team, the track team, the swim team, etc. because nobody needs to worry about those teams when it comes to grades. The football team, on the other hand, looked at those grades like it was National Re-Signing Day.

"Grades was better than I thought" tweeted wide receiver Glenn Coleman, ineligible last season. This morning, he tweeted, "It feel good looking at them grades."

From 2013 ineligible wide receiver Willis Wright: "Got My Grades Back, All I Want To Say Is, DEAR GOD--THANK YOU!!!"

I'll bet Ron Turner's saying the same thing. That's two playmakers back for FIU next season if they can keep it up. Not saying either is out of the academic woods yet.


As I Tweeted yesterday (I can't blog, but my Twitter is mine), redshirt sophomore midfielder Sara Stewart got honored as one of the  Conference USA Fall Spirit of Service Honorees. The award gives notice to those who combine exemplary community service wtih academic achievement and on-the-field performance. 




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Very happy to see both of those guys got their stuff together and are headed in the right direction. Now will this be a change for a 4-month semester or a change for life?!?!

We will find out sooner than later..

Like the good news NEAL..

Go Panthers!

Good job by both of those young men. After falling behind for not doing their job, now they have done their part to become once again eligible, it would seem. For that, congrats! But, as Gooch1 states, this has to be a wake up call for their future, not just 4 months of classes.

Good job!

I saw Pete Garcia's report card posted on the campus bulletin board.

Overall performance: F
Leadership: F
Ability to attract and retain employees: D
Oversight of sales and marketing to meet conference requirements: F
Interpersonal communications skills: D
Attitude: D-

Performance objectives for 2014:

1. Demonstrate leadership that is expected for your compensation level
2. Devise a plan that successfully addresses declining sports revenues to ensure conference requirements are met
3. Reduce turnover in the department to an acceptable industry standard
4. Comply with all morality clauses in your employment agreeement -- no more free passes
5. Eliminate your use of multiple aliases to communicate on your behalf in public, including the blog managed by David Neal

Flipping hilarious Nick !!

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