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Hickman All-Conference football; Smith, Budwig All-Freshman

Conference USA football coaches voted senior defensive tackle Greg Hickman, who played most of the year on a mangled ankle, Second Team All-Conference. Hickman had 44 tackles, 9.5 tackles for loss, 4.0 sacks and three forced fumbles.

Senior defensive tackle Isame Faciane and redshirt junior safety Justin Halley were Honorable Mention All-Conference.

FIU put two players, tight end Jonnu Smith and guard Jordan Budwig, on the All-Freshman team. Smith led the Panthers in catches (39) and receiving yards (388). Budwig started all 12 games at left guard as a true freshman.



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In they continue to develop, Jonnu and Jordan are gonna be two solid pieces for us moving forward. Happy to see we'll have them for the next three years.


Congested to Jonnu Smith, Budwig,Faciane, Halley and Greg.

Feel bad for Greg who was utilized wrong by previous staff and asked to play DT by Turner and Patterson due to a lack of Depth. He'll get a look at the NFL for sure...

Good luck Panthers. See you in the spring.

Looks like RJ_MJ17 is the next multiple screen name for Nick Walsh.

LOL. So many errors and inconsistencies in the last post by "Anonymous"/aka RJ_MJ17. First of all, the salaries and buyouts normally sits directly within the Athletics budget, not the general university budget, as your post implies (by stating FIU purchased back the frat houses for $1.5 million, which is interesting by the way). 2nd: The Athletics budget for 2013-14 calls for revenues of $25.4 million and expenses of $23.6, a surplus of $1.8 million. 3rd: The overall FIU budget including investment activities, and this is the most laughable part, has $1,250 million in revenues, and only $1,188 million in expenses. This means a budgeted surplus of $62 million dollars. 4th: I don't know where this guy gets his $6 million deficit, but all indications point to a surplus of several tens of millions of dollars, not a $6 million deficit. 5th: Even if it was true that FIU's budget would be $6 million in deficit....think about that. Think again. $6 million in a budget of $1,250 million is just 0.48% of the total budget. Again, 0.48%. If you think this "deficit", whether true or another invention, is material and significant in relation to FIU's overall budget, then I would say you are completely wrong and do not know how budgets work. http://finance.fiu.edu/ofp/docs/FY13-14_University_Budget_Summary.pdf

Peeps, don't pay attention to my little brother Nick. He is insane in the membrane. By the way, I think that DP is also Jules. Using all these big words to make us feel stupid. We know that his pops is good friends with Pete so he is a bit biased on that front. DJN, what improvements do you think that FIU will need to make to get more people in the stands for next season and what are the chances they will come thru with them? GO FIU

According to coachingsearch.com FIU offensive line coach Steve Shankweiler were among the finalists for the Elon head coaching job. However, it is being reported that Ball State OC Rich Skrosky has accepted the head coaching job at Elon.

Coach Shank has been coaching at the NCAA level for 30 yrs. OL and OC. Can't blame him for pursuing a HC job.

It didn't happen for him this year, or yet.


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